Zouk Out 2012 at Singapore

Where: Siloso Beach, Sentosa
What: Zouk Out

I remember how badly I wanted to go for Zouk Out two years ago as I tried really hard to convince my friend to just drive up, party and have fun.
One minute the plan was on and the next, they called it off and the cycle repeated for a few times before I went bonkers.
Needless to say, it didn’t happen.

I was whining to Fatty on msn who at that time is just a friend of mine about the emotional roller-coaster I was riding just because I didn’t get to go to Zouk Out. (Die die also want to party.)

#1 Here we are, two years later. We each paid a total of $160 (RM400) for our 2 days Zouk Out ticket.

Getting in to Sentosa was easy, we just took a cab to Vivo City and then get a train to Sentosa beach.
Getting out was well, a pain in the ass but more on that later.

#2 Futuristic looking Heineken counter for party-goers to get their beer fix. Fatty walked right up to it and each cup of Heineken is $10 which is fcking expensive if you convert.

Thank God I don’t drink.

#3 This poor boy Dennis was having fever and althought what was stated on his t-shirt (I don’t care. Fuck that shit.) was cool he still cant quite fight his sickness.

#4 Bean bags was scattered around for us to rest, unlike Sepang whereby I have to sit on tar road.

#5 Decided to go neon that night.

#6 :)

#7 Red Prism, a bar for you to hang out which looked just as futuristic as Heineken’s.

There were two stages at Zouk Out, Moon stage and Star stage.
On the first day we reached Siloso Beach around 10ish, just on time for Hardwell and Hardwell explains why I would go for Zouk Out instead of Thirst.

#8 Our homies, DJ Goldfish and Blink trying to rock Star Stage but at the other end Hardwell was playing at the same time.

Goldfish and Blink was good, I’d love to party right in front of them and to give them support as well BUT HOW CAN?
I went all the way to Singapore for Hardwell, sorry lah homies.
You don’t know, the sight was so sad there weren’t any people standing right in front of the stage.

#9 This is Moon stage, rocked by Hardwell. Don’t tell me you cant tell the difference.

#10 Massive crowd.


One plus point about Zouk Out for us girls is that there were hot hunks everywhere! I didn’t know Singaporean guys are so well built and by everywhere I meant 80% of the boys.
I was so busy looking from left to right, from right to left.

You don’t get to see so many muscular guys surrounding you in Malaysia okay, guys from our country is quite lao beh.
We only have 15% of guys worth checking out, what!?
Fatty enjoyed checking out girls in bikini while I have fun checking out topless hot hunks.

Me: Sigh, so sad. I’ve got no boobs and all these girls clad in bikini has got something to show while I have none.
Me: So sad for you too cause all the guys are so well build but you’re so fat HAHAHA!

#12 That is why we are made for each other, damn imperfect can.

Dennis went back after awhile because he was really sick while Fatty and I continued partying until Above & Beyond.
Zouk Out really did kind of messed up my sleeping routine, we went to Zouk Out day 2 at about 3am!
Calvin Harris started spinning at 3.30am and this old grandma here didn’t want to waste my energy so it’s best for me to reach just right on time.

#13 Meet up with Foon on the second day. :)

I also bought a pair of bunny ears that can light up because Fatty insisted that I must buy something.
He’s that weird sometimes.

#14 Malaysians.

#15 The fuck-our-life couple.

#16 Hahaha! Fatty looks so adorable in his shades.

We all sweat, danced, and enjoyed till 6 plus in the morning and that was when hell began.
Most of the Singaporeans called for cab before hand but we the Malaysians really didn’t know how it works.
90% of the cabs that came in was on call and lining up is not an option because there weren’t cabs coming in.

Take note: So next time please call a cab before hand and make sure you know the postcode of the area because Singaporeans are so high tech you are actually responding to a machine operator. You cant tell them ‘Oh I’m around Sentosa’ cause you need to key in the postcode.

Other than that, Zouk Out was really great and partying by the beach is a lot more fun too.
Prefer that to tar road anytime.

#17 Zouk Out Dance Music Festival, till then.

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