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A thousand layers of crepe

If you haven’t know already what a mille crepe is, according to wikipedia it is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. “Mille” (“mil”) means “a thousand”, implying the many layers of crêpe.

One of the best crepe cake in town is of course the infamous cafe, Food Foundry.
Pretty famous for their mille crepe.

* your neighbour, your provider.

* cute little cafe full with customers.

Not only their mille crepe is a to-die-for but their meal taste pretty good too.

* Ben’s chicken cordon bleu. Okay, I’ve got not much comment for this I didn’t really tasted it but Ben likes it so I guess it’s pretty good. (RM17)

* My smoked salmon in cream sauce which is really orgasmic. The smoked salmon and the cream sauce blend so well together but I cant take too much in cause I’ll feel really bloated in the end since it’s kinda creamy. Okay, I’m missing this nasty spaghetti already! (RM17)

* mille crepes and cakes, a must have after your meal.

* vanilla flavour mille crepe. I personally like their strawberry mille crepe but since it’s Ben’s first time trying mille crepe, I choose his favourite flavour. So moisture and soft and the best part of it is it doesn’t taste too sweet. We both don’t have sweet tooth. (Rm9)

So if you’re wondering where else can we try mille crepe other than food foundry, there’s a place I found out.
Austin Chase. Yes you heard me right, at Austin Chase.

* Picked the vanilla flavour again, French Vanilla Mille Crepe. If this were to compare with Food Foundry’s, I find Austin Chase’s vanilla more fragrant. The taste of vanilla still lingers for a while. And of course, the cream is smooth. (RM13.90)

They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and peach & passion flavour. I’m so gonna try the peach & passion crepe next time, I feel excited. :9
Austin Chase actually ordered these mille crepes from Humble Beginnings. Trust me, you’ll be thrill by the choices from Humble Beginnings. Chessy Cheese, Mango Cheese, Oreo and so much more. oh-my-god. Really, go to their website and have a look for yourself.

And lastly, the pretty famous cafe at Malacca, Nadeje.

* They have quite a number of flavours too as I can remember.

* Rum raisin mille crepe. (Rm8+)

* Mango flavour.

Both the crepes taste okay, I’m not sure if I was too full when I tried it but it really didn’t taste as good as Food Foundry’s or Austin Chase’s.
Flavour aside, the creepe ain’t as soft and creamy either. But then again, it’s not really bad. Just not as good.
There’s tiramisu flavour but I don’t see it on the counter the other day. I don’t mind trying again.
No, actually I want to try tiramisu mille crepe. The name itself makes me salivate.

I guess among all, I like Austin Chase the most. I cant wait to try the other flavours out.
My brother dislike mille creepe, he said it feels like ‘fu chuk tong sui’ when he bites it. Haha, what a comment.
As for Ben, I think he might ban mille crepe for the rest of his life.
After eating mille crepe from malacca he went home, (already so damn full) and ate his mom’s cooking.
The next day he fall sick, vomit and everything and he put the blame on mille crepe.
Digestion problem but he blame it on the innocent crepe.

Like for reals now everytime when I mentioned mille crepe, he feels like vomiting.
Such a turn off, I still wanna try other mille creepes!!!

I’ll try to make you drool…

…and by that, it means foooood time.
Err, I mean pictures. Hee.. :’D

It’s been so long since I do food post, I’m lazy. :X
Here’s a few random ones, I ate last few weeks till now.

* Asam Laksa at Petaling Street. I swear it taste better than it looks. Doesn’t look very nice because we split it into half before I took picture. The portion is big and it cost only Rm4 for ‘small’ bowl.

* ‘Chu zap tong’, I don’t know what it’s called in English. Mix pork soup thingy, with stuff like pork intestine in it. I super like ‘chu zap tong’ and this one located near Petaling Street taste real good.

* Beef noodle at Petaling Street. Yes, I frequent Petaling Street these days to do stuff. This beef noodle is inside a shop at the end of Petaling Street and it’s really expensive. Around Rm6 or Rm7 for small bowl of beef noodle.

* Comes with mix beef thingy of course. I still prefer the beef noodle at Pudu, the one opposite of a tayar shop. Will do that when I have the chance to eat it again. (:

* Big fried at Pudu, the one where the chef uses charcoal to cook. Friends told me how nice it is but I just find it okay. No, its nice but I’ve been to one that taste a lot nicer. But that’s so long ago and the shop moved to god-knows-where. That’s the best big fried.

* Green curry fettucini at Blank Canyon. My lunch when I work for Magnum, went over to Maluri Jusco for this. Taste pretty good. (:

* Sushi King Rm2 Bonanza, never fail to go each year. :’D And that’s Salmon belly, really really worth it.
But too bad my brother isn’t here, I always went with him. Boo…

* Love this the most, raw prawn. I should probably take a picture of how many plates Mah Weng Kee ate, sooo much it scares me, wtf.

Went for Maxis briefing thingy at KLCC for my job yesterday, then meet up with Min Jer. (:
We watched Surrogates but before that we went to The Apartment for a drink.
And dessert.

* Some peach and strawberry dessert that has a very funny texture.

* Min Jer’s red velvet cake.

After watching movie, we decided to stay for dinner and guess what.
He decided to go back to Apartment for dinner. I guess we look really weird, in and out, in and out. Haha..
No idea what’s nice as I’ve never been to Apartment so he ordered everything. (:

* Wanted to eat carbonara but there’s none so he ordered this pasta which I don’t know what its called.

* Chicken in the bag, like chinese’s ‘zi bao gai’. Haha..

Walk around after the meal, get to smell my favourite perfume. (:
And I saw a bag that look realllllly nice and it cost Rm8000. wtf!!
But then damn nice, really. Better than all the LV and Gucci, its from Marc Jacobs.
I’ll search for the picture someday when I’m free.

Have fun going out yesterday.
Have fun eating all the nice food.
But not gonna have fun when I start work tomorrow.
And before starting work tomorrow, I will go eat some really nice food to make myself happier. wtf

Sweet Tooth

Yes, desserts.
Which girl doesn’t like eating desserts? Especially the oh-so-good ones. But wait………
Desserts sounds really fattening, isn’t it? Fear not, because we still have some really healthy desserts or at least that is what they claim to be. (:

* Before leaving the house and for your information, I’m wearing pants. -.-

So, I went to Subang for this really famous dessert named Snowflake. People who is from Subang or those who always go there will definitely heard of Snowflake and by right, tasted their desserts before too.

* They have this very cute ‘UFO’ that will beep when your food is prepared.

* Nam Hon’s ‘Touhua + redbean’.

* My milky red bean ice which taste real gooooood.

* Weng Kee’s ‘Kidney bean + glutinous rice’.

* Ee Cheeng’s ‘Snowflake bestseller which consist of grass jelly ice + taroball + creamer’.

In case you didn’t know, grass jelly ice is cincau and taroball is some yam thingy. Well, for me its kinda hard to pick the dessert because there’s a lot of beans and peanuts in it which I don’t really eat.
However, what I like about Snowflake is that they have this super yummy milk or creamer thingy. They taste really gooood and I love dairy products. :D

* Weng Kee and Ee Cheeng.

Oh ya, forget to mention that this shop is opened by a Taiwanese.

* Nam Hon and me. Excuse my terrible look please.

You should really go try it if you have the chance, they also have Soya bean plus ‘you tiao’ and they claim that their beans and all is really fresh and healthy. It is just located right opposite Asia Cafe, the same row as Starbucks.

Ouh, I went to Sungai Wang to buy my stuff just the other day and Ee Cheeng wanna eat this ice-cream at Timesquare.
Its called Kindori Ice Cream and its from Japan and Taiwan.
Alright, how is this suppose to work? Its no ordinary ice-cream I can assure you.
Well, basically what they have is a fresh-milk base which means the ice-cream at first do not have any flavour in it and its white in colour.
And then you pick the flavour that you want which is basically fruits and they are ‘blast-frozen’. Freezing fruits don’t sound too appealing and healthy right?
If you think so, then its definitely wrong. It state that frozen foods more often than not is more nutritious than fresh ones because they are frozen quickly after it is picked ripe. Whereas fresh ones may lose some nutrients along the way.

Now, that’s some information isn’t it?
* Its located at Timesquare 3rd floor, somewhere near the cinema.

* This is the machine, where they’ll blend the fruit you picked into the fresh milk.

* The frozen fruits.

* More frozen fruits.

* If you don’t like fruits, there’s always other options. They do have coffee beans, chocolate, black sesame, mocha, and wasabi. Yes, wasabi.

* If you prefer seating, there’s always a place for you too.

* My ice-cream that taste so delicious and it is Sumiyaki coffee. It is not sweet at all and the coffee is so strong, me likey. (:
My ice-cream cost me Rm9.90, I know it sounds expensive. The lowest price is Rm6.90 without the cone and some are Rm8.90 without the cone. Yah, the cone cost me Rm1.

And then I went down to get Krispy Kreme. Of course, since I’m already at Time Square how can I not get Krispy Kreme when that is what everyone raves about.
* Krispy Kreme : Original glazed.

* Kinda old school feeling there.

* Where the donuts are process.

* Whole lot of variety for you to choose from.

I tried the original glazed because people keep saying that it taste the best. Well, it is way too sweet for my liking.
It is sooooooo sweet, I find it a little difficult to eat. I’m not too sure about other flavours though.
And oh, they give out free donuts as well, the original ones but I’m not too sure why. :D

What are you waiting for? Now go and try these healthy desserts, maybe not Krispy Kreme. Haha..
Maybe you would like to tell me what you think of these desserts if you have try them out. (:


Boo, I’m so lazy.. Just a very simple update with pictures, picture, and pictures.

* Mah Weng Kee and me, its been ages since I last met him. They brought me to this very nice little cafe at SS16 and treat me. How nice of them. : ) (Do I look pale?)

* Strawberry erm… thingy… Couldn’t remember what it is called, it has a lot of layers and it taste real good.

* My all time favourite, cheeeeeeeeeeese cake. :’D

* Marinara Spaghetti.

* In the huge and dark car.

* After that Ee followed me home and waited for the rain to stop so we can go and have a look at the ‘throw oranges’ thingy.

* Mickey.

* The huge crowd, those mandarin oranges are like bombs, flying here and there.

* The guys, Jian Liang, Kok Hoe, and Mickey.

* Who’s hand is that?

* Went to Sing K with my girlfriends after my class. : )

* Sook Yen, Yee Wah, and me.

* Sook Yen, cute Yee Wah, and Ee.

* I went to do some photo shoot thingy and Ee accompanied me. She looks like somebody here. <3 hahaha.. dsc00662-copy
* Joshua, my photograher and me.

I’m really really lazy, will update the others soon. Exams coming, study time again. *_*

Sweet Moment – D’lish

I’m blogging so little now and that makes me feel very guilty. So sorry people.
Am I too busy or am I too lazy? Yes, I am too lazy. I slack so much nowadays and I don’t even know what should I blog about. My life is like so routine-like till the extend where I don’t think there is anymore stuff for me to blog about.
Sometimes I’m so determine to do this and that and planned my future but at other times, I feel like a lost duckling quaking around. Enough for all the ranting.

One thing that can always put a smile on my face is F-O-O-D, yes food.
I was craving for dessert yesterday and so I decided to go to D’lish at Bangsar Village.
You will get discount in between the time of 9pm to 10pm. Its a 30% discount if I’m not mistaken.
Thanks a lot to my friends who always take the time and bring me to FOOD. :)
I am always craving for this and that, and I eat damn a lot. I know that.

D’lish at Bangsar Village

Cupcakes : )

Ohmygod, look at those! Its just so hard for us to choose.

This is what we picked. : )

Rm3.36 for Caramel Slice.

Orange mini cupcake, 3 for Rm 4.76.

Tiramisu which cost Rm6.16.

I was cam-whoring and I didn’t notice Fuh Haur behind of me. This looks as though we purposely took it together. Haha..

Ehehehhe, hello. : )

I have a very nice night, very sweet. Please God bless me to be this happy every day. :”)

Wonderful Evening

I went to this Reptile Exhibition at One Utama in the evening yesterday. :)
It cost only Rm5 if you have student card to show them, and if you don’t it is Rm8.
Its a little hot in there, but kinda worth it for they have so much reptile inside.




This is one hell of a big snake, damn scary.

Look at that damn red colour eye… Omg, scary scary.

Some kind of a desert snake and it got horns on top of its head.


Shh… Its sleeping..



This greeny lizard walks like an alien and looks like an alien too. So creepy..




A fox, and its the first time I saw a fox. I know I’m like so kampung.

Nice posing dude.. xD


A very weird looking monkey..

Giving me the very innocent look where as he actually wanna snatch my stuff.

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