Chor 2

Holla Holla!! : )
I’m blogging from my hometown Bentong now, which means the 3G work. : )

I don’t know whats up with my stomach these few days, I just eat non stop.
I reached hometown, eat snack, go and have a nap and eat 2 bowls of rice later.
Rice, always my must have. : ) ‘Fan tong’ hahaha..

* Tm. Hahahahahahahahaha, blek. :p

* Me and the ‘bull-est’ of all in the family.

* The bull in his very cute Snoopy pyjamas.

* Specky brother and me, lol.

* My big auntie and my uncle’s baby daughter. Look at her expression. -.-

* Her face is extremely chubby, like really super super chubby. By the way, her name is Cynthia.

* This is the elder sister, Agnes. Funny thing is, she is very very tiny.

* My mom with Agnes sitting on the bull’s toy car. :’D

* The family’s crowd.

A lot of babies in the house. Like what my brother say, new generation.
I’ll see if I have the mood to capture more pictures, if yes then I’ll post it up.
I’m feeling a little bored here, I want to go ‘pai nin’ with my friends tomorrow but too bad I cant make it, like usual.
I miss my friends. :3
Anyway, Happy Chor 2 everyone. <3


  1. eZeN January 28, 2009

    wanna come back ‘bai nin’ leh.. hahahahaha
    by bus, by bus.. :P
    stunt sei.. haha

  2. Freshmen January 28, 2009

    the baby is so so so so fat…. xD

  3. Peggy January 30, 2009

    eZen: if have to use bus, I will sad sei.. lol..

    Freshmen: Yah, its really really fat. She’s got Michelin’s body, lol.

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