Singapore : Fifth Stop – Orchard Road.

Where: Orchard Road
What: Shopping Mall

The only place that I can truly remember about Singapore besides Sentosa is Orchard Road.
I remember how I once walked along Orchard Road which was filled with fairy lights and christmas decoration, bringing the entire christmas spirit alive.

Christmas decoration at Orchard Road is one of the many things which I really look forward to during my trip to Singapore.
We headed down to Orchard Road on Sunday morning and I must say I was a little disappointed.
Perhaps it was day time or perhaps the decoration this year weren’t as extravagant.
Fatty tried driving into Orchard Road at night just to let me see the christmas decoration but those lights weren’t even on. :(
Maybe it’s a go green thing. :(

#1 Ion Orchard, one of the shopping mall at Orchard Road.

#2 Playing with shapes and curves.

Our first stop at Orchard Road was at Shaw House because I wanted to get my Mos Burger fix!
I’ve heard from Singaporeans that Mos Burger tastes really good and I missed my chance to try it once when I was at Bangkok.
Almost became my regret of the year!
In addition to that, having Fatty told me how delicious it was when he ate it at Japan just made me crave for it even more.
So I kept telling Fatty that I have to eat my Mos Burger no matter how.

#3 Mos Burger is a japanese fast food chain offering terriyaki burger, yakiniku burger and even rice burgers.

#4 Fatty ordered Mos Wagyu Cheeseburger for $6.10 and the burger tasted so frigging good! The wagyu beef was so tender and juicy I almost wanted to snatch his burger and gobble it down.

#5 I ordered Yakiniku Rice Burger ($3.80) which was good too but I do prefer normal burger than rice burger. Burger is burger, rice burger is burger trying to be funny.

Mos Burger’s portion is a little small so if you’re a big eater, you definitely need two to fill you up.
Price wise, it isn’t cheap for a burger with that size but then again you cant go wrong with wagyu beef.
I swear Mos Burger’s Wagyu Cheeseburger is so much better than Mc Donald’s beef burger.

We took a walk after our sinful burger from Shaw House to Takashimaya, the only shopping mall I remember because of it’s Japanese name.

#6 Saw this cute grandpa performing giddily and I stood there for a while to watch while the two boys ignored me. Really very cute grandpa but poor him, doing stunts on a Sunday. Shouldn’t he be resting at home? :(

#7 Upon entering Takashimaya, the first thing that caught my attention was the queue outside Chanel. People do really queue up for Chanel, am I the only one who is so surprise?

#8 While I queue up for yakitori wtf. /plays sad music

#9 But this yakitori from Tori Q is seriously damn good, Fatty brought me here. :D

#10 Each stick is price at $1.10 or above and if you buy ten sticks, you’ll get one free. They have chicken, pork, chicken skin, pork with asparagus, chicken balls and many more.

#11 Fatty bought ten sticks for about $15. I dare say this is the best yakitori I’ve ever tried and it tasted so much better compared to Japanese restaurant even. The sauce was good and I especially love the burnt crisp on each piece of meat.

#12 Didn’t get to stay at Orchard Road for long as Dennis was tired because he was still having slight fever, so we took a complimentary shutter bus back to Studio M.

Fatty and I went back to Orchard Road again the next day after Dennis left for his flight back to Sabah to walk around for a bit.

#13 Super long escalator at Orchard Central which directly take you up from the first floor to the third.

#14 I had fun taking the escalator and I had even more fun disturbing Fatty cause he was afraid of the height, haha. He forced me to stay away from him!

#15 Hahahahah, look at his stupid face!

#16 Damn annoyed by me can.

#17 Went up to fourth floor for The Editor’s Market which I’ve been paying attention for quite some while.

#18 They source their street fashion clothing from around the globe and although their prices are not cheap, you can still buy it for a cheaper price if you buy it in bulk.

#19 Love their store interior design.

#20 Last stop was at Tanuki, a newly opened Japanese restaurant which was a random choice because I was mad craving for Japanese food.

#21 Tanuki did not put out any signage, probably still new but it was really quite difficult to locate.

#22 Fatty ordered Tanuki Balls, truffled beef carpaccio draped over deep fried cheese potato balls for $12.

#23 While I ordered Salmon Don, the ultimate salmon rice bowl with sashimi, salmon belly, aburi, and ikura for $20.

First off, it was such a waste to combine beef carpaccio with cheese potato balls as the taste doesn’t blends at all. I’d say it didn’t worth the $12 that we paid.
As for Salmon Don, the amount of salmon given was generous and the cut was thick.
However, service at Tanuki was rather bad seeing that we were the only customers at that moment.
I needed to remind them that I do not have any cutlery for my Salmon Don and it took them quite some while to get it for me.

Fatty thinks that I am demanding but I think that it is my right as a customer to demand.
I mean, I didn’t ask for the waiter to lap dance on me or something but isn’t it the most basic service to get ready your customer’s cutlery once they order?

You can do that if I’m at a hawker stall but not when I pay a frigging RM50 for my bowl of Salmon Don.

Oklah I forgive the waiter because he looks like he just finished his secondary school and this is his first job but after telling a higher ranking waitress, I still have to remind for a second time.

I get very agitated at bad services. I don’t mind mistakes because mistakes and bad services are different.
Don’t you agree?

So unless you hear better reviews about Tanuki from the near future, you might want to reconsider.
Tons of other Japanese restaurants nearby anyway.

Isetan Scotts
350 Orchard Road B1 Shaw House 238868
(+65) 6735 0507
*And a lot more outlets

Tori Q
Takashimaya S.C.
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Singapore 238873
Operating Hours: 10am to 9.30pm

181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896


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