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25’s A Man

That boy man half boy half man who’s younger than me by half a year is finally 25.
By right you turn adult when you’re 21 but 21 to me is when you start being reckless and enjoy life to the fullest.
25 to me is when you start taking things more seriously, start planning for a future and to really start being a true adult.
But of course this might not apply to everyone. No big gatherings with friends or whatsoever for Fatty this year because he didn’t want to. (Not sire if he really didn’t want to or he said he didn’t want to just so I could give him a surprise like every other year.)

We initially decided on Cilantro for his birthday dinner but it was fully booked on a Saturday night so Lafite it was.
I was actually really looking forward to try Cilantro, guess I’ll have to continue waiting. Lunch seems like a good idea! :B

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Macau / Hong Kong Trip – Day 04

You can’t blame me for taking this long to finish up my Hong Kong post, I’ve been working a lot I almost couldn’t catch up on my sleep.

We moved from 99 Bonham at Sheung Wan to Icon Hotel at East Tsim Tsa Tsui, another side of Hong Kong.
We choose Hotel Icon for aesthetic reason and also the distance between Belinda’s (Fatty’s sister) hostel and our hotel.

#1 Hotel Icon is a very new hotel built in 2011, founded and owned by Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

#2 Not only does it look nice and clean, Hotel Icon smells really good too.

#3 Vertical garden growing along walls that will make you stop, stare, and admire.


Service was A plus, friendly and helpful.

#5 We booked Icon 36 Harbour for RM980 including breakfast and they upgraded our room to Club 36 Harbour for us. :)

And here’s what you get if you book a Club 36 Harbour room :

*36 square metres *Satellite, i-cable and NOW TV channels *Twin or King bed *Blu-ray disc player *Complimentary in-room bar & snacks (replenished daily) *Nespresso coffee machine *Complimentary WiFi within hotel area *BOSE sound dock *WiFi phone with free local calls *3-in-1 printer *40” high definition flat screen TV *Complimentary digital newspapers and magazines on personal tablet or smartphone (Choose from 2,000+ newspapers and magazines)

Everything from the bar is free, including beers and snacks! They really know how to win their customer’s heart.

#6 Si Pendek.


#8 The only thing I dislike about Hotel Icon is their room carpet. That jigsaw carpet really really looks ugly to me. Not ugly meh?


#10 Mad love their toilet design!

It seems like a bad idea after all when Fatty created this interest in me to try out hotels because I will always end up saying ‘Next time our toilet we do it this way ah!’ or ‘I want our house to look this way next time.’
But of course, he cant really be bothered about all my next-times and I-wants.

#11 The best damn thing? Watching tv while bubble bathing!


#13 Room’s harbour view.

After checking out our room, we met up with Fatty’s sister for lunch.
We were supposed to have our lunch at Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel but turned out people who lives in Hong Kong do their lunch at a 3 Michelin star restaurant like it’s a kopitiam or something. It was fully booked on a Monday lunch time. Mmkay.

We were actually deciding between Caprice and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon because both were given 3 stars but since Caprice was full, we headed to the latter.

#14 There’s a distinguish difference between the two restaurants. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon setting is more to casual and contemporary dining while Caprice has a grander setting.

#15 Complimentary bread, they were really cute and mini.

#16 Amuse bouche that whet my appetite.

#17 My main; lobster risotto.

#18 Really really good apricot dessert. I don’t normally go for dessert during fine dine unless it comes with a set and even if it does comes with a set, a rarely like it. This was different, it was really good with cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream without being too sweet. Just perfect.

Belinda and I ordered three course each while Fatty ordered four course.
Three course set lunch is price at HKD568 and four course is priced at HKD668. I think the bill came up to about Rm900+ for the three of us.
Although the food was good (as per all the fine dine I’ve tried), I sincerely do not think that what I was served that day deserve a three Michelin star. Bistro a Table was just as good, in my opinion.

After trying Hong Kong’s one Michelin star dim sum and now three Michelin star French fine dine, I’d say the Michelin star given to these Hong Kong restaurants cant really be trusted. I’d expect a 3 Michelin star to give me a wow factor but that wasn’t it.
Belinda went to her class after our lunch while Fatty and I went back to our hotel to enjoy the most out of it.

#19 Meet up again after that to eat MORE at Hung Hom area.

#20 Mammy pancake (kai tan zai) at Hung Hom, heard it’s famous among the students.


#22 It tasted really good and crispy, I sometimes crave for it.

#23 We then head over to a famous dumpling shop called 上海飽餃店 for some hot and steamy dumplings.

#24 Menu on the wall. It’s really nice to have a boyfriend who can read chinese or else I’ll be so lost.

#25 Scallion pancake, not quite my thing.

#26 Xiu long bao.

The ‘sang zin bao’ was really good but Fatty told me that day it wasn’t as good as the first time he tried it.
Sometimes we have our bad days don’t we.
I wanted to go to Avenue of Stars after our meal so off we went.

#27 Lots and lots of meat and the uncle asked Fatty if he’s visiting his mother in law and if he wants to add any dishes lol.

#28 Avenue of stars.

#29 I watched Symphony of Light while the two Tays waited for me cause they weren’t interested haha.


#31 Oh why so blur!

#32 Demonstrating how robot stands, haha. Awkward, awkward.

#33 The Tays.

#34 You just cant stay away from food when you’re in Hong Kong. Or in my case, I can never stay away from food wherever I am. Mak’s Noodle, famous for wantan mee.

#35 Oh hi there.

#36 Wantan mee with wantans hiding underneath the mee.

#37 Shrimp roe noodles or ha zi mee as the Hongkies call it.

Never had such an expensive wantan noodles, about Rm20 per bowl. T_T

#38 Last stop for the night at Aqua Spirit for drinks.


#40 Fatty’s drink and my Bailey which I shared with Belinda. I drank less than one third and passed it to her because I don’t want to get tipsy. Sometimes I wonder, why cant I drink? Why my body cannot tolerate alcohol pfft.

#40 :)

Hotel Icon

Address: 17 Science Museum Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 3400 1000
Fax:(852) 3400 1001

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
Address: Shop 315 & 401, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2166 9000

Mammy Pancake
Address: Shop 2A, G/F, Whampoa Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong.

Address: G/F, No. 6 Ming On Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2802 2266

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀記雲吞麵
Address: G/F, 77 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2854 3810

Aqua Spirit
Address: 29 & 30 Floors
One Peking Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
T: +852 3427 2288
E: aqua@aqua.com.hk

Fatty’s 24th Birthday Dinner at Il Lido.

On Fatty’s 24th birthday eve, we had his birthday dinner at Il Lido which we went on our 1st anniversary.
For his birthday instead of lunch, we went for dinner because my man is a busy man.

Who else work a full day on a Saturday? *roll eyes

#1 Sorry for being jakun but must all the gourmet bread at fine dine restaurant be that hard to chew? I ate like a cow or a horse (whichever makes you laugh)!

We ordered a degustation set menu, priced at Rm198 to share.

#2 Amuse bouche.

#3 Hokkaido scallops with celeriac & truffle cream. The scallop was fresh and juicy, and when combined with truffle cream it can’t go wrong.

#4 Roasted goose liver with duck bacon and lentils. Foie gras will always be our favorite dish wherever we go and indeed it was divine. The foie gras was cooked to perfection, crisp on the outside and silky smooth on the inside.

#5 Chitaruggi with lobster and smoke paprika which the birthday boy really liked which I couldn’t agree on.

#6 Wagyu beef cheek with caramelized root vegetables. Beef cheek was extremely tender and the sweetness from the root vegetables that balances out the dish was a good touch.

A set of degustation for the both of us is definitely and obviously not enough, so we ordered more.

#7 Beef Carpaccio with rucola and ‘Vacche Rosse’ parmigiano cheese, RM36. Beef carpaccio came at the start of our dinner and it really did opened up my appetite. We ordered the same dish the first time too, just too good to resist.

I’ve made a conclusion that we both couldn’t stay away from scallop, foie gras, and carpaccio when it comes to fine dine.

#8 King Prawns with Spicy Cannellini Emulsion, RM48. When it comes to fine dine I rarely go for anything spicy but I did that night. Extremely flavorful without being too spicy, just nice to make you want to eat more.

#9 Crab Ravioli with Fava and Cured Roe, RM48. This is another very flavorful dish and the ravioli comes in olive green which is made to perfection.

#10 We were already quite full the meal but because we both are greedy people, we ordered Spider Crab Soup with Sambuca (Rm38) before we proceed for dessert. When the soup arrived, it arrived in a bowl with only crab meat and the silly me was wondering ‘didn’t I ordered a soup?’ but before I have the chance to question the waiter pour a pot of soup into the bowl.

We both gave the same expression, ‘Ohhhhhhh…’.

#11 Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream was included in our degustation menu and while Fatty was away from his seat, I secretly requested a candle to comes along with the dessert.

#12 Just to surprise him when he came out of the washroom and look how happy he was, haha.

#13 I hope he enjoyed the dinner and enjoyed me being his date.

#14 The-ever-so-annoying-and-naggy-girlfriend.

After our dinner, we went up to their rooftop lounge bar to have a look and we pretty much enjoyed our quick and short moment at the top as there were no one else. :)

#15 Whenever I dress up a little nowadays, Fatty will asks me ‘ootd?’. LOL!

#16 ♥

Bill came up to Rm450+ including the glass of red wine Fatty ordered.

ilLido Italian Dining + Lounge Bar
183 Jalan Mayang (off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng)
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +603 2161 2291

Singapore : Sixth Stop – The White Rabbit at Dempsey Hill and Hai Bin Prawning.

Where: The White Rabbit @ Dempsey Hill
What: European Food

Our dinners at Singapore surprisingly turned out to be not as good as our lunch.
We had two dinners at food courts and both the food courts were a random pick.
I knew that I didn’t have such luck when it comes to random picking, it almost always turn out to be a blah.

Seeing that it was our last night at Singapore, we decided to splurge on our last dinner.
Dempsey Hill was in our list but which restaurant to go for at Dempsey Hill was the question.
There were so many restaurants that we wanted to try but time and money didn’t allow.

So final choice was The White Rabbit.
Before I go on with The White Rabbit, you really must put Dempsey Hill in your itinerary if you visit Singapore.
Dempsey Hill is a dining precinct that offers fine dine and fine wine, set in a quiet surrounding surrounded by trees and bushes.
It used to be the site of British army barracks during the colonial time but today it transformed itself into a relaxing place where friends and families gather for good food.

The White Rabbit used to be a chapel for probably about 40 years more or less and later on was abandoned for another 15 years before The Lo and Behold Group bought the chapel and transformed it into a restaurant.
Below are a few pictures of The White Rabbit from the internet before I show you guys my cant-make-it-pictures.

#1 Leads you to The Rabbit Hole bar.

You should know by now, the theme was base on Alice In The Wonderland.

#2 The Rabbit Hole Bar.

#3 Inside the chapel whereby it provides us a uniquely dining experience that is unpretentious and casual.

#4 I need to get myself an Iphone 5. Or if you wish you can make a donation, I will message you my bank details.

#5 How it looks like during night time.

#6 Hahahah, fuck the quality. Looks equally ugly with flash or without. Chips and Saffron Aioli for $8.

But I have to post it anyway, so you bear with it until I get my Iphone 5.
BUT THEN AGAIN, I’ve been wanting an Iphone since Iphone 3gs, then Iphone 4, then Iphone 4s and now Iphone 5 and I still have none.
I probably need to wait until the tenth generation wtf.

#7 We ordered two starters; Wagyu Carpaccio with shaved parmesan, celery cress, balsamic pearls and truffle cream for $26 and Foir Gras Duet. Foie Gras Duet, price at $29 is served in two different ways. One is salt cured with apple flan and another is seared lobe with cherry compote.

We were advised by the waiter to eat the salt cured foie gras with apple flan first before moving on to the pan seared foie gras. Both was heaven.
The boys preferred pan seared foie gras but I enjoyed both equally.

It was Dennis first try at foie gras and it was so good he is now looking everywhere for it in Sabah.

#8 Beef Cheek Bourguignon with roasted root vegetables, mousseline potatoes and crispy bacon for $48.

What captured my heart from The White Rabbit was the host because he took his time to explain all the dishes we were interested at and gave us good suggestion.
He really know the food from menu well and he made sure we enjoy our food.
He suggested that we order Beef Cheek Bourguignon because apparently girls love this dish which is full with collagen or some sort.
The beef cheek was tender and aromatic, plus really fulfilling too.

#9 Grilled Atlantic Cod with fava beans and sauce vierge at $38 was ordered by Dennis. He is quite a fishy-person.
The Atlantic cod was fresh but I personally do not fancy eating fish during fine dining. Just my preference.

Fine dining in a chapel was indeed a good and unexpected experience. I wasn’t even aware that it was a chapel, not until the host explained about the history to us.
I believe it will give a total different experience all together if you’re there for lunch instead of dinner.
Price is a little steep for us Malaysians but just don’t convert since you’re on a holiday.
It was my first time not converting too (usually I am the one who is always converting from minute to minute) and it feels great to not think about how expensive things really were.

39C Harding Road
Singapore 249541
Tel: 6473 9965

Where: Bishan Hai Bin Prawning
What: Prawning

We didn’t really want to head back to our hotel after our meal and Fatty suggested PRAWNING! :D
I couldn’t agree more.
We both tried searching high and low for prawning ponds here in KL but it was a miserable search.

#10 Bishan Hai Bin Prawning is open for 24 hours (how nice!) a day. One hour of prawning is $18 (don’t convert!) and if you ask for 2 hours you will get another hour free.

#11 Prawn’s bait, chicken liver. Thank God there isn’t any worms involve.

#12 While we wait and wait…

It isn’t easy at all to prawn but some uncles made it look so easy. We believe there are certain ways to hook the chicken liver and we obviously do not know which is the right way.
Also I heard that prawns do gather at a few spots, so make sure you’re at the right spot.
Just sit next to those uncles, it’ll do the trick.

#13 Dennis caught one and only one in that one hour. Haha, so much for that 18 bucks.

#14 Prawn size was decent and I caught two.

#15 You’ll need to pay attention to your mini float which is floating above the water and when it is drag into the water, it means it is time for you to pull the bait. You can’t pull too hard either or the prawn will sometimes escape. After the prawn is out of the water, you need to unhook the bait from it’s mouth which is quite disturbing because the prawn keeps jumping. There’s a net in the water and you’ll need to throw the prawn into the net after unhooking it.

#16 After your time is up, feel free to barbecue your prawns. Sticks are provided and you need to pierce through the prawn while they’re still alive. Very cruel. :(

#17 The next step after piercing is to wash the prawns and rub it with salt. Final step is to barbecue it alive and watch them die wtf.

It didn’t occur to me that I will actually barbecue all the prawns alive while I was happily prawning.
Of course I do know that I will barbecue them, but just not alive.
Actually I thought they’ll be dead once I caught them but that isn’t the case.
The prawns were indeed very very fresh and juicy but I just don’t think this is the right way to do it.

Next time I’ll just let it die out of the water instead of letting them live for that 20 minutes more and later on pierce and barbecue them alive. :(
Please make sure to just let them die if you’re prawning instead of throwing them back into the net in the water.

And oh, you can actually ask for more prawns from them to barbecue if you only get to caught a few like us. ;)

603 Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 575735
Tel: 6554 1986

Journey for the Soul : Siem Reap Day 4.

My previous Siem Reap day 3 post was to me, a little too heavy which is why I skipped rambling and rambling on what we did that night after exploring beautiful ruins.

We went to Pub Street for the second time, it’s like the only place you’ll feel like going during the night. Or more like the only place you can hangout at night.
The first thing we did upon reaching Pub Street was to look for a decent massage parlor.
We went to this massage parlor called Lemongrass Garden and we paid $10 for a full body massage which lasts for about one hour.
I cant remember much on the massage, I was falling asleep. Towards the end, we both wished we could continue sleeping till the dawn breaks.
After such a long and tiring day, it is definitely worth pampering yourself with a nice massage.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for a $2 foot massage that last for half an hour.
There’re everywhere around Pub Street and for such a low price, I’ll just have to say that it is worth every penny you pay.

For days I told Fatty that I wanted to try their local bbq because I saw them everywhere and they look so tempting. I just had to, so bbq it was after our massage.
There’s a street of local food at Pub Street where you can spot easily. If you’re looking for cheap dinner, that’s the place to go.

Right before we stepped into Pub Street, where people enjoy their beer, music, and companion.

I randomly picked a stall and ordered what we saw on the menu.

Orgasmic ice blended fruit juice! Fatty’s mango banana ice blended juice and my coconut ice blended juice. These are seriously so good and rich, not just some lousy packet fruit drink. Their ice blended fruit juice will deoxidise and soon change colour after it is left for too long.

Fatty’s fried noodle for about a dollar a plate.

And the local bbq I ordered. You can choose up to four different type of meats plus vegetables, noodles, and rice will be included for just $4 a set. The portion is just nice for the two of us.

On the next day which is our 4th day at Siem Reap, we swapped hotel again.
We’re back to the first hotel that mistakenly booked our room wrongly, Golden Banana Boutique Hotel and Resort.
Among all three hotels which we picked, Golden Banana costs the most. We paid RM260 for a night which is indeed quite pricey.

Balconies that overlook the swimming pool.

Love it!

Anyone is welcome to lay down and enjoy their holiday.

But of course I prefer siting on this rattan chair while I let it swing. :)

The view from our balcony.

LOVE! Outdoor bathtub right at our balcony. We poured half the bottle of soap into the bathtub to create bubble bath. ♥

Where our shower is.

Part of our room.

That’s what he do when he cant be bothered about me snapping pictures.

Absolutely love their wardrobe!! Directly attached to the wall’s cement. And damn, I love their rattan hangers too. Was so tempted I almost wanted to take those lovely hangers home.

Not sure where to go after checking out our room, I decided to go to their local market for a walk. Yes, pasar. (:

Tried their local coffee and cup of ice coffee alone can cause the both of us diabetes! It was soooooooo sweet I wonder how much of condensed milk she poured it in.

Crickets, anyone?

Something from Siem Reap that made in fell in love with is their kampot black pepper.
I love the smell and the taste of their black pepper, very much different from those I’ve tasted.

Local spices and snacks. $2 for 3 packs if I’m not mistaken.
Don’t buy from shops or night markets, their definitely more pricey. The cheapest I saw are the ones selling in the market.

Delicious popiah found in the market.

The best food, most often than not can be found in the most unexpected place.
Nothing interesting, I know. Looks somewhat dirty even.

But this bowl of noodle completed my day. Every now and then I miss eating this bowl of noodle!! Fatty said it’s ‘la zah min’ as known as dirty noodles. Please someone enlighten me, do we have it here in Malaysia?

The friendly kids who were so eager to look at the photo after I captured it. :)

After our lunch, we went back to the thought provoking cafe called Art Deli to have a drink.

Have I mentioned that beers in Cambodia is amazingly cheap? Only $0.50 for glass of draft Angkor beer and $1.50 for a bottle of Asahi.
Now I really wish I can drink.

One of my favourite picture from Siem Reap!

I heart this cafe! How can you not love a place like this, right?

Such a creative idea.

Keep calm and carry one.

I enjoyed my short time in the cafe. Enjoyed looking at all the arts around and listen to one of my favourite music, Soledad.
Time constraint wont let me stay for long so I leave this little cafe knowing that one day, I’ll be back definitely.
We wanted to spend more time in the hotel since we paid quite a sum for it so we went back for a swim.

Sorry, I’m a girl. A vain one sometimes. :P

Time for my much awaited dinner after our swim.
Among all the restaurants that I’ve researched on, Wat Damnak Cuisine is the only restaurant that I told myself I cannot miss.

‘Cuisine Wat Damnak was founded on the simple concept of using only local fresh seasonal produce with which to create exquisite Cambodian food.’
Cuisine Wat Damnak is considered as a fine dining restaurant and they only have two set menus for you to choose from. However, their set menus are change every week depending on what’s available in the market as the chef will only pick the freshest and the best ingredients.

Don’t get me wrong, I was so eager to try Cuisine Wat Damnak is not for the reason that I want to dine in fancy restaurants. I was attracted by their concept, how their menus will change every week and how dedicated this french chef is. ‘French chef’, I cant say no.

There’s two tasting menu, one price at $17 and another price at $24.

Dimly lit ambience.

A very asian yet taste too good to be true amuse bouche.

The quality of the pictures I took are bad due to the dim light so I’ll forego posting it up.

Four course meal with a dessert for only about Rm75, that’s like a frigging good deal.
If you ever go to Siem Reap, please try this restaurant. This will not disappoint you, I swear. :)

Some fruit we’ve not tasted before.

And that’s how we end our last night in Siem Reap, with a very good meal.
That night, I was heavy hearted. I do not want to leave this inspiring place just yet.
Right there and then I wish I can have another week but I tell myself I shouldn’t be greedy.

Golden Banana’s cafe, where we had our breakfast.

Love those lights. I think I love almost everything I see in Siem Reap la.

Damn special right the clock!! I was staring at it for so long.

Fatty’s English breakfast before we leave the hotel. He’s always very eager to eat his meal, he cant even wait for 5 seconds for me to capture a picture. Pfft.

And my super hearty-warmy-yummy local porridge.

We were running late and I was so afraid that we might not make it to the airport on time.
But then again I realised, no such thing.

Goodbye Siem Reap for now.

I will definitely be back and the next time when I’m there, there’s one thing I will and must do.
Go for a cooking class because they do offer such classes there.

Next time.
Till then Siem Reap.

Golden Banana Boutique Hotel and Resort.
Phum Wat Damnak, Kumm Sala Komreuk, Krom 10, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tel: +885(0) 12654638 or +885(0) 63766655
Website: www.goldenbanana.info
Email: goldenbanana2@gmail.com

Cuisine Wat Damnak
Between Psa Dey Hoy market and Angkor High School,
Wat Damnak village, Sala Kamrek Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm till 9.45pm (last order)
For any further information and booking, please fill in the contact form
or call +855 (0)63 965 491 / +855 (0)77 347 762
or email info@cuisinewatdamnak.com\

Fatty’s 23rd Birthday Dinner :)

It was Fatty’s birthday last week and I’ve been anticipating for this day to come.
I was feeling all excited. So excited that Fatty asked me why do I look so happy when it’s his birthday and not mine.

This shows how much I love him. LOLOL!
Jokes aside.

All the while it was Fatty who chooses which restaurant we should go to when it comes to occasions like this.
This time round, I decided to be the decision maker.
I did not disclose where I will be bringing him, keeping it secretive and all.

I asked him to drive us to Dua Residency and for a moment he thought that I was bringing him to Delicious for his birthday dinner.
I guess he was about to cry in his heart, hahaha.

Knowing him so well, of course I wouldn’t pick a place like Delicious.

Not Delicious, but Dish which is under the same group.

DISH – Delicious Ingredients Steak House at Dua Residency.
‘A most unorthodox fine dining establishment that is luxe in spirit but casual in practice. Foodies know that dressing up is not a prerequisite for dining well and at DISH diners can relax as they dig into their perfectly prepared prime cuts of beef.’

Plenty of wine to choose from for wine lovers.

My birthday boy. :)

And the ‘secretive’ girlfriend.

Complimentary Eggplant Fritters with studded black sesame. No, not banana fritters but some real warm and crunchy eggplant fritters.

Complimentary bread with rosemary herb butter. It’s a little hard to resist the bread especially when it is served with rosemary herb butter but try to anyhow. You need to make space for better food that is coming your way.

I decided on what to order since I was the decision maker for the night.
I ordered a set of ‘A Taste of Dish’ (Rm135) for us to share. In addition to that I add on pumpkin soup and salt baked cod fish.

Amuse Bouche, watermelon with feta cheese, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar.
I didn’t know such combination could go so well together. Watermelon, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar could easily be the perfect combination. The first bite was sweet and juicy, then comes the second bite which is so flavorful thanks to the feta cheese.
When the balsamic vinegar seeps in for the third bite, it creates a heavenly taste. I am so amaze by this!

Pumpkin soup with mushroom, parmesan and truffle – Rm22.
This soup is so worth the price. Not to mention that this pumpkin soup is thick and rich, there’s even mushroom, parmesan, and truffle to go with it.
Definitely warms my tummy and my soul. I adore pumpkin soup and this is one of the best I’ve tried so far.

Foie Gras and smoked duck ballotine with spiced pineapple.
The more common way of preparing foie gras would be pan seared in most of the restaurants here in KL and that day was my first time tasting a non-pan-seared-foie-gras. Very rich in flavour and when spread it on the toasted bread that came along with it turns out to be a great pair.

I myself wasn’t feeling too well on that day so I gave my share to Fatty.
The taste was too strong for my weak body. :(

Seared and marinated tuna with pickled radish and crispy quail eggs.
Oh I love this dish!  Quail egg was really crispy on the outside and on the inside it has runny yolks.
Tuna was real good too, I wish they had given us more. Sweet, juicy, and tasty!


Sauteed scallop with cauliflower puree, turkey bacon and almonds.
I dislike eating cauliflower but cauliflower puree is a different story all together. I definitely love their cauliflower puree. As for the scallops, it was good but somehow it did not take me by surprise.

Wagyu striploin with truffled potato puree and tarragon poached vegetables.
This dish is easily one of my favourite too. I was already so full when this dish was served but at the same time I feel like I cant stop eating. So tender, juicy, and well cooked.
Raw enough for my liking, absolutely digging this dish. Just look at that red piece of meat!

Salt baked cod with red pepper and lemon sauce – Rm69.
It was served on a wooden block, wrapped by a layer of salted pastries.

Cooked for 40 minutes, this piece of cod fish is absolutely worth the wait.
The cod fish is fresh and sweet, it taste good even on its own.
It was placed on a plate of roasted vegetables and red pepper puree with a tinge of sourness.
I would prefer cauliflower puree.  I don’t quite like pairing such fresh fish with a rather sour puree.
Then again, the fish itself could make up for that.

Petit four.

Caramel chocolate delice with raspberries and lime ice-cream.
A great combination of very rich chocolate balanced out by sweet and sour lime ice-cream.
And of course the raspberries. Fatty kept pestering me to try the raspberries, telling me that they’re real sweet. Good lord, you can imagine my expression when I took the first bite. It was sour as hell.

What attracted me to pick Dish in the first place was Chef Steve Allen.
He worked for more than 10 years in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen.
This fact alone is enough.  And there, the one standing is him.


Outfit of the day accompanied by a very full tummy.

The bill came up to about Rm325++, with a glass of red wine (Rm35)  and a bottle of con-people-mineral-water (Rm18).
Fatty felt that the cod fish is a little expensive which I do agree on.
However, ‘A Taste of Dish’ is definitely worth the price. All the dishes above are included except for pumpkin soup and cod fish.

We did not head for another round after the dinner.
Both of us are dead tired by then, all we wanted to do was to go back home and rest.
He knew there was another surprise waiting for him but what I did was sleeping on his bed while he watched his very-nice-Fringe-drama.
I wanted to surprise him when the clock strikes 12 but unfortunately his dad was watching TV in the living room so I figured I better wait for his dad to go to bed first.
Ended up I am the one falling asleep on Fatty’s bed but I woke up every 20 minutes or so asking, ‘Your dad still watching TV ah?’.

Falling asleep then waking up. Falling asleep then waking up.
Torturous much.

So here it is, the surprise. He thought I bought him a cake. No I didn’t.
I just prepared a no-bake-cake. A watermelon cake! He laughed when he saw this. Hah!
Isn’t it cute? And we both were thirsty so we gobbled down the watermelon balls.

I got the idea from Martha Stewart. She’s the queen of housewives, really.


1 seedless watermelon (about 14 pounds)

Cut top and bottom thirds off 1 seedless watermelon (about 14 pounds); reserve. Cut middle third of watermelon into wedges. Scoop flesh from ends into balls using a melon baller. Arrange balls on top of wedges.

I bought half a watermelon but I wish the one I bought was bigger so that I can scooped more watermelon balls.
Also, do buy mint leaves and put it in the middle. It sure does look better.
Or you can even chopped mint leaves into fine mint leaves and sprinkle on top of those watermelon balls. Sure does look better. :)

Try this if you want to bake a cake but do not have an oven at home, just like me.
Simple, sweet, cute, refreshing and healthy. Why not? Heh.

I hope Fatty had a great night that day and I hope he will like my simple watermelon cake.
That’s not all for his birthday.

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