We exchanged glances, nothing more.

i no longer feel happy having you around me.
in fact, your presence eats up all the happiness in me.
having you in the same room as i am, it feels like there’s tons and tons of rocks on my shoulder weighing me down.
really, all that i could feel is disappointment, sadness, regrets, and guilt.

we exchanged glances without saying a word.
maybe it’s just me. or maybe it’s the both of us. i don’t know.
it feels like there’s so much words inside waiting to be set free yet, not a word come out from either of us.
not a spoken word.
we looked into each others’ eyes yet, trying hard not to look into it.
how tense more can the situation be?

we no longer talk like we use to. and i barely laugh in front of you anymore.
what have we become?
i wish i know. i wish i weren’t feeling this way.
but we both know it takes some time to turn things back like how it use to be.
though i’m not sure if that is even possible.

all the moments. all the feelings. all that happened.
there’s only me and you.

only me and you.

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