Yay, at last! I finished my last paper and my holidays are here. New semester will start on the 2nd January. There is a gathering last night, I always love gathering. I just miss all my secondary friends so much. But, when all my guy friends saw me, they will run away from me. Because I will pinch their nipples. I cant help it, it is beyond my control. I just love, love, love to pinch guys nipples. I know I am a bit psycho, please forgive me. I am so sorry, Haha. Please don’t go away from me, you know I love you all. :)

Talking about psycho, there is this neighbour of mine, who is a psychotic retarded idiot stupid looking man. Damn. He lives beside me for so many damn many years, and until few years back, only I know that he is this crazy. @.@
He will stare at me or my mother or my auntie until he cant see our shadows. He will keep staring, with a very retarded look. He will say things like, ‘Peggy, you are so pretty’; ‘Peggy, going to college ah’; ‘Peggy, new puppy ah? Don’t name it Bebe la (which is one of my dog’s name); ‘Peggy, going out ah’; and he will just keep on Peggy this ah, Peggy that ah!!
He will talk to my family members, and no one will reply him BECAUSE HE IS CRAZY!!
He just keep talking to us and stares at us. I don’t know what is wrong with him, and frankly, I really am afraid of him, he is a threat to me.
He has that ‘I am thinking of a way to rape you’ look. How can I get rid of him?

Wth, I want to burn down his house but too bad, I stay next to him. I still want my home. :(

I saw Danny

Yesterday I finished my first exam, Moral Studies. Not that bad, but not that good either.
I just hope that I’ll past. Luckily I’ve read the text book, a lot of questions come from there.
And now, I’m studying Computing Studies and Algebra & Trigonometry. Not that bad after all.

At night went to Old Town located at Connaught, and guess what.. I saw Danny. OMG!!
Although he has quite a lot of pimples on his face, but he still looks cute, which make me think of the ‘Ah Nerd’ or ‘Arnold’ in the tv series. I cant take my eyes away from him, and he knows that I’m looking at him. Which makes him look back at me few times. Muahaha. My eyes met his eyes. :D Haha. Oh, by the way, Old Town’s drink is not bad. And the toast also. I’ll post picture and talk about the details on my next post.

And one more thing, I’ve got a new puppy. A very cute one, which is black in colour. Don’t have the pictures yet, but I’ll try to upload as soon as possible. He’s so cute, and so tiny and that makes him couldn’t stand properly. No name for him yet. Any idea??

Have to stop. People, wish me luck for my finals.

Final Exam

Final exam is here..
Tomorrow is my Moral Studies exam. I’m scared.
Quite a lot of people fail in this subject, I don’t know why.
Just pray for me, I want to pass!!
Anyone have some stay at home job to offer?
I’m broke, I need $$.

My dreams..

One of my dreams..

I have a lot of dreams and I don’t know which one that I can really achieve some day.

I love fashion a lot, I always use to draw clothes when I am small. But I know I am not talented, that is why I did not choose to study design. Not only clothes, I love graphic design, and also those furnitures. I love pillows, lights, cushion and so much more. I just love to design things, but I don’t know how.

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Shaun gave me a Tamagotchi as my birthday present. The moment I saw it, I smiled. I did not mention that I actually like Tamagotchi, but it was really nice of him to get me one. What he bought me was a Tamagotchi Connection version3. This version3 Tamagotchi is very different from what I use to play last time when I am still small. This one is much more fun, and really very cute.

There are more than 32 characters inside the Tamagotchi, and all the characters have their own personality. This will make the Tamagotchi much more fun because you wont get boring with the characters. You can check the characters here.

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