Where’s your empathy?

It sounded quite convincing at first.
…and then I start doubting it.

I know it is never as easy as that.
Your excuse, seems like a really great one.
I didn’t give it much thought until recently and I realise, that’s quite a lame excuse.
Very lame, in fact.
I’m not THAT stupid to not know roughly what’s going on. I do know.

And thanks for the harsh words of yours, it helps a lot indeed.
I know you don’t understand.
You don’t understand what it feels like. Especially, you don’t understand me.
It’s normal for you to not understand me, not like you’ve been through all the hell I’ve been through.
Even if you don’t understand, doesn’t mean you have to come out with words that hurt. Do you?

Please do have some empathy. I’m not quite bless like you are.
I didn’t wanna act like this either and if you haven’t notice already, you’re the one who put me into this.
Sort of.

No one did shits to you just yet, till then you’ll want others to have some empathy too.
I find it hard to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.
Because I can never trust what you said from now on.


  1. Susan September 30, 2009

    I miss our late night msn chats =(

  2. Peggy October 1, 2009

    susan: don’t go missing so often!! :(

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