Sad or Happy?

To Mr. Selfish Boyfriend,

I look fine today, I talk and laugh today..
But that doesn’t mean that I’m really fine with it and am not sad anymore and will love you to death and wont leave you.
I just don’t wanna be sad, and that is why I don’t look sad.
I don’t call it a quit now, and that means you still have the chance.
Well, the chance are always there, but I don’t think you realize it.
You either take it or leave it, I don’t really mind anymore.
I just want to remind you that I can live without you and there will always be a better one for me.
So, if you want to let someone else to take me, I am fine with it.
That’s all I want to say..

Okay la, enough for the sad sad thing.. I got happy stuff to tell..

danny.jpg Woot, Danny and Doraemon..

You all know ah, I think DannyOne comment on my blog la..
I guess it is him la, and I am so damn happy, ok..
Man, I like very very happy until like syok sendiri like that.
Sorry la Danny if I ter-scare you, but I couldn’t control my happy-ness.
You know there’s once I saw you at the Connaught Oldtown Kopitiam.
I keep on staring at you man, and I guess you know it.
I wanted to take tandatangan one, but I terlalu scared already.
Aih, I wonder you remember or not la..
Nevermind la.. Come more to my blog, comment more, then make me happy happy gila..
If its not him, then I malu gila and sad gila already..
Please tell me its you.. *pray hard*


Sorry for my rojak language, just feel like using it..


  1. wahwah March 30, 2007

    quite a while didn’t drop by ur bLog d..
    erm..saW ur few entRies which were jz p0steD~

    deAr peGgy, jz wanna say~ cheEr up ya’..dun worrY Be haPpy ;) mwaXx..

    n!!…hmm? was it really danny wan? I know dat his name in de frenster is “dannyOne”..but wondering was it really HIM =)
    if yes, then gD lerr~

    !! TO mr danny wen li ming (dannyOne)~ !!
    here’s de invitation 4 u to visit mua bLog bLog too oO ^-^..
    LuV de song..”siapa~ ~ ~ ”

    (peggy, u dun mind i put this here right..hehehe) ^-^ miss u

  2. -shadow- March 30, 2007

    harlo..i jz drop by ..well ..i can see a broken heart with a smiling face ..from ur blog ,i can see that u love him more than ur self ..if eu think from the +ve way ..there a lot of guys much better in this world ..but ..when u are truly in deep of love with someone ..u can’t bared to leave him ..well ..i guess its time for a details discussion with ur bf him up ..and told him that u nid a discussion with him that discussion ..tell him about everything that u are upset of and the things u are hoping that may happen in the link of between both of u ..jz remember ..nothing can’t be solve ..maybe your bf had done a lot of things that hurt eu a lot and leave a deeply sight in ur heart ..but ..try to think ..why did he did that ?maybe he jz want some attention from you ..every couple sure do have some quarrel between both of them ..well ..this quarrel will make u think back the reason that makes both of u quarrel and this will oso brighten up both of u 2’s relationship ..jz remember ..Don’t follow ur emotion …follow ur true feeling …hmmz..i jz give advice oni oo ..jz an advice …-anzen600@hotmailcom-

  3. Peggy March 30, 2007

    Wah Wah: If I’m not wrong, its him la.. quite sure also.. Haha.. I don’t mind la my friend.. And hey, how your hair looks like now? I wanna see..

    -shadow-: I actually have discuss it with him for quite a lot of times already. I already tell him what I am not happy about. However, he did not change. Well, he did for like one week or so, but after that, he is back to the old him again. I have no more idea what can I do. Neither do I know what is he thinking. But well, I already have a plan on what to do.. Thanks ya.. :)

  4. Celisa March 30, 2007

    wat i read from your post, you think that it’s only your bf’s fault that he wanted to be a pilot. Why cant you support him to do what he wants to do?
    If you really cant trust him, then leave him….. there is no love without trust. Even he gives up his dream for you, will he be happy with u for the rest of his life?
    Talking bad bout your bf in a place (this blog) where anyone can just view is not acceptable. Have u think about your bf’s feeling? Why cant you just have a heart-to-heart talk with your bf?
    Love is about give and take. I can feel that you only want to take but never give. Let go if you are not happy anymore. I think it is better for both of you. Initiate break up if u have no feeling anymore. Do not talk how you have no more feeling for him but still love him so much and be PROUD of that.
    Your posts just show that you are childish. Grow up, girl.

  5. Peggy March 30, 2007

    Celisa: I trusted him so many times and he cheated on my back. It is not that I don’t wanna trust him, but it is hard for me to trust him again. I didn’t call him to give up his dream for me. He can be a pilot, as long as he likes it. I don’t mind. I already have a heart to heart talk with him for more than three times but he is still the same. What can I do then? I care about his feelings. I didn’t even tell what he has actually done that will shock you all here. I take but never give? How do you know that? I give and only give. I give him whatever he wants. I shower him with love, and he take advantages of me. He know what I want, but he never give me, because he thinks that I will never leave him. And so, he don’t have to make me happy. You don’t even know what happen in our relationship and you cant judge by what I am saying in my blog.
    Well, maybe you will still be happy if your bf cheated on you, but not me.

  6. Celisa March 31, 2007 bf aso got cheat on me..btw..i aso fuck other guys..then i take da revenge on him…so mayb u can try tis method..hope u will feel better n mayb u wil find tat fucker better than ur bf…wish u best of luck n dont get HIV!!!!

  7. Ericson March 31, 2007

    hi, i’m ericson… can call me eric… i was so happened that i went to ur site n saw ur blog… wow.. defitenitely celisa is a bad tempered girl or not a very loyal girl either to the bf she had. it doesnt mean that every girl should do that (celisa), thats kinda rude being that way.. as i would like to drop some comments here for u(peggy).. i think its not so matured to put up some blog to say ur own bf that way that u said u’re loving him so much… its never that any side of the couple will only give….. or take neither… i believe that u r jz feeling mad bcz he has jz wanted to join into a pilot programme that he dreamt for it so long. u said u “so wanted to support him but cant” has already shown to him that he has to answer u a model answer that u can only accept from him (am i rite?).. its not that u want to let him do watever he likes (that actually u wont allow).. its a stupid decision putting up this blog showing that how bad is he n u said he never give in for u. how sure can u say that he is never good to u? never love u enough? being a sellfish bf to you? do u ever think about ur own bad part(talk to urself)? dun have to tell me how good are u… actually u have already being a sellfish gf to him that u have restrict him from doing things on his own wish… he has his own choice that he wants to make.. jz let him be… anyway… u r jz saying as u r so good n u love him so much in this relationship… a wonder girl? best girlfriend in the world????? i dont think so… u r jz making him to leave u(he propose)…. but actually u dont want to say it urself… if any of the couple see this… this will be a joke for them… cant u jz wake up lil girl? jz forget abt him as u said u cant jz give him anymore… for me, u are jz attracting more guys to symhpatize u…. u r still young… i knew this is a very good way to attract guys(blogging)… letting ppl to know how bad is ur bf and wanting them to persuade u till someday, who knows one of them will jz b urs after all? u r jz LOA(LACK OF ATTENTION) n this is the way u make urself popular among ur friends…. not a goodway…. u r youth n not teen anymore… jz dont act childishly… next time u’ll get ur very very best future if u let go now. both of u still have so MUCH time… appreciate what u have in ur life rite now… thats it… have a better day….. :)

  8. Peggy March 31, 2007

    Ericsoon: This blog is to express my feeling. To tell what I am feeling right now. I am not feeling mad because he is joining a pilot programme. I am just feeling upset because this is not what we plan before. I admit that I am being selfish and wants him to stay with me, and not leaving for the pilot programme. But if he insist to, I will let him go. I have been with him for more than two and a half year and I know what he is like. I think I know him more than you do. I know I cant put all the blame on him. I’ve try to change for him and he promise that he will change too, but he did not. I did not restrict him from being a pilot. I am just being upset and am not holding a gun pointing at him and ask him not to be a pilot. I did not make him to leave me. I already told him I want to leave him but he say no. How come are you so sure that I dont want to say it myself? You don’t even know how many times I already say it. You can’t judge without knowing who the person is. You don’t even know him. I say he is being selfish not about the pilot thing, is about other things that you don’t know. I don’t need any guys to symhpatize me. I don’t need anyone to symhpatize me. Please, I don’t even need you guys. And my friends are close to me. They know what me and my bf has been through. I don’t need attention from them. I think you judge me and my bf too easily by a post. You cant even judge someone by knowing him a day, how can you judge some one by a post. You don’t know what we have been through.
    Is me who don’t appreciate him or he who don’t appreciate me, only us will know. Well, you have your point of view, if you think you judge correctly, then you are.

  9. -shadow- April 1, 2007

    heyz ..i guess i drop by here again ..haha ..well ..since u said u had ur own plan ..i hope ur plan is working and will solve the matter ..anyway ..good luck ya !

  10. -shaun- April 1, 2007

    hey eric.. i dont know what is ur intention here, this is a place for comment, not for arguing. You dont know what happened in between us, and u r insulting ppl…is this ur good attituted? i dont think so, know what is MYOB?… (Mind Your Own Business).. she’s ma gf, i and think i dont like the way u comment here,i did lots of things that hurt her, so please dont judge a book by its cover…

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