The Eleventh Year

Pap, I’m doing fine.
Really really fine except for being like a little lost girl sometimes not knowing which path should I take for my future career.
I just can’t seem to find something that interest me at the moment.
I really wish you’re here to guide me through life’s decision and difficulties.

This year it’ll be different from the previous ones.
So much more different.
I’ll be visiting you for the very first time, not on a ‘ching ming’ day without mom and brothers but someone else.

If life is according to plan, I wont be able to be there with mom during ‘ching ming’ and I don’t wanna miss the chance of visiting you once a year.
I’ll be there in a bit.

Missing you dearly daddy.
From your little girl.


  1. SF January 27, 2011

    This just made my eyes went watery… TOUGH GIRL!

  2. sharon January 29, 2011

    *pat* ur daddy will wanna see u being happy.. :)

    btw.. where will you be going?

  3. Peggy January 30, 2011

    SF: I’ll be tough, thanks.

    sharon: I’m sure he does. Went to Nilai Memorial Park. Thanks

  4. sharon January 31, 2011

    no..what i meant was, where u’ll be heading during the time around cheng beng? coz u insinuated that u may not be around

  5. Peggy January 31, 2011

    sharon: ohh! i’ll be flying to melbourne. if all else permits.

  6. sharon January 31, 2011 nice! what is it for?

  7. Peggy February 1, 2011

    for holiday, visit my bf and friend :D

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