T.G.I Friday’s

I’m sick again. :(
Wasn’t suppose to get sick. Last Friday was a sunny day so I plan to go swimming but when we reached, it is already 7.30pm. The sky is not sunny anymore. While I swim, it gets colder and colder and I have that bloody slight asthma and now I keep sneezing and cough like hell again. Poor me. Anyway, after swimming we went to T.G.I Friday’s to have our dinner. We ate course meal and the price is Rm39.90 include appetizer, main dish and dessert. Their portion is kinda big so one course meal is enough for two person.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese


Main Dishes
This looks ugly because I forgotten to capture the picture until I ate half way. Left bone..

Parmesan Chicken


See, I’m coughing like mad and I went to Genting on the next night and went to Sunway today.
Siao. Will post soon.

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