Feb 27

the word bestfriend.

am i risking my undramatic life i asked myself.
am i risking all the peace i have right now, all the happiness i have right now.

are all these risks worth taking.

what if it repeats again?
full with hatred. full with anger. full with arguments and fights. full with tears.
and the heart broke into a million of pieces again, like the scar ain’t deep enough.

i told myself, no. do not take the risks.
but isn’t it funny how i feel that you’re the only one i feel like sharing my everything.
anything that happened in my life, my ups and downs. and vice versa despite the dramas we used to have.

only bestfriend.
i dare not think.

there’s stuff that bothers me.
stuff that makes me think, makes me worried, unsure of what to do.
i feel so annoyed these few days.

might be pms. might not wtf.
i do not like to hurt.