The kind of happiness Chanel can’t buy you.

I feel very much in love recently.
Most of the time when I feel so in love, I couldn’t contain my happiness or feelings. Same goes to when I feel mad, I have to burst it out too.

Lets just say (if you haven’t already know) I really am a person so full with emotions.

I haven’t been sharing my thoughts and feelings as often as I used to.
I do still pen them down occasionally but at the end they just never get the chance to be read by another human being other than myself. That wasn’t very me, not the me before I was happy.

I believe in every relationship there’re always ups and downs in a way that sometimes it’s just very monotone-like; same routine, boring conversations, and easily annoyed while some other times it’s almost picture perfect. Laughters, happiness, butterflies in our stomach, and all you could ever think of is to spend the rest of your life living the same scenarios.

Right now, it’s the latter.
At times I do think that the situation very much depends on the guy or at least in my context it works that way.
Exception only when I’m having PMS, hah! Whatever right you do may still seem wrong when PMS bug is around.

Why am I so happy and in love?
Because he treats me right.
He calls everyday in between his work (unless he’s mega busy) to have a few minutes chat with me. Occasionally I call him too when I miss him too much and can’t wait any longer for his calls.
When he fails to call, he’ll text me instead.
I truly appreciate this gesture as it shows how much he thinks of me during work.

Even when he’s tired after work, he still finds time for me during night time. Just to see me/ let me see him.

He always tells me he miss me which gave me butterflies.

He wishes me happy monthsary whenever he remembers.

He goes the extra mile just to make me happy like buying Happy Meal and eating it to get me my minions. He think its stupid but even when he thought so, he still did it for me. Coming from such an ego guy like him, I’ve unlock an achievement hahaha!

Above all, right this moment I know that what we’re having is true.

See what I said about not getting around to post my thoughts and rambles.
The above was typed a few months ago, aherm.

Yay, a very happy 3rd year anniversary to the both of us. :)
At the very beginning of our mutual feeling for each other, I doubted a lot as to whether our feelings can really last.
Knowing that we both got together in a way not much people would agree on, the entire relationship wasn’t very convincing even to myself.

I used to go for tarot reading a lot before I was with fatty, mainly because I felt like I really had lost control of my own life and emotions. I needed guideline (from tarot dafuq).
I went to the lady at Sungai Wang 6th floor and I found her reading to be accurate after my first visit. I think she said I’ll have ‘tou fah’ during June and by June I was with Aaron (wtf). She also said there’s incoming money during August and that’s when I won my first lottery. The second time I looked for her, I find her reading to be less accurate. Actually deep down I knew it wasn’t accurate at all during the second time.

As for the third and final time (for now), it was after I got together with Fatty after a month or two. I went with two of my girlfriends (don’t wanna disclose names scared they don’t like) and I asked the tarot lady if we’ll last long. She said ‘He’s not the one’ and from then on I stopped going for tarot reading.

Because that shit really bothered me at that time. That’s when I understand why my mom never go to shits like that because she said why will she want to listen to someone else telling her that her life is so and so when she’s the one living her life.

I can’t be sure if what the tarot lady said is true, not until the end of time but I’d much rather live my life the way I want it and keep my relationship in the best state that I can.

To me, he always feels like the one.
Even though half the time I feel like slapping or strangling him (no joke!) for his stubbornness, at least I don’t stay home wondering if he’s faithful to me. No one can really stand his stubbornness but I’ll try and learn how to accept his flaw like how he accepts mine.

I’ll be having higher blood pressure in the future but I know it’s worth it. At least I no longer cry myself to sleep like how I used to.

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