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Woo, at last I have the time and mood to blog properly.
Sometimes, I really don’t know what kind of perception should I use to look on things.
At this very moment, I am very afraid.
I am afraid to lose things that means a lot to me, I am afraid to lose things that is very very important to me.
A lot of things is beyond my control, I cannot do anything.
I am experiencing the feeling of anxiety, sigh.


I’ll be back to college on Monday and start studying again, I miss my college friends.
Last night I have a terrible dream, I dreamed that both my year 3 subjects get super low marks. Damn, freak me out. That feeling is damn scary because year 3 subjects is damn important, I hope its only a dream. No dream come true please.

This is someone who do not want to be disclose at my blog and also this is the someone who present me the Levis watch. <3 dsc08766-copy
* Haha, this picture looks so funny now. You know who you are, hehe. Thanks for everything that you’ve done. :’D

Oh, and I went to BBQ Chicken at Jaya One to eat the other day and I saw this on their menu.
* Straight away a jerk pop up on my mind and I think this is a dish that suits him best because he is the king of jerk, wtf.


Hmm, you know what? Sometimes its not that bad being me after all. At least I have my own style, at least I don’t have to keep referring on other people’s style and try to make it my style. Its quite good you know, cause there’s even people who is willing to take the time to read what I wrote and refer to it. Stylo-milo?
I feel so honored. :’D

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