New Semester

My class start tommorow, or should I say today since it already past 12.
Not really ready to go back to college yet, but no choice, have to.
Only take 3 subjects this semester, because this 3 is the only remaining subject and after this I’m going to Year 1. Cant wait for it.
Economics, Quantitative Methods and Computing Essential, none of it which I like.
But maybe after studying these subjects, I might love it.

Results is out yesterday, not that I’m very good in my studies, just happy that I didnt fail any.
1st semester’s result:
Introduction to Business : 67 – B
Office Application : 71 – B
Introduction to Probability and Statistics : 70 – B
Malaysian Studies : 67 – B
Film & Arts Appreciation : 53 – C

2nd semester’s result:

Accounting Practice : 69 – B
Computing Studies : 68 -B
Algebra & Trigonometri : 51 – C
Moral Studies : 75 – B
Writing for Academic Purposes : 76 – B+

3rd Semester’s result:
Economics: ?
Quantitative Methods: ?
COmputing Essential: ?

So far, I didnt get any A yet, will try my best in this semester. Ah, really have to work hard.
Not sure whether am I choosing the right course a not.
Actually wanna go to art school, but couldn’t afford the money and the risk.
How I wish I have the talent like others in drawing.
If so happens that you know how to draw, or craft, or photoshop, or anything like this, do teach me. Hehe.. Am practising to draw better.

[I am not sure whether forgiving him again is right or wrong. Angry at him just make myself suffer. If there is someone better, I might let go of him. Just have to wait and see.]

Lonely Nights

I am not very happy this few days.
Especially at night, like now, I am feeling very lonely.
I wish to talk to someone on the phone, whoever will do.
I wish there is someone by my side ready to listen to my craps.
No one is there for me right now.
Just me blog-ing alone in front of this square monitor.
I don’t want to be alone. I hate to be alone.
I am really not happy. Something is missing.
Something is fading away and this may be forever.
There is nothing I can do anymore to change this god damn thing.
Life sucks so much sometimes.
I wanna take a break, and I need a break.
To think of it, ‘you’ really ruin my life.

Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven deadly sins is widely known in the Middle Ages as sins that lead to damnation.
There are gluttony, anger, pride, lust, envy, sloth, and greed.

Defined as the wasting of food, either through overindulgence (food, drink or intoxicants), the misplaced desire for food for its sensuality, or the withholding of food from the needy.

Inappropriate feelings of hatred and anger. Denial of the truth, both to others and in the form of self-denial. Impatience with the law, or seeking revenge outside of justice, such as with unnecessary vigilantism. Wishing to do evil or harm to others. A modern definition would also include anger towards others for no good reason, such as their race or religion, leading to discrimination.


It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive to others, failing to give credit due to others, or excessive love of self.


Lust is best described as depraved thought, unwholesome morality, desire for excitement, or need to be accepted or recognized by others. It also includes obsessive or unlawful sexual desire, such as desiring to engage in excessive sexual appetites. Bestiality, rape, and adultery are considered to be extreme forms of Lust.

Envy is the desire for another’s traits, status, abilities, station, or worldly goods. It need not be associated with an object; its salient characteristic is the unfovorable comparison of one’s own status with that of another.

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work or you can say it as lazy.


Greed is a desire to obtain more money or material possessions or bodily satisfaction than one is considered to need.These include disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason, especially for personal gain, as when someone lets themselves be bribed. Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects, theft and robbery, especially by violence, trickery, or manipulation of authority are all actions that are inspired by greed.

Sorry couldn’t get the picture of greed, so i replace it with vanity.
Pictures are from deviantart by Grandpael and sources from Wikipedia.

This is the result of the quiz I took.. I am not a good one..

Greed: Very High


Gluttony: Medium


Wrath: Medium


Sloth: Medium


Envy: Very High


Lust: High


Pride: Medium


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Omg, I am greedy and I envy a lot.. Eww, have to change it in this new year..
Enjoy.. :D

Happy 2007

Happy New Year everyone.. Happy 2007
A brand new year, a brand new life.. I do hope so.

What I should do in 2007.

*Study hard and no failing in any of the subject – because retaking a subject is damn expensive.
*Learn how to earn money – my mom doesn’t give me money at all..
*Make more friends – because i need more friends
*Tidy up my stuff – my entire house is full off my stuff and my rubbish
*Control my temper – I get angry damn fast..
*Learn to really draw
*Craft more and more and more..
*Get a new hp and digital camera – I really need a digital camera!
*and lastly, more people to read my blog.. Hehe.. :D

Sleeping together..

I love to sleep with you.
I love to sleep beside you.
I love how you hug me when we sleep together.
I love the feeling of warmth.
I love to cuddle together.
I love the fact that we can fall asleep so fast because we know each other is there.
I just love love love to sleep with you.

I love that night, when you stay over at my house.
Although it is not very comfortable, sleeping in the living room, but I still love it.
It is fun how we can sleep on one sofa and cuddle together.
I just hope we can sleep together every night.
Now that your family is back home from vacation, we have to wait for another year again.

Plastic Surgery


[Charlize Theron]
She looks absolutely stunning, even before the surgery. I love her..

[Scarlett Johannson]
Ok, what can I say?

[Angelina Jolie]
Sexy and gorgeous.. A perfect one..

[Nicky Hilton]
Although she don’t look gorgeous, but she definitely looks a lot better.

[Paris Hilton]
I just don’t like Paris Hilton, she seems to be so bitchy. Oops.. But she looks great.

[Mario Lopez]


[Michael Jackson]
Why is this famous guy wanna destroy his face like that?

[Jocelyn Wildenstein]
Such a sweet and innocent looking turn into a scary beast.. OMG..

[Pete Burns]
A man who change his look into this…. ???

[Amanda Lepore]
Her lips are larger than clown’s lips.

Becareful what you wish for..
Sources from StyleCritics and Awful Plastic Surgery