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BBQ Thai : Thai Street Food at Old Klang Road

I don’t know if there’ll be any Malaysians who will ever dislike Thai food cause I am very much in love with it.

So when Fatty told me about BBQ Thai restaurant which he tried with his family was rather good, I was eager to try it too.
What is better than a Thai restaurant is a Thai restaurant with a unique seating concept.
That’s like a win win for me. :D

BBQ Thai Street Food is located along Old Klang Road on your left side if you’re from Mid Valley, right after Coco Steamboat.

#1 Spot this purple cube instead of a big ass signage because they do not have one.

#2 One way it seems.

#3 There are two different sitting areas, the outdoor or air-condition indoor huts made from wood planks.

#4 There were lots of different small wooden huts, some can accomodate up to a few different small tables while some have more privacy and targeted for larger groups for instance, 12 people in a hut. However, for the privacy huts you have to spend Rm300 and above.

#5 Wooden huts are of different themes and colours.

#6 Outdoor area.

#7 Tuk-tuk for decoration purpose and to represent Thailand.

#8 Not so sure about this cute car though.

#9 Love the way they arranged their basins.

#10 We at first were seated at the yellow hut but we shifted to outdoor instead cause I don’t like the colour yellow.

#11 Woods everywhere.

#12 Definitely a very good way to recycle! I always love how people find ways and ideas to reuse what seems to be useless into something so desginer-ish.

#13 Pandan water.

#14 BBQ cockles and thai steam fish (RM38).

#15 Sauces for steam fish and tom yam (RM20). Steam fish was decent but I do not recommend the tom yam. It was too spicy and the bowl of tom yam tasted more like a bowl of tom yam made from just tom yam paste.

#16 Pork neck (RM28)!

#17 Sticky mango rice (RM10) and I-don’t-know-what’s-that-cause-I-wasn’t-interested.

#18 Sapu-ed everything on the table and I was the last one who was still eating when everyone stopped.

#19 Me bestfriends.

Overall, food was decent except for the tom yam we ordered but price was a little steep considering the area and everything else.
The bill came up to about Rm170+ for the four of us.
Not the best Thai food I have ever tried but it’s a great place to dine once in awhile for a unique seating and great for big groups too.

BBQ Thai – Thai Street Food
17 Lorong Jugra, Off Batu 3 1/3
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-79819888
Business hours: 5.00pm – 1.00am

PLOY With Your Food

How did Ploy climb it’s way up to get #1 title at TripAdvisor? I cant comprehend.

Ploy is a restaurant inspired by Thai and Japanese cuisine and when this two cuisine are match together, you can only think of bringing orgasm to your tastebud. Or that’s what I thought.
Ploy actually means ‘gem’ in Thai and the restaurant serves a modern fusion cuisine at WORK @ Clearwater.
Clearwater is located at Changkat Semantan, it did took us quite a while to get there.

#1 Signage made from mirror cutout to create a gem-like effect.

#2 Menu protected by a wood cover.

#3 Casual dimly lit ambience.

#4 Fatty browsing through the menu seriously.

#5 While I took a picture of myself after I’ve done selecting my choice.


#7 Ben’s Apple Sour (RM15) and my Thai Ice Tea (RM10) which is the only thing that captured our heart. The drinks was really good, though the glass was small. Instead of using normal ice, they put in frozen thai ice cubes into my drink and frozen sour plum into Ben’s drink. That way, our drinks will not turn out tasteless even after the ice has melted.

#8 Mixed Seafood Ceviche (RM31.50) which contains salmon, tuna, octopus, and raw prawn. I must say that this is one of the raw seafood platter that I enjoyed the least. The dressing (lime juice and shoyu) in my opinion was too watery, it didn’t looked and tasted appetizing. The size of the seafood was too small and it clearly wasn’t fresh enough. Raw prawns I ate at Jalan Alor Thai food was better than this.
It was dissapointing.

#9 Cant remember what sushi roll was this, too insignificant.

#10 Tender Beef Ribs (RM38) was served with Ploy’s herb sauce that tasted somewhat like our local satay sauce.

#11 Duck Confit (RM30) was the best dish among all. Other than the skin being real crispy and that they did not mess up the taste, there was nothing at all for me to rave about.

#12 If you’re an outdoor person, worry not as they do have an outdoor space to cater to your needs.

Note: Ploy was at the top of the chart while I blogged about this and after weeks of keeping this post in my draft, Ploy has now drop to #4 instead.

I don’t get why so many people seems to like dining at Ploy when the taste the chef created was no surprise.
Price wise, it is definitely affordable but with that price, Nathalie Gourmet win hands down.

Our bill came up to about RM120+ when it should be more because there was a promotion for buy 1 free 1 on ala carte menu.
There’s one thing I’ll go back for though, their drinks.

G-02 Ground Floor
Changkat Semantan,
Off Jalan Semantan,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
03-2095 0999

Sensation Trip : Bangkok Day 5

Even typing out the last day at Bangkok post makes me feel heavy hearted, what more being in that moment.
Twins, Poh, Piao, and Alvin went home the next day after Sensation White while Fatty, me, and the others stayed for another day.
I’d stay for five more days if I could, haha.

Since Alvin wont be staying with Fatty and I, we decided to book another hotel.
Trying out hotels has now since become my not-so-often-hobby. :)

So Muse Hotel it was, located at Chidlom and we paid Rm400+ for a night stay.
It was an expensive stay for my standard but since we saved up quite a lot on the first four days so I gave it a green light.
5 days of accommodation at Bangkok cost me Rm400+. Reasonable, ain’t it?

Here comes my heavy post and please do excuse my pictures’ quality because Iphone’s flash SUCKS!
Or my boyfriend’s Iphone flash sucks, one way or another.

#1 Hotel Muse Bangkok Langsuan, a little outdoor corner for smokers to take their ciggie break.

#2 Stepping into Bangkok’s finest design boutique hotel, you’re welcome by a classy European style lobby.

#3 Check in area.

#4 I love this boutique hotel the moment I saw it on the net while Fatty argued that it might not be as nice as the pictures we saw.

Honestly, we both do have distinct choices when it comes to picking hotel but most of the time he gave in and let me choose what I like. How nice. :)

#5 Bringing together the essence of western and eastern cultures with a modern blend. Cant say no to European decoration with a touch of class and luxury.

#6 Complimentary Macbook Air usage for the guests.

#7 Welcome drink for us, two shots with alcohol and another two without.

#8 We booked Deluxe King bedroom which comes with ultra soft mattress and fine bed linen.

#9 Working table and a no-ordinary-cabinet. I might be jakun or this might be something different, I asked Fatty ‘Where’s the tv? There’s no tv in this hotel after paying such a sum? Couldn’t be!’.
Ahh, it must be the cabinet so I tried operating it by opening up all the drawers and finally trying to press the top of the cabinet with both my hands. Fail.

We later found out that there’s a remote control by our bed and the tv will automatically move up from the cabinet when we operate it with the remote. Canggih. Or me being jakun.

#10 No fighting over basin and everything else just looked so well placed.

#11 One major reason that leads me into choosing a hotel are the bath tub and toilet. As long as the hotel has got a rather unique bath tub, I’ll want to stay in it. It’s called soft spot.

#12 Glowing toilet or stupid flash. Everything is of the best quality or second best, if not the best.

#13 Bathrobes. :)

#14 Of course, full length mirror in the room is a must.

#15 Going for a vacation together could easily be the best thing!

#16 Free tuktuk service provided by Muse Hotel to Chidlom’s BTS which we took.

The last day was meant for exploration since we dedicated our first four days to shopping and partying.
Also because we doubt any of our friends are interested at the place we both wanna go, so we kept it for the last.

Bangkok shouldn’t only be about shopping, there’s so much more to it.

#17 Soi Thonglor or known as Sukhumvit 55 is a whole new different place from Pratunam.

Soi Thonglor used to be all about wedding shops but recent years has changed itself into a fashion extravaganza.
If you’re at the right corner, you’ll get to meet designers, architectures, photographers or sort.

 #18 If you love art and design, you’ll love this area.

‘At one end of Thonglor, you’ll hit Sukhumvit Road, which is lined with Bangkok’s most upmarket malls, and at the other you’ll discover H1, a modest but sleek collection of businesses – an ice-cream parlor, two restaurants, a club, an art-book store and a furniture showroom – clustered around two relatively serene courtyards. In between these points are more shopping centers frequented by both expats and wealthy Thais, as well as hip pubs like Escudo and Red Bar and, down the labyrinth of alleyways that connect Soi Thonglor and Sukhumvit Road, some of Bangkok’s most expensive residential real estate.’

#19 Creative pubs.

‘Open since late March, Playground! is, according to its developer, the real-estate mogul Thongchai Busrapan, Thailand’s first “concept store,” modeled after shops like Colette, in Paris, where a selective collection of high-end housewares, clothing, CD’s and art books are displayed side by side (some would say willy-nilly).’
We tried looking around for Playground! but it’s not in sight, how sad is that. :(

#20 The Iron Fairies, a blacksmith workshop, bar, restaurant, and a gallery owned by an Aussie.

#21 Enter into a whole new world of fairy mysteries behind those wood doors.

#22 Seriously, excuse my hideous pictures. :( Spot fairies and potions if you can.

#23 Creature.

#24 My pictures do not do justice of how interesting Iron Fairies is!

#25 Toilet with a creepy bathtub and a mini tv airing some black and white movie.

Time constraint crossover unpredictable weather, we didn’t stay for long seeing that it’s about to rain after Fatty’s glass of beer and my plate of pancake.

Our legs were in so much pain from all the walking I started to suspect if my muscles tore.

#26 Most kesian look ever!

We went for another foot massage before we roamed the street in search of food.
There’re lots of Japanese and Korean food around Soi Thonglor but how can I let myself do that, not eating Thai food at Thailand?

#27 Japanese, Korean, or expensive Thai food made me indecisive and then I came across this food stall called ‘Thai Food Very Good And Very Cheap’.

I burst out laughing at the restaurant’s name. I was thinking, seriously!?
Due to the reason that I could no longer wait for another second for food, we gave it a try while I prayed that the food better be good.

Cant blame me for being skeptical when the name itself is so self-promoting, or amusing I must say.

#28 And let me tell you this is the best tomyam soup ever! Fatty was like, ‘Omg this tomyam soup is so goooood!’.

#29 Stir-fry seafood basil.

#30 Green curry chicken.

#31 Thai steam fish for only 150 baht!!

#32 One of the most satisfying meal at Bangkok!

#31 Gobbled down everything and the bill came up to 350 baht ++ ONLY!

I almost couldn’t believe the price! Indeed, thai food very good and very cheap! Haha!
Use Foursquare for direction if you’re planning to have your dinner there. I bet you wont regret. :D

After dinner, it was sky bar moment for the both of us.
There’s a sky bar at Muse Hotel called Speakeasy but we just went up to catch a glimpse.

#32 Travelling with your partner, make or break.

#33 Nothing beats Lebua State Tower’s sky bar, overlooking the city and Sirocco roof top restaurant.

#34 ‘Suspended in the sky on the 63rd floor of The Dome at State Tower, the Skybar is one of the world’s highest open air bars, overlooking a panoramic view of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River. ‘

#35 Bangkok city under our feet. :)

#36 Drinks are really pricey as expected, about 1000 baht for both drinks but then again it’s your choice to order a drink for yourself.

There are no seats at the bar area, so you’re welcome to just go up and have a view for a short moment.

#37 Yours truly.

#38 We then head down to 52nd floor and this purple lighted bridge took my breath away. It’s like walking down a beautiful aisle HAHAH!

#39 Breeze, just a few floors below Skybar is far less crowded and is definitely a great place if you prefer somewhere with less noise. If you see clearly, the mirror reflects hotel rooms which sits right opposite.

#40. Bar on your right and restaurant on your left.

Sirocco or Breeze, looking at their tasting menu excites me especially on an open air roof top.
After a glass of drink and exploring around, we head for supper and finally back to our hotel.
Sleep was five star, though short because we’ve got an early flight to catch.

There’s one restaurant at Bangkok that I’m dying to try but our budget disagree, so it’ll be in my list for the next time round.
The name of the restaurant is ‘Dine in the Dark’ and from the name itself you can partly guess what the restaurant has got to offer.

Dine in the Dark is a fine dining restaurant located at Sathorn road, inside The Ascott Hotel. Their unique concept attracts me, providing customers an unique culinary experience whereby customers will of course, dine in the dark.
There will be no lights, no candles and phones plus watches will be temporary confiscated to maximize the experience.
You are allow to choose between Thai cuisine, International dishes, or Vegeterian menu where you will be served a three course.
Prices ranging between 750 baht and 850 baht, I must say that the price is not at all expensive.
Don’t you hate it when you’re out of budget when travelling?

Back to Dine in the Dark, you will not know what you’re served and will only be revealed at the end of course. Your sight will be temporary unavailable while you try to eat your dish, trying to figure out the food while you savour it. You will also get to pour yourself a glass of wine but make sure you don’t spill em.

Also, you’ll most likely be serve by a waiter/waitress that is blind and they will guide you along the way.
It’s nice to feel what they feel so that we’ll appreciate what we always take granted for.
Do try out this restaurant if you’re ever going to Bangkok, bet you wont regret bringing home an unique experience. :)

Bangkok, till then.

Hotel Muse Bangkok Langsuan
55/555 Langsuan Road, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2 630 4000
Fax: +66 (0) 2 630 4100

For general inquiries, please contact H7174@accor.com

Iron Fairies
395 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thong Lor) Thailand

Lebua State Tower
1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Tel: (66) 2624-9999 Fax: (66)2624-9889

Sensation Trip : Dinner at T&K Seafood Restaurant.

Just a short update on our dinner at Bangkok’s Chinatown.
I actually do not know there’s a Chinatown at Bangkok, cant be bothered to explore the first time there.
Pratunam seems like a place good enough for me two years back.

#1 T&K Seafood at Chinatown, mad packed.

#2 Happy tourists eagerly waiting for their seafood.

#3 Someone I don’t get to see often, glad that she can can make it for our Sensation trip. :)

You know how some of the taxi drivers or tuk tuk drivers are actually half scammers, they always suggest you restaurant or places to go.
Do not stick to their suggestion and DO NOT ask for suggestion.
There are actually taxi drivers at Bangkok that suggest you to this seafood restaurant named ‘Sampoon D’ (I’m not sure if it’s spelled correctly cause I haven’t been there) and you’ll regret the moment you step in.
From what my sources told me, the food is not at all delicious.
Food being not delicious, well that’s fine but the bill is crazy.
The bill came up to a total of 6000+ baht for only 5 person. They charge you for tax, they charge you for tips, and they charge you for extra tips!

Bryan’s friend, a Thai tour guide told us that this restaurant was opened by a group of people from the black market and obviously they’re there to scam people like us, tourists.

Look at the amount of seafood we ordered at T&K Restaurant and I will reveal the price at the end of my post.

#4 My favorite dish, raw shrimp! I LOVE IT!! Looking at this picture now made me crave for a plate of raw shrimp!

#5 Grilled cockles.

#6 Steam fish.

#7 Grilled prawns, fat and juicy.

#8 Tom yam soup.

#9 Garlic fry squid.

#10 Vegetable. This is like the only plate of vegetable we ate the entire trip, lol.

#11 Curry crab.

#12 Garlic crab.

#13 Fried rice which I really dig! Dinner is not complete with a bowl of rice. :D

#14 Prawn glass noodle.

And a few large bottles of beer.
The bill came up to about 3300 baht for the 7 of us!
Food was served super fast despite the crowd, it was fresh and flavorful.
What else could you ask for with such an affordable price?

Here’re reviews from Trip Advisor if you doubt me :)

T&K Seafood Restaurant
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao | Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
(located at a T-junction, spot their employees wearing green uniforms.)


I was so boring these few days and I just do stuff like playing mahjong, lying around, and going out. I’m so so lazy, I only attend like one class every week. I slept at 3 or 4 in the morning everyday and wake up at about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. This routine makes me feel so tiring. I know, such bad habit to sleep so late at night.

Anyway, I went to Pavilion to catch a glimpse and see what shops they have there. Mont Blanc, CalvinKlein, Burberry, and brands like that. I don’t even know if I spell those brands correctly. Forgive me if I do since I never have the chance to walk in to those shops. The price tags is powerful enough to shock me to death because I’m a poor little girl without money. Pavilion also have shops like Zara, Topshop and Esprit and don’t worry; they don’t have lala shops there so you wont have a chance to hurt your eyes by watching lalas walk pass you.
Foods there are from medium to expensive but I’m not very sure as there are still some shops which are not open yet.

I went to this Thai food restaurant, Rain Nudle House to have my dinner. This restaurant is from the same chain as Good Evening Bangkok and lots more that I couldn’t remember the name, so the food they serve is almost the same but with a very different interior design.

[Fried Kai Lan with salted fish]

[Tom Yam soup with coconut milk] The combination of tom yam and coconut milk is just as perfect as curry wit coconut milk. Taste so good.

[Green curry – Chicken] Their’s green curry taste very nice, the moment you put it in your mouth, that very tasty green curry is all over your mouth.

[Hot basil leave with beef]

Four dishes + four white rice + 2 pots of tea + whatever tax = Rm80. The price is affordable, not very cheap nor too expensive.

Lot 1.18B, Ground Floor
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

I wanted to post about the yummylicious dough nut but I’m very very very sleepy because I want to be a good girl today and wake up early to go for my class. I’m seriously very sleepy so I’ll post the dough nut tomorrow. :)