The 8th Year

Today is the 8th year and I almost forget about it. Time passes so fast. I’m already 20 this year, without him being by my side and see me growing up is hard. I sometimes wonder if he can see me from far. I remember that morning, everything seems so weird. I was supposed to go to school but no one wake me up. Mom tells me that there is no school today. I want to go to my dad’s room and she say don’t. I went downstairs and all my furnitures are gone. I saw a lot of relatives walking around my house. I keep asking what is wrong and no one answers me. I keep asking and asking till my grandmother tells me. “Your dad is dead”, this is what came out from her mouth. I stood there, right there, stare at her, and keep crying non-stop. How could this be right. I just saw him last night. I heard the elders say that he cant make it but being the little me, of course I still think he will not leave just like that. And right the next day, he is gone forever and ever and ever.
But he still remains in my heart and no one can take over his place. No one in this world. To me, he is the best daddy in the world. I love you.

P/S: Someone told me that I wrote almost the same stuff as last year, and me myself did not even realise it. Sorry for the repeating, but who cares anyway.

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