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A trip to Bali with family – Day 2 / Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Looking at the amount of pictures from Bali that I have to sort out and upload makes me want to cry.
Realising that my brain most of the time functions a lot slower when I try to cramp out a blog post makes me want to cry even more. Hur hur.
So please appreciate all my blog posts. Lol.

So after leaving Suluban Beach which I’ve blogged here, we went to Pura Luhur Uluwatu.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is about one hour plus drive from Kuta and it is a Balinese sea temple that is meant to protect Balinese from evil spirits.
We went there for the sunset and to take a good look at the Balinese temple.
Watching sunset at Uluwatu is one of the must do when you visit Bali.

#1 Just some trees’ shadows and mine.

Take note : There’ll be a lot of monkeys around where drivers park their car and you have to be extra careful of your belongings especially your glasses, sunglasses, cameras or phones.

From what I heard, these monkeys will snatch your belongings and trade it for food. So unless you bribe these monkeys with some fruit, you’re unlikely to get your belongings back. Damn these little cunning furry fellas.

#2 Entrance to Pura Luhur Uluwatu is IDR20,000 (RM6).

#3 There are two different vantage point for you to enjoy the great view and this is the right portion where the temple stands.

#4 While this is on the left where the Kecak dance performance takes place everyday. To watch the dance, you’ll have to pay IDR70,000 (RM21).

We didn’t go for the Kecak dance performance as we weren’t really interested and the price was somewhat pricey.

#5 Me Vinci lego man says hi to Uluwatu.

#6 He’s a lucky lego man, he flew all the way to Bali. Haha.


Proper attire is needed to visit Pura Luhur Uluwatu, you either wear long pants, bring your own sarong, or rent a sarong for free.

#8 I of course brought my own sarong that I bought from Bangkok three years ago. It was my first time wearing my sarong after it sits in my wardrobe for so long. Couldn’t find an occasion that suits.

#9 My sarong’s colour somehow matches the sarong that is available for rent.

#10 Love the view behind.

#11 Me brother.

#12 Me mom.

#13 And wont you look at that beautiful sunset.

#14 It was pretty amazing seeing the sky changed it’s colour.

After the sunset we went for dinner at Jimbaran Beach before calling it a day.
There’s a whole stretch of seafood restaurant along Jimbaran Beach and the one we went to is Lia Cafe Jimbaran Seafood which is suppose to be cheaper according to my brother.

#15 It was dinner by the beach.

#16 So near to the beach that when there were waves, the table in front of us could actually feel the sea water under their feet.

#17 We ordered Paket A which includes 8 pieces of prawns, 0.5kg of fish, 8 pieces of clams, and 0.5kg of squids for IDR230,000 (RM69). There’re also 2 coconuts, soups, salads, and rice that goes with the set.

#18 This is my mom trying to look like a ghost.

Dinner was pretty worth it, squid was grilled to perfection although the fish was a little too hard.
It was quite a good meal that we had to go back for lunch on the last day. :)

Badung Regency – 80364
Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Jl Pemalisan Agung,
Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

Sunset at St. Kilda

Sorry for the one week plus hiatus, I was extremely busy last week.
Getting up around 9 every morning, running up and down just to gather all my documents for the visa that I fail to get. ;(
I was already too late when I reached Australia Embassy, the application is full and the person in charge told me to try again next year since I’m still young.
I looked at him, blank face wanting to shout into his ears “NO!! I want it now!! NOW!!” ;(
There’s still a slight chance though, if they call me in these two weeks I might get it.
But I feel pretty hopeless already because I know that is quite impossible. Sigh, life.
For all the things that I’ve done! pfft ;(

And now blogging about Melbourne makes me miss it even more. Half of my soul stays there, in that house!!
This is the only beach Ben brought me to, St. Kilda beach. I totally forgot that I wanted to go to Brighton beach so badly, only remember it when I came back to Malaysia. Fail.

We not only went to St. Kilda for sunset, but for the cute penguins as well.
He said if I’m lucky then I’ll get to see penguins behind those rocks, after they swam back.
I was so excited when I heard funny sounds from the penguins and indeed I saw few of them hiding behind the rocks.
Cute and cuddly penguins. ;)

* It’s still Autumn when we have a little fun at St. Kilda or else I’ll be freeze to death.

* Sunny and breezy and loving it.

* And it just feels so good to lay down on the grass while the wind touches our face. Most of the couples there make out and there’s one right at the corner.

* (:

* I just wore a dress and a scarf but as time goes by, as winter visits us I wore four friggin layers and still shivers.

* Lotsa dead starfish.

* Ben sitting on rocks, no idea if he’s trying to look emo or cool.

* This beautiful sunset reminds me of Redang’s beautiful sunrise.

I had fun at St. Kilda eating ice-cream, laying down on grass, searching for penguins, looking at the sun set, and just exploring around. A very relaxing evening indeed and right now, I am so looking forward to step foot on Brighton beach and snapped tons of pictures with all the colourful huts. (;

Sweet Escape to Avillion Cove

Last week, Ben suggested that we go to Port Dickson for a short trip.
Of course, I’m up for it. He wanted to stay at water chalet but it’s kind of pricey so I tried googling for a cheaper place to stay.
Found Avillion Cove and I didn’t actually know there’s a place like this in my country.
Fall in love with it once I saw the pictures on their website.
I just love seeing all this yatch.

* Wasn’t sunny the day we arrived.

* Lovely yatch waiting to greet us :D

Guess my picture did not do much justice. Maybe you should take a look at their website here.

* Our premium room. I wanted a deluxe because it’s cheaper but it’s fully booked. U_U

* This premium room can actually accommodate up to 6 person. The room is Rm200++ per night, if divide by 6 person, one have to pay roughly Rm40+ which is pretty reasonable for me. The room is spacious enough, clean and looks nice at the same time.

* My crappy nude face before swimming. I wonder how many times more I have to disappoint this guy because I cant stay in the pool for long due to the temperature. I really cant stand the cold but this time I’m slightly better, I really did swim. :wink:

* This is my…

* …poser boyfriend. hahaha

Get to rest awhile after swimming and shower before heading out to Seremban for our dinner.
No gps needed as his hometown is at Seremban.

* Brought me to try Seremban’s oh-so-famous baked crab but he actually did not know which restaurant to go.

* Taste good? Nah, normal.

* Went back to our hotel’s bar for a drink and pool session after dinner. Wanted to go for a walk by the beach but I was too tired. End up watching some scary movie in our room. I’m such a ‘potong’ girlfriend, haha.

Oh ya, saw this funfair on our way to dinner and decided to stop by when we’re heading back to hotel.
Ben: Why is the funfair on my dad’s land.
Me: Har!? T_______T”’

I don’t know how to react wth. But that funfair is a fail funfair. Big time.
Sigh, the thought of missing this funfair during March makes me a sad girl, wuwu.

Remaining pictures are from Instagram.

* Imagine that, we rather play with Instagram than the rides at this funfair.

* Hahahaha. I can laugh all day looking at this picture.

Yeah, back to the movie. Slept late from watching the movie thus waking up late and skipped our free breakfast! D:
Hur! Damn sad can, I love breakfast buffet. ):
Ended up paying for some sandwich.
Went over to a beach for some kite flying session after checking out :D

* KITES!!!

* Me and our kite :D

* How come he knows how to fly a kite?

* But I don’t.

* heart this picture though I look kinda chubby!

Such a relaxing trip yet fun at the same time. I’m gonna do the kite flying again someday :D
If only we had more time to stay there, it will be even greater.
A very nice place to just chill, sit back and relax.

Ending this post with a 007 picture. HAHAHAHA!!

2 nights in Cheratingsss !

Cherating post is up! (:
Most of the pictures were candid.
The trip to Cherating was okay but it’ll be so much better if we can enjoy the beach more, with sun.
It was gloomy, almost all the time plus drizzling.
But no one cares bout the rain, still enjoy as much inside our own private pool.

* The first two who jumped into the pool. Victor and Ben.

* AAAAAA! every time when i’m in the pool i do not want to wet my hair but see…..

* Everyone’s attacking Alvin, bwaha!

* I like this picture! Bryan looks so cute.

* Round 1!!

* The dry ones.

* Forever cheeky Gavin.

* Baboon’s ass Ben.

Woke up early the next day, as in super early to catch the sun rise because someone wanted to.

* But as you can see, this is a fail sun rise watching. Nothing can beat the one at Redang!

* It’s still pretty dark when we’re on the beach.

* (:

* Luckily I cover my face. D:

* Since we’re already awake, of course breakfast must not be miss. So happy when I saw croissant and cinnamon danish. Pastries makes me happy (:

Went back to bed after breakfast, haha. fail.com
Initially, I wanted to prepare breakfast for them but I was too tired, I slept while everyone’s awake.
Hurried to the beach after that, since it’s not raining. Weather forecast said there’s gonna be thunderstorm.
Thank god it isn’t that accurate.

* Boys and their ball.

* Victor seems like having fun playing with the sand, haha.

* Sorry for the butt crack (HAHA) but we’re actually catching crabs. I had so much fun catching crabs :D

* See closely, there’s mini crabs in it.

* This is epic!!

* Everyone looking at the crabs again, hahaha.

* Then it turns to everyone looking at Victor showering.

* And I’m gonna end this post with a picture of 3 guys in a public swimming pool.

Swimming, swimming, and swimming.
I was pretty worn out from the trip. Lack of sleep and everything else.
I had fun, I did.

This is a trip that changed everything.
(What a sentence to end my post, lol)

The Random Redang Trip – 2nd day


actually i was damn lazy i plan to type, ‘please go to my facebook and view the remaining pictures.’
but i must be a responsible blogger, cheh!

we woke up at 6 plus for the sun rise. first time ever in my entire life and i must say, waking up that early is so totally worth it.

* the first picture in the morning and no i did not blur it. my camera’s too cold but it looks so dreamy, pretty. (:

* half of our so called ‘egg yolk’.

* i like this picture, there’s a woman jogging. :D

* four of us.

ate breakfast after the sun is up and after the meal i mr.headache visited me. wth!
pop a panadol and went to sleep. for few hours. :\
but i was energetic again after that. bwaha!

* i just simply love the colour of the sea. different shades of blue. (:

* ♥ this picture.

* hahaha! trying to be Ip Man maybe.

* the place where we sit is bloody hot and it keeps moving. but we look nice. LOL!

* beach boy. haha

* actually i’m only 12. wtf

* went to have our lunch after that. red faces, the sun is real hot.

* and then snorkeling.

snorkeling damn tiring can. plus a little scary also. it’s like we’re required to swim so far (to me it’s far because my short legs couldn’t touch the sand which is scary although i’m wearing the life jacket) and float here and there. mouth also tired cause we have to bite that thingy to breathe, then arms and legs also tired coz have to swim and swim. T_T
it almost killed me wth.

* foon, me, yan. funny legs.

* hi! i’m nemo’s friend. a fish.

* senget, cannot stand properly. haha

* pretty worn out but still want to take pictures. :\

* while waiting for dinner. (lots of stuff on the table)

* our last picture at redang. the one beside weng kee is his diving instructor.

quite a handful or friends asked how much it cost for this spontaneous redang trip.
it’s pretty cheap, only about Rm300++.
Rm90 for the ferry, Rm150+ for the 2 nights accommodation including breakfast, and the remaining is lunch and dinner. Depends whether you wanna eat economically or the other way round.
you can set your own budget but not as expensive as taking packages.

i seriously cant wait for the next trip. hee. :D
it’s labours day, have fun y’all.

The Random Redang Trip

Finally, blogging with some real pictures.
Seems as though the pictures uploaded at Facebook are not as nice. Colours weren’t as sharp.

Anyway, the trip is really fun but it’s a little different.
Normally a few days before I go to trip, I’ll get real excited and keep thinking about it every night before I sleep till the day comes.
But this Redang trip is so random, I was pretty much stoning all the while in the car when we’re heading to Terengganu.
And I saw two wild boars in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night. I was so excited wtf.
I was like, ‘OMG! san chu ah!! lei tei!! san chu!! liong jek ah!!’ wtf -__-”
Don’t know why I see pig so excited, some more is black colour wild boar.

Then we we almost reach Terengganu, we saw UCSI. Yes, there’s an UCSI at Terengganu and then we start to, ‘Wah!! UCSI ah!!! Wah, UCSI, lei tei! Wah!!’
Wtf, like never see UCSI before. -_-” but this is UCSI at Terengganu, really never see before.
So we decided to get off the car and take pictures with the Terengganu UCSI. So lame.

* Seven in the morning, all of us just got up from our sweet dreams.

* At jetty, super boring.

* Both of them went diving, the remaining three of us went to bed. LOL!

* After sleeping, we came out to eat. Pig macam.

Then of course, it’s time to snap snap and snap.

* Love the jumpshot.

* Love the blue blue sky. This picture is so nice.

* Kena kacau. pfft

* Don’t know what kind of jump is this. haha.

* Went back to change, ready to get wet. :’D

* Why am I in the middle?

* Hot and thirsty, I grab Popsicle while the others get themselves cold drinks. And please look at Weng Kee.

* And look at Weng Kee again. Model macam. HAHA!

* People is asking why are we swimming in the swimming pool instead of swimming in the sea. Well, there’s a swimming nearby, so why not we jump in first. Hah! And I love this picture. (:

* Kurang satu. Wah Yan didn’t want to join in.

* Such a nice place, of course must camwhore. Bwaha!

* Goe kelefeh behind.

* Wah Yan with her ice lemon tea.

* :3

After dinner we went to More More Tea. If you go Redang, you go More More Tea.

* And take silly pictures like this.

* And lovey-dovey pictures like this.

* And this.

* Actually I wanted to put down my leg, but I’m damn afraid of the height. Can you see me? I’m upstairs.

* This picture is cute.

* The girls.

* And I end my post with this guy.

Will continue soon…