My little boy – Bobby

This is my new puppy, which my mom brought back few weeks ago.
It is a Rottweiler mix with normal dog. He is very cute, and naughty at the same time.
He likes to bite me, I don’t know why. He has a very cute baby dog voice.. Ah, I just love him.

“Am I cute and adorable?”






I have no idea why he loves the water pipe so much. He likes to drink water from there and likes to sleep there too, although the whole place is wet sometimes.
Oh, and I love his two brown spot above his eyes. :)

Miss Sixty’s Jacket..

I want this from Miss Sixty.
I like the sporty yet stylish look.
But my boyfriend say it looks like those uniform people wear in jail.
I am not going to trust him, this is a really nice one, with the small badge.
Too bad, it is too expensive for me.
Couldn’t afford it..


Hint: Anyone willing to get me this as Christmas present? *drooling*

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My first reaction is, “What?? Park Ji-Sung??? Am i that ugly??”
Actually I’m not that ugly. Haha. Looks like Ayumi and Boa also, not bad not bad.
Hehe.. Go and try, and have fun..

Ugly Fugly Wedding Dress.

I’ve come across this funny website that have a lot of ugly dresses, including ugly wedding gowns.
I mean, really ugly ones.
Those brides must be having a very bad taste, I wonder if their husband are that ugly also.
Haha. :D
Alright, lets see.

-Six bow in a row wedding gown-

Are those pigeons? Ah, never mind.
-Pigeons all around wedding gown-

-Stylish shower curtain wedding gown-

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Why am I typing this?

Why am I so unhappy?

Why am I so boring?

Why don’t I have friends?

Why don’t I have one true friend?

Why is he always broke his promises?

Why is he always treating me like that?

Why am I so short?

Why don’t I have a model’s look and body?

Why my mom always call me stupid?

Why am I an asshole if I don’t eat the vegetable that I hate?

Why is my mom not giving me any money?

Why is my result always not an ‘A’?

Why do people always treat me unfairly?

Why no one care for my feelings?

Why is she so god damn irritating?

Why is he making my life so miserable?

Why is my life so #%#^%@#@^?

Why? Why? Why?

Its Disgusting

This is some pictures I get from an email sent to me.
Please get ready before you scroll down because it is very very disgusting.
If you have any heart disease or are pregnant, better not see it.

Ok, here comes.

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