you’re hot then you’re cold. you’re yes then you’re no.

supposedly, this will be my last outing post for year 2009.
as for the title, i heard this song at estee’s birthday. so yeah.

* girls have to wear either pink or red, so here i am.. dress in pink.

* that’s canon G10 .

* ucsi mass comm girls. didn’t took much picture from my camera so yeah.. this is it.

piao’s farewell at ttdi. he already left to united states.

* hoegarden. my first time. :3

* the guys drank a lot, they ordered two towers and i don’t know how many pint of hoegarden.

* pohjuan, me and piao.

* thanks for the peanut butter m&m. better be good while you’re at kentucky. (:

* hi there long lost friend. (:

* a great night with you guys (:

* bwahaha, i cheat. i stepped on something that’s why i don’t look short here. :’P

there’s something, that made me feel disturbed.
but i dare not voice it out here for what the lady had told me.
i am not allow to let you know or show it to you that i am upset.
this is so totally insane.

sometimes. you put me on an emotional roller coaster ride.
no wait. you put me or i put myself?
i don’t know.

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