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Spontaneous Trip To Singapore

Before I knew it, I am back from Singapore.
It was a rather spontaneous trip for us; my mom, my brother and I.
I saw my brother browsing for Bangkok’s hotel and he said he has got a few days off.
So I said, ‘Okay let me join you, I’ll only pay for the air tickets haha.’ Turns out ticket to Bangkok was too expensive for me, so the choice was between Medan and Singapore.

We decided on Singapore in the end because we wanted to try our luck and look for our father’s friend whom we’ve not met for more than ten years.
Luck was not with us though, the place he used to stay is now flattened and turned into a construction site.
There goes our last chance. :(

#1 Right after take off.

#2 We stayed two nights at Singapore and we bought a Singapore Tourist Pass each for $20. With this Singapore Tourist Pass you can take unlimited times of MRT, LRT and bus for 3 days. It really does save up a lot of money. You’ll have to pay an extra $10 deposit and return the card at the end of the third day to get your deposit back.

#3 First stop was Chinatown.

#4 Took a walk around Chinatown and had our dinner before we went to Upper Thomson road to find our father’s friend.


#6 Brought our mom to Marina Bay. Happy mom is happy.



#9 There was a light show going on at Gardens by The Bay, so we took our time to enjoy it.

#10 We wanted to go to Gardens by The Bay the next day but my mom was too tired. I’ll just have to save it for next time, with Fatty.

#11 It was really a beautiful sight to behold during night time.

We headed to Sentosa the next day because mom wanted to check out the casino over there.

#12 Le mom in the casino.

It was my brother’s first time and he found the jackpot machine amusing so he put in $2 to try and I added in another $2. We won from $4 to $10.60 the first round and off we went haha.

#13 Universal Studio which we did not went in.

#14 Stand outside take pictures can already lah.


#16 Asked my mom to take a picture with the chocolates using the same pose and she blocked hershey kisses’ eyes. -_-

#17 The Chows.

#18 So cute I was tempted to buy it if not for the price.

#19 Mom bought this trolley though because she’s a sucker for things like this. Anything with wheels like how she bought a mini bicycle home from Bali.

#20 Went to Fuk Tak Chi Museum knowing that it is free of charge but it is not exactly a museum at all. Five to ten minutes and you’ll be done.

#21 Chinese surnames. I spotted mine and Fatty’s.

#22 Miniatures of how Singapore used to look like a long long time ago.

#23 Mom giving a boo sign because we kept taking mrt non-stop, it was extremely tiring.

We went to Marina Bay Sands again to take another walk.
There was a free Chanel exhibition at Art Science Musuem, The Little Black Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld.



#26 Time to relax after a very tiring day at Marina’s infinity pool much thanks to Aaron for the access.

Mom said ‘Such a bad thing to have a friend like you. Have to give you access to this and that.’
I replied, ‘What!? I’m not his friend. I’m his ex-girlfriend.’
And then she started asking, ‘What ex-girlfriend? Who is he? How come I don’t know you used to have him as a boyfriend?’.
Mom, there’s a lot you don’t know. (-_-‘)

#27 My brother and my mom.




#31 My mom enjoyed the jacuzzi so much cause she gets to massage herself. The sky was getting dark and we kept asking her to leave but she didn’t want to haha.

#32 The last time I went to Singapore I didn’t really get to watch the entire Wonder Full (light and water show) but this time I get to. Do not sit too front or else you’ll be quite wet, like us.

The next day was dedicated to Singapore’s national museum, entrance fees is $10 per person.


#34 Bamboo tent created by Indonesian architect right in front of Singapore’s National Museum.

#35 It was very cooling inside the tent, a great place for people in the city to escape the busy city for a while.



#38 One of the art installation made by uranium something something. Affected by radioactive, each chandelier represents a country that has nuclear weapons.

#39 My mom really enjoyed the museum because there’s a lot of Chinese stuff around. Something that really suits her, telling us those are the things she used during her time when she was a kid.


#41 Le mom moping the museum’s floor, haha.

#42 Newspaper from the olden days! That’s a cigarette advertisement right there.


#44 Last stop was at Orchard Road before we head to Changi airport. We were super impressed with their stunts and my mom likes it a lot. She used to watch all these on the tv a lot.


#46 Kinetic rain at Changi airport that amuses me. It was 14 years ago when I last step foot at Changi airport.

I had to go back to LCCT alone because the flight was full and both my mom and my brother had to wait for the next flight.
Due to the fact that my brother is an Air Asia pilot, my mom and him will always buy last minute tickets which will sometimes result in heart attack.
They almost had to stay overnight at the airport, not fun.

For now, I’m just waiting for that few pairs of free flight tickets from my brother.

Singapore : Last Stop – ArtScience Museum.

I’ve been really hardworking the past 2 weeks, feeding my blog with post after post and here’s a final blog post on my Singapore trip.

After breakfast at Em By The River, we took a cab back to Marina Bay Sands. Frankly, after staying for 3 days it definitely feels like home though I don’t fancy the outlook of the building that much. I just don’t see the beauty in it, a ship like thing on top of 3 buildings that doesn’t look impressive.
No doubt, the view from above is beautiful but believe it or not it actually manage to get in the list of world’s ugliest hotel from whichever website/magazine I couldn’t remember.
And our First World Hotel too, lol.

#1 Remember the water that gush down from a hole in the middle of The Shoppes at Marina Bay? This is how Ned Kahn’s Rain Oculus looks like from above and I just stood there looking at the water swirl and swirl. It was quite addictive to just look.

#2 As we walked towards ArtScience Museum.


#4 Louis Vuitton’s flagship store.

#5 ArtScience Musuem is said to represents a lotus flower and is also referred to as “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore”.

#6 There were so many lotuses around ArtScience Museum, they were uncountable.

#7 There were also lots of mini fishes swimming under those lotuses.

#8 The lotus were really pretty. :)

#9 We cant say no to museum and exhibitions.

Fatty and I are quite the partner really because we both are very much disinterested in theme parks and we prefer museums anytime.
Hate paying so much to take pictures with mascot and hate thrill rides even more because we both are lousy and have this annoying thing called height phobia.
Exception only for water theme parks and Disneyland at some guai lou’s country.

#10 So instead of going to Legoland which we both don’t fancy, we went for a Lego exhibition instead called The Art Of The Brick.

#11 Lego’s yellow man head.

Unlike most people, New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya never stopped building, creating and exploring his own imagination using LEGO® bricks which he has played with since a young age.
In this critically acclaimed and the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO bricks as the sole art medium, Sawaya transforms them into awe-inspiring and thought-provoking sculptures, elevating the toy to the realm of art.

Everything in the exhibition is made from lego by Nathan Sawaya and I must say he really did an impressive job.
To me, Lego is the most annoying toy ever because I don’t know what to do with it.
I cant build a single shit thing and I will just sit there, look at all the Legos and get frustrated afterwards.
I think I prefer fabrics.

#12 A swimmer.

#13 Where’re my hands?

#14 Raindrops.

#15 Before we went in further, the boys tried recreating a rain drop. I guess they had fun.

#16 Fatty created a robot instead.

#17 Look what’s inside of you.

These Lego humans that were created by Nathan Sawaya were mainly what he felt at a period of time or what he saw in life.
Most of it has got a meaning behind which I believe we all once felt in our lives too.

#18 This is one of the Lego sculpture which I like most. Every single thing is made from Lego, from the drawer to the basket of fruits, from the brush to the palette, and even the black and white tiles were made from Lego.

#19 ‘Beware of winds of life that nibble away at your sense of self. Stay Strong.’ Some words of encouragement.

#20 Circle Torso, celebrate the difference in everybody. Which shape are you?

#21 Pyramid?

#22 This sculpture brought me a very heavy feeling because I used to sit that way in a corner of my room, crying for hours when I was upset. This just looks so sad. :(

#23 Ahh, this is one of my favourite too because that red Lego man is as fat as Fatty. Haha. It doesn’t matter if your another half has change in shape and size after years because what matter most is the heart that will always stays the same. So what if he’s fat and I am flat LOLOL!

#24 Playing with shadows.

#25 ‘Sometimes when you’re looking for a step up, you don’t have to look further than yourself. We’re all capable of more than we think.’

#26 And when you thought Lego is all about 3D, there comes the 2D portrait.

#27 We tried creating our own Lego portrait with the app on their ipad.

#28 Still looks a lot like Fatty. :D

#29 And I look a lot like myself too.

photo 11
#30 My friend.

#31 ‘Obstacles. You can let them stand in your way. Or you can overcome them and leave them in your rear-view mirror.’

#32 Ideas came when Nathan Sawaya saw his friend singing on the stage.

#33 Shit me, I can’t remember what is this called. Some historical building that Fatty find it impressive.

#34 While I peeped through it and see what’s inside the mini building.

#35 A pencil made from Lego which is taller than me.

#36 Are you the same person behind that mask?

#37 Fall and shadows.

#38 Art Science Museum in Lego. :)

There’s a play area at the end of the exhibition for adults and kids to create their own Lego.

#39 And all I did was asked, ‘HOW TO PLAY!?’ while Fatty created his sports car.

#40 Presenting you the most impressive sculpture of all, a T-rex.

#41 Staffs decorating a Lego Christmas tree as we were leaving.

Lego is never my kind of toy and what to me seems like the most boring toy can be a medium for a creative man to express himself.
The exhibition will be ongoing until 14th April 2013, so you still have plenty of time if you plan for a visit.

Ticket is price at $15 for tourist and $13 for Singaporeans.
For seniors age 65 and above is $14 for tourist and $12 for Singaporeans.
For child from age 2 to age 12 is $9 for tourist and $8 for Singaporeans.

You can also combine two or three different exhibitions together for a cheaper price.
Do take a look at their website for information on exhibitions.

ArtScience Museum
10 Bayfront Avenue,
Singapore 018956
Daily: 10am to 10pm

Singapore : Em By The River

Hairy crab might have just kidnapped my blogging mojo.
Should have known better to not blog about something else before I finish on my singapore trip, now I almost couldn’t remember a single thing.

I better act quick before amnesia hits me.

#1 We had Em By The River for breakfast on our last day at Singapore and it is only 3 minutes walk from Studio M.

Em By The River is an alfresco cafe located almost at the end of Robertson Quay and is one of Gallery Hotel’s restaurant. It was great having breakfast by the river with tress around shading us from the sun except that the river was kind of yellowish.

photo 1
#2 As you can tell from the picture.

photo 31
#3 Other than the yellowish river that didn’t bother me much, the entire atmosphere was quite relaxing.

photo 51
#4 A place you’d like to go on a Sunday for some Eggs Benedict, or so I thought.

photo 2

photo 4
#6 My fat boy and Dennis the little brother.

photo 5
#7 No better way to start my day. :)

photo 22
#8 Fatty’s latte and another fail coffee art that he created.

photo 42
#9 Dennis ordered American Breakfast that comes with coffee/tea and a juice.

photo 52
#10 American breakfast that you could have eaten anywhere and yet taste about the same. This is a no brainer breakfast.

photo 32
#11 I ordered Roast Beef Sandwich, $13 which was decent.

photo 13
#12 Fatty’s Eggs Benedict, $13 is quite the disappointment. Poached eggs were quite badly done, it was too cooked we no longer had runny yolks. Meh.

I wasn’t exactly impressed by the food served but the ambiance gave it a little more credit.
You’ve been warned, Em By The River do not exactly serve the best breakfast but with such relaxing atmosphere you may give it a go once in awhile.
If only they’ll serve better breakfast, it will be perfect.

eM by the River
1 Nanson Road #01-05
The Gallery Hotel Singapore
Tel: +65 6836 9691

Singapore : Sixth Stop – The White Rabbit at Dempsey Hill and Hai Bin Prawning.

Where: The White Rabbit @ Dempsey Hill
What: European Food

Our dinners at Singapore surprisingly turned out to be not as good as our lunch.
We had two dinners at food courts and both the food courts were a random pick.
I knew that I didn’t have such luck when it comes to random picking, it almost always turn out to be a blah.

Seeing that it was our last night at Singapore, we decided to splurge on our last dinner.
Dempsey Hill was in our list but which restaurant to go for at Dempsey Hill was the question.
There were so many restaurants that we wanted to try but time and money didn’t allow.

So final choice was The White Rabbit.
Before I go on with The White Rabbit, you really must put Dempsey Hill in your itinerary if you visit Singapore.
Dempsey Hill is a dining precinct that offers fine dine and fine wine, set in a quiet surrounding surrounded by trees and bushes.
It used to be the site of British army barracks during the colonial time but today it transformed itself into a relaxing place where friends and families gather for good food.

The White Rabbit used to be a chapel for probably about 40 years more or less and later on was abandoned for another 15 years before The Lo and Behold Group bought the chapel and transformed it into a restaurant.
Below are a few pictures of The White Rabbit from the internet before I show you guys my cant-make-it-pictures.

#1 Leads you to The Rabbit Hole bar.

You should know by now, the theme was base on Alice In The Wonderland.

#2 The Rabbit Hole Bar.

#3 Inside the chapel whereby it provides us a uniquely dining experience that is unpretentious and casual.

#4 I need to get myself an Iphone 5. Or if you wish you can make a donation, I will message you my bank details.

#5 How it looks like during night time.

#6 Hahahah, fuck the quality. Looks equally ugly with flash or without. Chips and Saffron Aioli for $8.

But I have to post it anyway, so you bear with it until I get my Iphone 5.
BUT THEN AGAIN, I’ve been wanting an Iphone since Iphone 3gs, then Iphone 4, then Iphone 4s and now Iphone 5 and I still have none.
I probably need to wait until the tenth generation wtf.

#7 We ordered two starters; Wagyu Carpaccio with shaved parmesan, celery cress, balsamic pearls and truffle cream for $26 and Foir Gras Duet. Foie Gras Duet, price at $29 is served in two different ways. One is salt cured with apple flan and another is seared lobe with cherry compote.

We were advised by the waiter to eat the salt cured foie gras with apple flan first before moving on to the pan seared foie gras. Both was heaven.
The boys preferred pan seared foie gras but I enjoyed both equally.

It was Dennis first try at foie gras and it was so good he is now looking everywhere for it in Sabah.

#8 Beef Cheek Bourguignon with roasted root vegetables, mousseline potatoes and crispy bacon for $48.

What captured my heart from The White Rabbit was the host because he took his time to explain all the dishes we were interested at and gave us good suggestion.
He really know the food from menu well and he made sure we enjoy our food.
He suggested that we order Beef Cheek Bourguignon because apparently girls love this dish which is full with collagen or some sort.
The beef cheek was tender and aromatic, plus really fulfilling too.

#9 Grilled Atlantic Cod with fava beans and sauce vierge at $38 was ordered by Dennis. He is quite a fishy-person.
The Atlantic cod was fresh but I personally do not fancy eating fish during fine dining. Just my preference.

Fine dining in a chapel was indeed a good and unexpected experience. I wasn’t even aware that it was a chapel, not until the host explained about the history to us.
I believe it will give a total different experience all together if you’re there for lunch instead of dinner.
Price is a little steep for us Malaysians but just don’t convert since you’re on a holiday.
It was my first time not converting too (usually I am the one who is always converting from minute to minute) and it feels great to not think about how expensive things really were.

39C Harding Road
Singapore 249541
Tel: 6473 9965

Where: Bishan Hai Bin Prawning
What: Prawning

We didn’t really want to head back to our hotel after our meal and Fatty suggested PRAWNING! :D
I couldn’t agree more.
We both tried searching high and low for prawning ponds here in KL but it was a miserable search.

#10 Bishan Hai Bin Prawning is open for 24 hours (how nice!) a day. One hour of prawning is $18 (don’t convert!) and if you ask for 2 hours you will get another hour free.

#11 Prawn’s bait, chicken liver. Thank God there isn’t any worms involve.

#12 While we wait and wait…

It isn’t easy at all to prawn but some uncles made it look so easy. We believe there are certain ways to hook the chicken liver and we obviously do not know which is the right way.
Also I heard that prawns do gather at a few spots, so make sure you’re at the right spot.
Just sit next to those uncles, it’ll do the trick.

#13 Dennis caught one and only one in that one hour. Haha, so much for that 18 bucks.

#14 Prawn size was decent and I caught two.

#15 You’ll need to pay attention to your mini float which is floating above the water and when it is drag into the water, it means it is time for you to pull the bait. You can’t pull too hard either or the prawn will sometimes escape. After the prawn is out of the water, you need to unhook the bait from it’s mouth which is quite disturbing because the prawn keeps jumping. There’s a net in the water and you’ll need to throw the prawn into the net after unhooking it.

#16 After your time is up, feel free to barbecue your prawns. Sticks are provided and you need to pierce through the prawn while they’re still alive. Very cruel. :(

#17 The next step after piercing is to wash the prawns and rub it with salt. Final step is to barbecue it alive and watch them die wtf.

It didn’t occur to me that I will actually barbecue all the prawns alive while I was happily prawning.
Of course I do know that I will barbecue them, but just not alive.
Actually I thought they’ll be dead once I caught them but that isn’t the case.
The prawns were indeed very very fresh and juicy but I just don’t think this is the right way to do it.

Next time I’ll just let it die out of the water instead of letting them live for that 20 minutes more and later on pierce and barbecue them alive. :(
Please make sure to just let them die if you’re prawning instead of throwing them back into the net in the water.

And oh, you can actually ask for more prawns from them to barbecue if you only get to caught a few like us. ;)

603 Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 575735
Tel: 6554 1986

Singapore : Fifth Stop – Orchard Road.

Where: Orchard Road
What: Shopping Mall

The only place that I can truly remember about Singapore besides Sentosa is Orchard Road.
I remember how I once walked along Orchard Road which was filled with fairy lights and christmas decoration, bringing the entire christmas spirit alive.

Christmas decoration at Orchard Road is one of the many things which I really look forward to during my trip to Singapore.
We headed down to Orchard Road on Sunday morning and I must say I was a little disappointed.
Perhaps it was day time or perhaps the decoration this year weren’t as extravagant.
Fatty tried driving into Orchard Road at night just to let me see the christmas decoration but those lights weren’t even on. :(
Maybe it’s a go green thing. :(

#1 Ion Orchard, one of the shopping mall at Orchard Road.

#2 Playing with shapes and curves.

Our first stop at Orchard Road was at Shaw House because I wanted to get my Mos Burger fix!
I’ve heard from Singaporeans that Mos Burger tastes really good and I missed my chance to try it once when I was at Bangkok.
Almost became my regret of the year!
In addition to that, having Fatty told me how delicious it was when he ate it at Japan just made me crave for it even more.
So I kept telling Fatty that I have to eat my Mos Burger no matter how.

#3 Mos Burger is a japanese fast food chain offering terriyaki burger, yakiniku burger and even rice burgers.

#4 Fatty ordered Mos Wagyu Cheeseburger for $6.10 and the burger tasted so frigging good! The wagyu beef was so tender and juicy I almost wanted to snatch his burger and gobble it down.

#5 I ordered Yakiniku Rice Burger ($3.80) which was good too but I do prefer normal burger than rice burger. Burger is burger, rice burger is burger trying to be funny.

Mos Burger’s portion is a little small so if you’re a big eater, you definitely need two to fill you up.
Price wise, it isn’t cheap for a burger with that size but then again you cant go wrong with wagyu beef.
I swear Mos Burger’s Wagyu Cheeseburger is so much better than Mc Donald’s beef burger.

We took a walk after our sinful burger from Shaw House to Takashimaya, the only shopping mall I remember because of it’s Japanese name.

#6 Saw this cute grandpa performing giddily and I stood there for a while to watch while the two boys ignored me. Really very cute grandpa but poor him, doing stunts on a Sunday. Shouldn’t he be resting at home? :(

#7 Upon entering Takashimaya, the first thing that caught my attention was the queue outside Chanel. People do really queue up for Chanel, am I the only one who is so surprise?

#8 While I queue up for yakitori wtf. /plays sad music

#9 But this yakitori from Tori Q is seriously damn good, Fatty brought me here. :D

#10 Each stick is price at $1.10 or above and if you buy ten sticks, you’ll get one free. They have chicken, pork, chicken skin, pork with asparagus, chicken balls and many more.

#11 Fatty bought ten sticks for about $15. I dare say this is the best yakitori I’ve ever tried and it tasted so much better compared to Japanese restaurant even. The sauce was good and I especially love the burnt crisp on each piece of meat.

#12 Didn’t get to stay at Orchard Road for long as Dennis was tired because he was still having slight fever, so we took a complimentary shutter bus back to Studio M.

Fatty and I went back to Orchard Road again the next day after Dennis left for his flight back to Sabah to walk around for a bit.

#13 Super long escalator at Orchard Central which directly take you up from the first floor to the third.

#14 I had fun taking the escalator and I had even more fun disturbing Fatty cause he was afraid of the height, haha. He forced me to stay away from him!

#15 Hahahahah, look at his stupid face!

#16 Damn annoyed by me can.

#17 Went up to fourth floor for The Editor’s Market which I’ve been paying attention for quite some while.

#18 They source their street fashion clothing from around the globe and although their prices are not cheap, you can still buy it for a cheaper price if you buy it in bulk.

#19 Love their store interior design.

#20 Last stop was at Tanuki, a newly opened Japanese restaurant which was a random choice because I was mad craving for Japanese food.

#21 Tanuki did not put out any signage, probably still new but it was really quite difficult to locate.

#22 Fatty ordered Tanuki Balls, truffled beef carpaccio draped over deep fried cheese potato balls for $12.

#23 While I ordered Salmon Don, the ultimate salmon rice bowl with sashimi, salmon belly, aburi, and ikura for $20.

First off, it was such a waste to combine beef carpaccio with cheese potato balls as the taste doesn’t blends at all. I’d say it didn’t worth the $12 that we paid.
As for Salmon Don, the amount of salmon given was generous and the cut was thick.
However, service at Tanuki was rather bad seeing that we were the only customers at that moment.
I needed to remind them that I do not have any cutlery for my Salmon Don and it took them quite some while to get it for me.

Fatty thinks that I am demanding but I think that it is my right as a customer to demand.
I mean, I didn’t ask for the waiter to lap dance on me or something but isn’t it the most basic service to get ready your customer’s cutlery once they order?

You can do that if I’m at a hawker stall but not when I pay a frigging RM50 for my bowl of Salmon Don.

Oklah I forgive the waiter because he looks like he just finished his secondary school and this is his first job but after telling a higher ranking waitress, I still have to remind for a second time.

I get very agitated at bad services. I don’t mind mistakes because mistakes and bad services are different.
Don’t you agree?

So unless you hear better reviews about Tanuki from the near future, you might want to reconsider.
Tons of other Japanese restaurants nearby anyway.

Isetan Scotts
350 Orchard Road B1 Shaw House 238868
(+65) 6735 0507
*And a lot more outlets

Tori Q
Takashimaya S.C.
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Singapore 238873
Operating Hours: 10am to 9.30pm

181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896


Studio M Hotel at Singapore

Where: Studio M
What: Hotel

My booking at Marina Bay Sands went wrong and instead of four days, they only managed to book three days stay for me.
I really don’t mind at all since we were done with Zouk Out and it is also a better idea for us to stay nearer to town, so I started browsing Agoda.

Half way through, Fatty suggested Studio M.
Most of the time when we brought up Singapore in our conversation, he mentioned Studio M as he really fancy that hotel.
I myself saw Studio M’s pictures on the internet for a lot of times too and I adore their loft idea, so why not?
In fact, I was quite happy all along because I do have absolute trust on Fatty’s taste and I’ve been wanting to try out Studio M since quite some time ago.

#1 Studio M Hotel is part of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels and Studio M is the only hotel that I actually like from Millennium group in Singapore.

Apart from Studio M, the other remaining hotels from Millennium group does not have much significance among themselves to me.
So instead of picking the boring ones, I thought why not we pick a hotel that excites like Studio M.
Studio M is meant to cater for young travelers who relish urban contemporary chic. Not to mention, it is Singapore’s first loft concept hotel.

#2 ‘Designed by renowned Italian maestro Piero Lissoni, Studio M is a modern refuge which epitomizes chic and savvy living , with intuitive attention to facilities and technology.’

#3 Displays at the lobby which brighten up the place.

#4 And other random displays along the way.

#5 If you need to use the computer, there’re two Macs ready for you.

#6 Spacious area by the pool. If you notice on the top right of the picture, there’s a pool sort of hanging which is really cool too. It is Hotel Gallery’s swimming pool, covered by glass and you get to see people swimming in it from Studio M.

#7 Studio M’s pool is a 25-metre lap pool and they have jacuzzi too.

#8 Private cabanas for those who prefer some privacy.

#9 Shitty picture cant explain why I like their corridor! Love the light they use by each room’s door.

I booked a Premier Loft for $240 inclusive of tax and I got a free upgrade to Executive Loft and I was so happy because that was the first time I got a room upgrade in my life.
But my life has always been so sad that even if I got a free upgrade, I cant put it to use.

#10 This is Studio M’s Executive Loft.

#11 For a clearer view.

#12 Area where we brush up and make ourself a cup of coffee.

#13 Take the stairs up and that’s our queen size bed with a tv in front of it.

#14 Executive loft has got a 3-metre height bay windows and I love the windows! It is from one end to another end, so it’s really nice to walk around the curtains and check out what is happening around just like how my boyfriend check out the girls by the pool.

#15 As to why I didn’t get to enjoy my executive loft is because there aren’t any sofa bed in it. Only studio loft and premier loft comes with a sofa bed, so I was forced to go for premier loft instead.

Actually there isn’t much difference comparing premier loft and executive loft.
There’s an additional tv in the executive loft and the toilet comes attach with the bathroom while premier loft has one toilet and one bathroom, seperated.
All executive lofts is tucked at the corner of each level providing all the privacy that you need.

#16 I also prefer executive loft’s colour as the colour they used is lighter compared to premier loft.

#17 Heading out :)

My stay at Studio M was lovely. Their bed was so comfortable I had such a great sleep, even better than Marina Bay Sands.
I love the entire loft idea and also love their huge ass windows.

One final plus point is that Studio M provides complimentary shuttle service to a few places, one being Orchard Road.
Absolutely hassle free. :)

One decent picture from the internet.

Take Note:
* Toilet/Bathroom is a tad small, so if you’re obese please reconsider.
* Parking is free for hotel guest, do ask for parking ticket at the lobby.
* Clark Quay MRT station is 10 minutes walk.
* Orchard Road is only 5 minutes drive away.
* For coffee lovers, there’s an Illy shop just right in the hotel.
* Free complimentary shuttle service from Studio M to place, do ask for a timetable from lobby.

No. 3 Nanson Road, Singapore 238910
T (65) 6808 8888 F (65) 6808 8899