some pictures, finally

backdated pictures!!
the pictures has been up on facebook for such a long time. :\
pictures from Rootz.

* Me and a dustbin beside me.

* Vamp brought me there.

* Heh, couldn’t resist such a big mirror and nice lighting.

* Especially when the light changes from white to red colour.

* With Dj CMaster as well.

And 4play last Thursday. Didn’t party as much recently plus it seems like i couldn’t enjoy myself each time.
There’s always something that bothers me. pfft.
As for this time, we left way earlier but it’s okay because mua bestfriend needs to work.

* Visible bikini line, haha.

* Wah foon. (:

* There were more friends but no one wants to take pictures.

i desperately need jobs! and more jobs!
cause i’m effing broke. like broke into pieces, wth.
i worked at zouk the other day for four hours, standing in heels.
i couldn’t feel my legs anymore on that night. it’s like, my legs were shaking towards the end wtf.
it is very wise of me for not wanting to work during pc fair.

oklar, i know lar i very lousy.
i can do whatever but not standing for hours and hours.
i tried again and again and i always feel like crying wtf.
call me lousy ):

off to bed.
till then.

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