that night at rootz

a couple of pictures we took at rootz, the night before i fly off to bangkok.

* too much of meat on my face.

* my clubbing partner. almost every single time.

* surprising to see him there. this guy don’t normally club.

* and he keep doing lotsa weird stuff that night :\

* Vincent Wong and me. he travels non-stop, me is very the envy!

* we booked the whole rootz, not. there’s no one on a wedensday night! but it’s fun enough, having my friends with me (:

thoughts seems to be running around in my mind.
shall talk about it some other time. maybe.


  1. sharon September 19, 2010

    wei… ur skirt is so short leh!

  2. Peggy September 20, 2010

    it’s not that short actually. but just that when i sit it came up a little. still, there’s nth to see. haha

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