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A thousand layers of crepe

If you haven’t know already what a mille crepe is, according to wikipedia it is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. “Mille” (“mil”) means “a thousand”, implying the many layers of crêpe.

One of the best crepe cake in town is of course the infamous cafe, Food Foundry.
Pretty famous for their mille crepe.

* your neighbour, your provider.

* cute little cafe full with customers.

Not only their mille crepe is a to-die-for but their meal taste pretty good too.

* Ben’s chicken cordon bleu. Okay, I’ve got not much comment for this I didn’t really tasted it but Ben likes it so I guess it’s pretty good. (RM17)

* My smoked salmon in cream sauce which is really orgasmic. The smoked salmon and the cream sauce blend so well together but I cant take too much in cause I’ll feel really bloated in the end since it’s kinda creamy. Okay, I’m missing this nasty spaghetti already! (RM17)

* mille crepes and cakes, a must have after your meal.

* vanilla flavour mille crepe. I personally like their strawberry mille crepe but since it’s Ben’s first time trying mille crepe, I choose his favourite flavour. So moisture and soft and the best part of it is it doesn’t taste too sweet. We both don’t have sweet tooth. (Rm9)

So if you’re wondering where else can we try mille crepe other than food foundry, there’s a place I found out.
Austin Chase. Yes you heard me right, at Austin Chase.

* Picked the vanilla flavour again, French Vanilla Mille Crepe. If this were to compare with Food Foundry’s, I find Austin Chase’s vanilla more fragrant. The taste of vanilla still lingers for a while. And of course, the cream is smooth. (RM13.90)

They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and peach & passion flavour. I’m so gonna try the peach & passion crepe next time, I feel excited. :9
Austin Chase actually ordered these mille crepes from Humble Beginnings. Trust me, you’ll be thrill by the choices from Humble Beginnings. Chessy Cheese, Mango Cheese, Oreo and so much more. oh-my-god. Really, go to their website and have a look for yourself.

And lastly, the pretty famous cafe at Malacca, Nadeje.

* They have quite a number of flavours too as I can remember.

* Rum raisin mille crepe. (Rm8+)

* Mango flavour.

Both the crepes taste okay, I’m not sure if I was too full when I tried it but it really didn’t taste as good as Food Foundry’s or Austin Chase’s.
Flavour aside, the creepe ain’t as soft and creamy either. But then again, it’s not really bad. Just not as good.
There’s tiramisu flavour but I don’t see it on the counter the other day. I don’t mind trying again.
No, actually I want to try tiramisu mille crepe. The name itself makes me salivate.

I guess among all, I like Austin Chase the most. I cant wait to try the other flavours out.
My brother dislike mille creepe, he said it feels like ‘fu chuk tong sui’ when he bites it. Haha, what a comment.
As for Ben, I think he might ban mille crepe for the rest of his life.
After eating mille crepe from malacca he went home, (already so damn full) and ate his mom’s cooking.
The next day he fall sick, vomit and everything and he put the blame on mille crepe.
Digestion problem but he blame it on the innocent crepe.

Like for reals now everytime when I mentioned mille crepe, he feels like vomiting.
Such a turn off, I still wanna try other mille creepes!!!