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Happy 2nd Eighteen ♥

9 in the morning, still soundly asleep on my bed when my maid knocked and came in.
Holding a big bouquet of roses, I thought I was dreaming.
I cant help but smile to myself like an idiot, in front of my maid.

* The flower I ♥ most.

* A mixture of 40 white and pink roses (:

Never in my life received such a big bouquet of roses. It left me in awe.
It’s so sweet and thoughtful of him to sent me a bouquet of roses even though he’s so far away.
I didn’t see this coming. It’s not an easy task to surprise me.
I’m not sure if I’m being smart or the one who used to surprise me are not smart enough, I always know I’m gonna get a surprise which of course since I already knew it it’s not surprising anymore.
I guess it’s either I’m smart, that person ain’t smart enough or didn’t really bother giving a real surprise.

The other day while we were talking, he said he wants to buy flowers and put it in the room and asked me which colour to buy. I thought he was really buying flowers for himself, silly me.
This is by far the best long distance relationship I got myself into. (And please let this be the last, why do I always get involve in LDR damnit.)
Not because of the roses he gave me, it’s the thought that counts. He’s willing to spend time with me everyday.

This might sound insane to some but it made everything easier for us, or me.
We sometimes eat dinner together, we watch movie and youtube together, we listen to songs together and the best part is we sleep and wake up together.
Yes, we leave our webcams on and go to bed at the same time. We even watch sunrise together this morning, he showed me Melbourne’s sunrise but it wasn’t that successful after all. The sky is pretty gloomy.
I’m just happy how he take the effort to do all these stupid things with me.

I cant help feeling this way, haven’t been in love for such a long time.
But things are never as perfect as it is seen. We had a lot of stupid arguments which is lead by silly misunderstandings lately.
Which kind of sucks really but in a way, it brings us closer too. At least now we understand each other more and we try to compromise. Love is not only about giving surprises, there’s so much more to it.

Before I end my post, I’ve got a good news. Actually just a good news for both of us, haha.
I finally bought ticket to Melbourne and also done applying for Visa. It’s set!!
I’m really happy and I wish days can just fly by for now. Extremely excited!! :D
I’m sorry these days I bombarded my blog with me and my boyf. Cannot help it.

Saint Valentine ♥

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I’m back (:

Ben just left the country yesterday, flew back to Melbourne.
And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day :\
I remembered how he happily told me he extended his flight to 12th February and I just returned him a shock face.
He totally forgotten that it’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th but it’s okay.

Haven’t been celebrating Valentine’s for the past three years.
And if he’s here, I think I’d prefer staying in and have our own mini plan (:
We celebrated our Valentine 3 days earlier, just the night before he left.
Watched a movie and followed up with a dinner at Cafe Cafe.

Went there once during my 2007’s birthday.
Pictures are gonna be dark, I cant be using flash in such an environment. I don’t want everyone to be looking at me.

* Perfect interior but not spacious enough. We were sitting so close to both the tables beside, I don’t like it that way.
It feels like these people entered my comfort zone, I don’t have my own privacy. They shouldn’t have put so many tables there.

* My date (:

* Yours truly.

No pictures of food cause I really don’t wanna use flash.
We ordered half dozen escargot, foie gras, tiger prawn and lamb shank.
Tiger prawn and foie gras was goood! They gave some cranberry jam or whatever jam it’s called to go along with foie gras, really nice combination.
Escargot, I prefer The Ship and lamb shank is a disappointment.
Too dry, I prefer it to be juicier and the meat more tender.
Bill came up to Rm250+ and Ben likes this place. (:
Coming here on normal days will be good but I don’t think it’s a wise idea to come on festive days.
Big no no on Valentine’s, I don’t wanna have a dinner for six when I plan to have dinner for two.

Present him something that he really wanted (:
And also a box for him to bring back over to Melbourne with 47 different things inside.
Each day there’s something waiting for him in the box and by the time the box is empty, I’ll be by his side. hee (:

We’re having a date tonight. Candles, movie, music and everything else.

* That’s us, ready for our date. Yes, we even dress up :D
I know I’d have fun tonight. Feeling so loved even though he’s not physically here.

Happy Valentine’s to everyone out there be it you’re attach or single.
I waited long enough to have someone in my life to celebrate Valentines with me again.
If you’re still waiting, have a little faith. I believe God prepared the best one for you, just that he/she have yet to walk into your life.

Lots of love ♥ (:

Happy First Eighteen ♥

At this very moment, I feel so very bless.
And till this very moment I still do not know how it happened.
You came into my life without any warning, I wasn’t prepared to fall in love again but I’m glad I did.

You’re the sweetest thing that happened to me, sweetest boyf I ever have.
A person I’ve been longing to have for all these while, it’s like a fairytale come true for me.
Sometimes I just feel so lucky it’s like I’m in a dream, I cant believe it’s true.
I cant believe that finally I can have what I want. It does feel surreal.

I never had a boyf that sayang me as much as you do, that take care of me as much as you do, that worries about me as much as you do.
Never feel this appreciated before.
Although knowing that I’m so haunted by my past, you’re here readily to share my burden with me.
I just cant describe how bless I feel.

A person like you are someone I dream of having every night before I go to sleep and now every morning waking up knowing that I finally have you, I cant help but smile to myself.

Thanks for walking into my life wolf.
Thanks for accepting me for who I am and everything else.
Thanks for loving me.

Hope there’s many more months to come but for whatever that will happen, for now I’ll treasure every moment with you.
Hope today’s gonna be lotsa fun spending time together (:

♥ ♥ ♥