The Press Room

The Press Room, my new found love.
I’ve always wanted to try out The Press Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre but I just don’t happen to go there much, just a few times for some odd drinks at night.
So when I knew that they were opening a new branch at Pavilion, I was excited.
I almost go to Pavilion every week which explains that I’ll be having a high chance enjoying my meals at The Press Room.

#1 Casual and comfortable seating.

#2 By the bar.

#3 English Breakfast Tea (RM13).

#4 Eggs Cooked To Order (RM23) served with sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes with a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham. I of course, will go for anything salmon. Portion is distinctly smaller comparing it to Antipodean’s Big Breakfast (RM18) but this portion is just right.
Tomato was still warm when I took a bite and the juice that flowed out was sweet.

#5 Poached eggs were perfectly done, not to mention the sauteed mushrooms tasted heavenly. Mushrooms tasted so good, the flavour lingered in my mouth. I don’t even have to mention on the smoked salmon, everything else was already so perfect.

#6 Salad Landaise (Rm24) served with smoked duck breast and duck rilettes. I cant recall much as this was Fatty’s dish but I remembered myself saying, even the salad was so good. Smoked duck breast wise, I preferred Acme’s.

#7 Do you know what a good breakfast can do to your day? :) :)

#8 My paikia boyfriend.

Breakfast that morning was so satisfying I made up my mind to go back again for another visit.

#9 And there, I just have to stop by again before my midnight movie starts for a quick bite.

#10 A very refreshing glass of Summer smoothie, passion fruit, mango, and coconut blend (RM15).

#11 The Press Room Salad (RM18) served with grilled artichokes, asparagus, and poached eggs. I am never a salad person, I just don’t fancy vegetables. What came to me as a surprise was that I will even order a salad for myself to start off with (attracted by the word poached egg) and what surprise me even more was that I kept mentioning, ‘Oh damn this salad is gooood’.
There and then I realised salad could actually taste that good, I gobbled down everything and felt as satisfied as ever.

Now, I really cant wait to try out the rest of their menu especially what I can order for my dinner that will not disappoint.
Or maybe I could try out The Press Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre, I bet it’s just gonna be as good.

I’m not too extreme if I plan to try every single dish on their menu right? Well…
I’ll probably give myself two more visits to Press Room to officially decide that The Press Room is better than Acme Bar and Cafe.

The Press Room Bistro
Pavilion in Lot C3.10.02, Level 3,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

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