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2 nights in Cheratingsss !

Cherating post is up! (:
Most of the pictures were candid.
The trip to Cherating was okay but it’ll be so much better if we can enjoy the beach more, with sun.
It was gloomy, almost all the time plus drizzling.
But no one cares bout the rain, still enjoy as much inside our own private pool.

* The first two who jumped into the pool. Victor and Ben.

* AAAAAA! every time when i’m in the pool i do not want to wet my hair but see…..

* Everyone’s attacking Alvin, bwaha!

* I like this picture! Bryan looks so cute.

* Round 1!!

* The dry ones.

* Forever cheeky Gavin.

* Baboon’s ass Ben.

Woke up early the next day, as in super early to catch the sun rise because someone wanted to.

* But as you can see, this is a fail sun rise watching. Nothing can beat the one at Redang!

* It’s still pretty dark when we’re on the beach.

* (:

* Luckily I cover my face. D:

* Since we’re already awake, of course breakfast must not be miss. So happy when I saw croissant and cinnamon danish. Pastries makes me happy (:

Went back to bed after breakfast, haha. fail.com
Initially, I wanted to prepare breakfast for them but I was too tired, I slept while everyone’s awake.
Hurried to the beach after that, since it’s not raining. Weather forecast said there’s gonna be thunderstorm.
Thank god it isn’t that accurate.

* Boys and their ball.

* Victor seems like having fun playing with the sand, haha.

* Sorry for the butt crack (HAHA) but we’re actually catching crabs. I had so much fun catching crabs :D

* See closely, there’s mini crabs in it.

* This is epic!!

* Everyone looking at the crabs again, hahaha.

* Then it turns to everyone looking at Victor showering.

* And I’m gonna end this post with a picture of 3 guys in a public swimming pool.

Swimming, swimming, and swimming.
I was pretty worn out from the trip. Lack of sleep and everything else.
I had fun, I did.

This is a trip that changed everything.
(What a sentence to end my post, lol)