That Song

I went to bed around 4 something in the morning last night.
Every night before I fall asleep, I always imagine or think of some useless stuff because I can never fall asleep right away unless I am dead tired.
Last night I was a bit tired so I didn’t bother to imagine but I switch on the radio on my handphone and listen to 988.
When I was age 15 and 16, I listen to radio on my handphone every night before I fall asleep. And last night brings back that same old feeling. That old feeling somehow make me feel weird.

As I listen and listen, at one point I was about to fall asleep but all of a sudden I was awake because of this one song. You know how you almost fall asleep and all of a sudden someone or something wakes you up and your heart beats quite fast. Is there such thing?
Whatever lah, that is what I feel last night when that one song wakes me up.

What song, you ask. A song that I use to like a lot. A song that brings a smile to my face and yet at the same time make me feel unhappy. A song that someone once purposely on it for me to listen when a bunch of us is at cyber cafe few years back, which I actually did not notice until I was told about it.

The first few notes of the music I already know it is that song. That song.

多爱我一天 (Duo AI Wo Yi Tian) from Energy.
You can listen to it here.
Such old memories.
5 years back.
All I can do is look back and smile. : )


  1. vvens September 24, 2008

    haha that song. i remember we queued up and almost died in the crowd to get their autograph but you need not :(
    and cindy dint get to go up the stage also :( i still have the autographed album with me!

  2. Peggy September 29, 2008

    Haha, cause I have the VIP ticket ma, which I got it from the album I bought. Haha..

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