Takin back my love

har har. i know i’m updating so slow these days.
i did not do revision for the whole week and oh god. i feel like i cant catch up soon.

you know chinese new year is coming. i’ve been out the past few days to shop for new year clothings.
and playing ‘lami’ a lot. :X
i seriously need to start revising again. midterm is before cny.
so friggin fast !! 5 chapters in total if i’m not wrong which is really crazy.

i forced persuaded my mom to give me 300 bucks for new year clothings. :*D
she still owes me 100 now :X
actually 300 is not enough for me to shop lorh .500 will be nice. bwahah
or maybe i’ll go to the mall with her and force persuade her to pay for my stuff. :X

that 300 .now i’m only left with 70 bucks. and i’ve still got a lot more to buy. tsk tsk
i want heels. i want pants. i want tops. i want bags. and baju dalaman wtf. ouh, and my sandals ahh!
but i’ll buy my own bag after i got my salary.
aih wtf. i don’t know why i’m talking about shopping here. so annoying.

a couple of pictures from mike’s birthday at Gosh!
Gosh is not bad. pretty spacious and music was okay. got lots of chicks also. bwaha

* my kakilang. happy birthday dude (:

* the girlfriend .awww so sweet.

* this guy here is pretty wasted. because he couldn’t recall taking any of the pictures. :\

* the usual four.

* meet up with susu, the one next to me after the party ends. seriously. my first time seeing her after ten years ago.

errm. i’m getting a new tattoo soon.
on next wednesday. :X
i hope my mom wont kill me for that. actually i very gan chiong lor wth.

someone told me to stop daydreaming. stop thinking about it so much and stuff.
but that’s like my hobby haha. i don’t know how to not daydream.
you teach me how.


  1. vvens January 23, 2010

    ARGH. stupid ah! i just realised we dint take pics!! me, u and susu. stupid me!!!!!! too emo already i think :( :(

  2. Peggy January 23, 2010

    vvens: yalarh. it did came across my mind but i thought you guys didn’t wanna take. so i never voice out :X

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