Talking about being rich…

Are you rich? How does one exactly define rich?
I’m not rich, definitely. But people always give me that ‘yah-right’ kind of look when I told them that I do not have money.
I don’t know what makes them think that I actually have the money. To be frank, my damn account is left with Rm400 and I’m gonna go into money crisis once again very soon.

Yes, my family used to be somewhat rich but not anymore when dad is gone. Not really THAT rich, but the normal kind of rich where my dad and mom still afford to use branded stuff like LV and what not.

I once said this to my brother, how nice it is if dad is still here because I’ll have the chance to get license and he’ll buy me a car. What is better is that I’ll get to go overseas and pursue my studies, my dream and hope of becoming a fashion designer. Or at the minimum, I’ll get to have the pink Sony Vaio that I’ve been eyeing on forever.
My brother replied, ‘How sure are you that dad will be this rich after so many years? A lot of things are unpredictable. You’re rich today doesn’t mean you’re rich tomorrow.’
It shocked me. What he said was indeed very true, why didn’t I thought of that.

I’ve seen some really rich people, I’ve got a few really rich friends. How rich?
Some are daughters and sons of a very well known brand, very rich. Some has got a cupboard full of Gucci, LV, and what not. Some to the extend where they sometimes spend around Rm20k a month. That is friggin’ rich if you ask me.
But these are nice people to be friends with because they are really humble people.
You know, I’ve always have this thing going inside of me where I’m afraid and kind of dislike to mix with really rich people because I’m afraid they might look down on me. Really, I feel very very insecure.
But these people are just too nice to let me feel this way, they are great friends. Rich but humble. (:

And then, the interesting part. I’ve seen some rich people but not as rich as the above if were to compare, keep boasting about themselves until the extend where you’ll get really speechless.
I understand. When you’re rich, you tend to show it off a little bit because you want people to know. The status, I really understand. Its human nature to show off, it gets to give you that extra bit of confidence.
Like if you’ve just bought a really nice shirt, you’ll want to wear it out to show it to your friends a little bit.
Of course, you don’t go around saying, ‘Look at my new shirt, I just bought it and I know it look so darn good on me. Gosh, I’m so handsome..’. I suppose that sentence will stun your friend a lot, lol.
I’m not sure if you’ve met this kind of people, but they can really go overboard and be so extreme. Like I just said, its not wrong to be confident and showing it off a little bit but when you say things like, ‘I can’t help being this rich..’, it can get on people’s nerve sometimes.

Well, you’re rich and you have the rights to boast about how rich you are. What rights you don’t have is to step and discriminate people who is less fortunate as you are, who is not as rich as you are. What more when the one who is rich is your parents and not you. Boasting about how rich you are is not a sin, but discriminating people this way is a sin.
Please, you don’t go around telling people how rich you are and asking people to back off and get lost when they are not as rich. No, don’t do that please.
I don’t get it why will one wanna look down on people who is not as rich as they are.

You know, you’re just boasting using your parents money. What is there to be proud of?
You don’t go around boasting about your ten Gucci bags that your parents bought for you. You should boast about it when in the future you use your hard earn money to buy that Prada bag.
Everyone is materialistic but materialistic doesn’t equals to bitchy. When you act this way, you’ve got no idea how people look at you and what they say behind your back. Truth to be told, you are humiliating yourself.

Money come and go, you’ll never know when. Don’t discriminate because you’ll never know when people will discriminate you back.
Goshes, grow up! Please, be good and nice to people.
“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” and vice versa.


  1. Derek June 5, 2009

    If your dad is still with you, you shall appreciate him and your family instead of thinking about Gucci and Prada. As you said money come and go. Gucci and Prada will come and go either. In life, there are more important things other than objects and material. Discrimination? I think you are too mature to think about it. Leave it alone girl.

  2. Peggy June 6, 2009

    Derek: I’m not thinking about Gucci and Prada. I don’t mind being poor if I can have him back. I can give up on anything just to have him back. Btw, what makes you think that I’m thinking of Gucci and Prada? I don’t even care bout those stuff. Its just that some people who thinks that they are so rich are trying so hard to boast about it and looking down on other people. Not sure if you’ve met those people.

  3. Derek June 6, 2009

    I saw you have been wondering about your new laptop,a new car and so on. So, I bet you must be thinking about some stuff other than time with your father. Anyway, sorry to hear that you are not with your father. You don’t have to be afraid that people will look down on you because everyone has their own good things regardless it is in stuff,personality,friends,wisdom and so on. Some people are rich but that doesn’t mean they are happy or they are living a very good life. Most of the young people now are using their parents money. Even if they inherit all property and money, if they don’t work hard like how their parents do they will eventually used up everything. If they have no knowledge, how are they going to manage all their property. Perhaps, they will end up being cheated or else.

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