Ohmygod.. Someone torture me yesterday. Look at my kaki. Kesian betul kaki aku ditorture oleh orang. Have a look..



Poor me. Hmm, but it wasn’t much pain though. This is what call physical torture but I still can handle it. Haha.. :)
And there is someone mentally torturing me too and its so much more pain than the physical one. Physical wounds will heal and its not pain, at least to me. Mentally torture need a whole lot time to recover, or even might not recover. Nothing can beat the torture you gave me since few years back.

P.S: I’m having a slight headache right now. I need a shoulder for me to lean on.


  1. ttc November 30, 2007

    Wow… What you did la until people have to punish you like that??

  2. ahlost December 1, 2007

    OMG !! are u serious? how come that person like that one? are u ok?

  3. Peggy December 2, 2007

    ttc: er, i don’t know..

    ahlost: I’m ok, don’t worry. :)

  4. bitch December 2, 2007

    padan muka

  5. kkjm December 3, 2007


  6. michelle December 5, 2007

    who beat u up till like that? so kesian. u can lean on my shoulder. that’s for sure.

  7. Peggy December 5, 2007

    kkjm: Its not that pain actually..

    michelle: Thanks a lot girl.. :)

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