3rd Day at Langkawi – The Beach

I tried to edit those pictures but I’m soooo lazy. Give me more time.
I’m really breaking this Langkawi trip into lots of parts, haha.
Just a few pictures taken from the hotel beach, we stayed in Langkasuka by the way.
All of them didn’t want to go to the beach, so only me and Ee went after we took our breakfast.

* The beach.

* Its quite sunny actually.

* The both of us who keep wanting to go to beach. I kind of like this picture. (:

* The shadows are obvious enough to tell who is who.

* Pink toenails. :’D

Was feeling a little moody but I guess I’m fine now.
I woke up kinda early these days, I’ve got no idea why. My body is like kinda screw up, wuwu.
I think I’m gonna go accompany bii to get his tattoo done tomorrow after my class. Hmm hmm..
Alright, off to bed now. Headache. :

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