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Langkawi Getaway with Le Family

Just right after a week flying off to Singapore, I flew to Langkawi again with le family members.
Our only intention was to let both the kids take their ride on an airplane for the first time and also to bring them for a holiday after a year long of studies.

#1 They’ve grown so much now, both my little cousin brothers.

We took an early flight and it was right about time to have our breakfast when we arrive.
No idea what to eat, I started scrolling through Foursquare lol.

#2 Breakfast Bar which basically serves two slices of bread, some lousy scramble egg and charged you for Rm8 or so. Lousy food that is way ridiculously priced. Just don’t.

#3 Meet the younger brother which somehow kinda resembles my brother when he was a little kid.

We rented a seven seater for RM200 or so (can’t remember much) for a total of 3 days.

#4 Beautiful shades of blue. (:

#5 My favorite uncle and his kids.

#6 On the first day it was all about climbing hundreds and hundreds steps of stairs at Telaga Tujuh waterfall and ocasionally saying Hi to a few monkeys along the way.

#7 Telaga Tujuh waterfall is one of the famous waterfall here in Langkawi and there’s a cerita dongeng to it about seven fairies and all.

Actually I do find cerita dongeng to be quite interesting, even more knowing that it is pass down through so many generations.

#8 The water was icy cold while the sun was burning, so it was quite a good combination. My mom who is ever so afraid of the sun was holding her umbrella the entire time. -_-‘

#9 Le skinny brother.

#10 Mom said, ‘She’s gonna take some stupid leg pictures again’. LOL!

#11 Mom, other than that I took selfies too haha.

#12 Two monkeys that constantly drove me crazy the entire trip. They either run around, fight each other, or laugh non-stop. Not for a single moment they will stay calm and sit still unless they’re eating. T_T

#13 Haha mata sepet!

#14 I love the boys so much that if they don’t have the money to go to college in the future and so happen (hopefully haha) that I’m mad rich, I’ll pay for their tuition fees. As long as they have a bright future and as long as I have the moolah. This boy here has a talent in drawing that makes me mad happy. (:



#17 Where the water flows down.

It is better and wiser to climb all the way up in my opinion because we’re the ‘first hand user’.
This might sound gross but what if people from the top took a piss and you dip yourself in it at the bottom. Just no thanks.



#20 We wanted to go for cable car on the second day but it was raining the entire day. We only managed to shop at duty free shop and go for high tea afterwards at The English Tea Room and Coffee. The fresh cream was homemade and it tasted great but scone wise, I still prefer scones baked by Fatty’s mom.

#21 To not let our day go to waste, we went to the beach at Pantai Tengah although it was drizzling. You know, YOLO. HAHA!


#23 The younger brother was crying and screaming because he is afraid of the sea. He finds it dirty and he just dislike it so much but my uncle carried him into the sea anyway. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to make this kid mad.

I asked him to helped me bring back my camera onto the beach while he’s heading back (crying and feeling extremely angry) and halfway through he just dumped my camera onto the sand. He continued walking without giving two hoots about my camera, dafuq. This kid has got some attitude, haha.

It was still raining the third day and without much choice, we went to Laman Padi to let the kids have a look at paddy field. No entrance fees needed.

#24 A pretty sight to behold.



#27 Le brother and mini me.

Looking at the shorts I was wearing that day, it reminded me of a funny incident.
I’m that kind of girl who will eat until I’m full to the brim, no 70% full kind of thing in my context.
So I was wearing this high-waist-super-tight-shorts and you know how whenever you wear anything high waist, you have this illusion that you’re really full but it is actually just the high waist being tight.
So I let go my button and pulled down my zip a little (HAHA THAT’S WHAT I ALWAYS DO / OR UNBUCKLE MY BELT AHEM) and I continued eating. I finished eating and totally forgot about my unbuttoned shorts and at one point the kids were driving me crazy, so I stood up and scolded at them.
That’s when my mom asked while laughing, why is my shorts unbuttoned to that point.
HAHAHA these are the stupid things I put myself through.

There was also once during high school when I went to Genting for a trip and I was wearing a tube inside, covered by my jacket. I zipped my jacket because I was too cold and when I was at indoor, finally feeling a little bit of heat, I unzipped my jacket (in a very macho way wtf) and my tube top was actually below my bra. Because my boobs are so small they cant hold the tube especially when I kept moving for so many hours and I actually did that in front of my friends.
HAHAHA super FML moments. Now that I think back, it was so funny.

#28 Mi, that’s what I call her.

#29 She kinda had fun playing with props and all.

After exploring the paddy field we went to a beach side that is right beside Langkawi’s airport.
We just used our time to eat chocolates (more like them, not me), the boys kept picking up ‘mini durians’ and once in awhile all of us get excited when we saw planes took off or land.

#29 I actually used to really think that these were mini durians.

#30 AirAsia taking off.

It was not quite a successful trip due to the rain and all but whatever we did, at least there’s a bonding time for all of us.
Once November is here, there’s always so much joy for at least 3 months. Holiday season is always the best!
There’s still a lot for me to look forward to. Feeling really grateful. (:

3rd Day at Langkawi

Finally!! It took me so darn long to get all this pictures done.
There’s still some randoms one, but I’ll do that when I’m super free.

* Say hi to Mr.Lanjiao Ying. Hahaha..
Jones name this eagle as Lanjiao Ying and we’re like keep saying ‘Lanjiao Ying, Lanjiao Ying’ non stop. Hahaha.

* I’m the ‘A’, and that’s Lanjiao Ying. Oops, HAHAHAHA.

* All of us. (:

* Trying to do jump shot but we fail miserably.

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3rd Day at Langkawi – The Beach

I tried to edit those pictures but I’m soooo lazy. Give me more time.
I’m really breaking this Langkawi trip into lots of parts, haha.
Just a few pictures taken from the hotel beach, we stayed in Langkasuka by the way.
All of them didn’t want to go to the beach, so only me and Ee went after we took our breakfast.

* The beach.

* Its quite sunny actually.

* The both of us who keep wanting to go to beach. I kind of like this picture. (:

* The shadows are obvious enough to tell who is who.

* Pink toenails. :’D

Was feeling a little moody but I guess I’m fine now.
I woke up kinda early these days, I’ve got no idea why. My body is like kinda screw up, wuwu.
I think I’m gonna go accompany bii to get his tattoo done tomorrow after my class. Hmm hmm..
Alright, off to bed now. Headache. :

2nd Day at Langkawi

Continue continue…
After we went to Beras Basah Island, we went to feed eagles. Not we who feed those eagles but its the ‘boat driver’ who feed the eagles.

* On the boat..

* Eagles, credits to Jones.

* Dayang Bunting, some pregnant mountain thingy. Hahahaha, the boobs. LOL.

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First Day at Langkawi

Yay! I’m back from Langkawi. (:
People always tell me that there’s nothing much to do at Langkawi but for us, we don’t even have enough time to play. Haha..
I told you guys the flight has delayed and when we’re on the plane almost ready to leave, there’s some problem with the plane. So we have to wait again which somehow almost kill me.
You know, AirAsia is so not spacious and I’ve to sit there for so long plus there’s these two kids in front who is soooo noisy, make me feel extremely annoyed.
Its been so long since I last been on a plane, I somehow feel excited like a small kid. Haha.. :’D

* 13 of us at LCCT.

* Zombified me and Ee Cheeng. I sleep at 9 in the morning, hence the very tired look.

* Everyone lining up to get the boarding pass.

* Hahaha! Jones and others checking out my luggage bag to see if its authentic or fake.

* Plane!!

* While I’m waiting and waiting…..

* Wah, excuse my tired face please and the blur-ness of the picture. :

* Man in black! Haha.. Mickey in front, Kee Pok with his thumb pose, Jones and Jian Yi.

* Me, Ee, and Lee Kuan. Seee!!! So not spacious right?

* Finally we arrived at Langkawi.

* At Langkawi airport. Actually we’re sitting on top of each other’s lap.

We checked in and then head for food. It’s so late when we arrived and nothing much is left for us to choose from, so we went to some sucky mamak place. After that the guys bought some beers and we went down to our hotel’s beach to chitchat. (:

* Ee Cheeng, me, and Yee Wah.

* The guys who came down to the beach.

* My palms.

I played with the sand, I lie down on the beach staring at the stars, we talked, we laughed, the guys sang and danced, it was soooo much fun. The sky is full with ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ……very the beautiful. (:
Will try to update again soon.