What Is The World Like?

i’m quite a simple girl with quite a simple mindset.
always hoping that the world will be a better place, hoping that Malaysia will be a better country.
i love my own country, i really do .
if you ask me do i want to migrate, i’ll say no. unless i’ve got no better choice.
no place is better than home.
but it gets to the point where it seems like the country cannot get any better anymore, not in the near future.
its getting worse actually.
when its that bad, you can’t help but think of leaving. sometimes its not like you want to, but you have to.

went out and have a drink with some friends and we talked about world issue and politics and stuff..
i keep stoning, i almost went crazy.
just like what happened to teo beng hock, it’s so depressing.
my friends told me exactly what happened and how he is a good man . how he died.
as i sit there listening to them, i feel a sharp pain. then i teared.
i can’t believe this! these people telling me the real world and stuff and i cried. in a mamak, wtf.
it’s so heart-wrenching. like really. ):

its so sad knowing that the world is operating this way.
all the wars, all the corruptions and bribery, all the greed, all the selfishness and conspiracy . its crazy.
the world is not cruel, it’s those heartless man who are cruel.
i cant accept how people make wars just for the money . i mean, i know money is something.
but you don’t go around killing tons of innocent people just for the money right.
i don’t know, i just cannot accept all this

my friend have this book which talks about conspiracy and he said if i read it, i’ll go suicide.
all the good man dies eventually. abraham lincoln. john f kennedy.
i know there will always be war, as the saying goes when there’s human there’s war.
such a depressing world. ):

why oh why?
why cant the world be a better place? ):

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