Sensation Trip : Dinner at T&K Seafood Restaurant.

Just a short update on our dinner at Bangkok’s Chinatown.
I actually do not know there’s a Chinatown at Bangkok, cant be bothered to explore the first time there.
Pratunam seems like a place good enough for me two years back.

#1 T&K Seafood at Chinatown, mad packed.

#2 Happy tourists eagerly waiting for their seafood.

#3 Someone I don’t get to see often, glad that she can can make it for our Sensation trip. :)

You know how some of the taxi drivers or tuk tuk drivers are actually half scammers, they always suggest you restaurant or places to go.
Do not stick to their suggestion and DO NOT ask for suggestion.
There are actually taxi drivers at Bangkok that suggest you to this seafood restaurant named ‘Sampoon D’ (I’m not sure if it’s spelled correctly cause I haven’t been there) and you’ll regret the moment you step in.
From what my sources told me, the food is not at all delicious.
Food being not delicious, well that’s fine but the bill is crazy.
The bill came up to a total of 6000+ baht for only 5 person. They charge you for tax, they charge you for tips, and they charge you for extra tips!

Bryan’s friend, a Thai tour guide told us that this restaurant was opened by a group of people from the black market and obviously they’re there to scam people like us, tourists.

Look at the amount of seafood we ordered at T&K Restaurant and I will reveal the price at the end of my post.

#4 My favorite dish, raw shrimp! I LOVE IT!! Looking at this picture now made me crave for a plate of raw shrimp!

#5 Grilled cockles.

#6 Steam fish.

#7 Grilled prawns, fat and juicy.

#8 Tom yam soup.

#9 Garlic fry squid.

#10 Vegetable. This is like the only plate of vegetable we ate the entire trip, lol.

#11 Curry crab.

#12 Garlic crab.

#13 Fried rice which I really dig! Dinner is not complete with a bowl of rice. :D

#14 Prawn glass noodle.

And a few large bottles of beer.
The bill came up to about 3300 baht for the 7 of us!
Food was served super fast despite the crowd, it was fresh and flavorful.
What else could you ask for with such an affordable price?

Here’re reviews from Trip Advisor if you doubt me :)

T&K Seafood Restaurant
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao | Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
(located at a T-junction, spot their employees wearing green uniforms.)

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