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4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

Last weekend was hectic for me. First it was FMFA 2012, then it was the 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012.
I’ve been wanting to go to this Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya for the longest time.
I missed out this event last year and I remembered myself telling Fatty that if we ever have the chance, he must bring me to Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in the future.

Not a chance that is easy to come by because he shouldn’t be by my side this moment.
But he is. :)

So I decided to bring along my little cousins but my uncle was so afraid that I might lost his kids, only one of them followed. :(
This is so unfair to the younger brother! :(
I’ll compensate and bring him out the next time. I don’t like being unfair to little kids!

Picked this boy up and off for lunch we went before heading to Putrajaya for Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012.

Meet this 6 years old boy named Hou Yin, my cousin that I love a lot. If you hear him talk, I bet you’ll love him too. :)
He actually kept mentioning in the car that we’re going to Jusco when I kept saying to him that we’re going for hot air balloons. He thought it’s gonna be boring, he’d rather want Jusco. Haha.

The boys that accompanied me that day.
I asked my cousin, ‘Is Ben gor gor fat?’.
And he answered, ‘Fat, who say not fat? Fat like a ball’.

Hahahahahha, this 6 years old cracked me up.

His favourite, and also Fatty’s favourite when he was young which is Ultraman. They sometimes watched Ultraman on Youtube together in my house, haha.

Look how happy he was on that day! :D

We walked around and stopped by at Mollydooker’s for coffee and homemade ice-cream.
It was real hot that day.

He always treat my cousin so well and he’s really good with kids! What a keeper, hahahahah!

Just the three of us spending our Sunday together. :)

He was enjoying his Horlick ice-cream until he saw …

… this clown from afar and he thought that the clown is some satan or devil or something and the faces that he showed me was priceless, hahaha. He was so afraid that he decided to stop eating his ice-cream and I had to tell him that it’s okay.
Kids are so naive and cute! :)

We continue walking around and saw a number of activites that we cant be bothered because of the scorching hot sun.

Water orb. Of course I’m not gonna put myself into that ball, moving around weirdly while everyone else is watching. Not to mention, it was tied with a string and you cant even go far.

Paid Rm5 for the boy to enjoy but he got bored after 3 rounds. That slide is not even slippery at all. :(

KMX kart that cost Rm10 for 10 minutes and the comment that Fatty gave me was that he felt like he just went for gym.
It was pretty tiring, especially when you have a 6 years old boy on your lap.

My cousin’s legs flew up and down when Fatty cycled and I cant help but laughed because this pair above is the only pair that is so out of control!
The person in charge who thought that I was my cousin’s mother told me to asked my ‘son’ to change his position.

Young parents, not.

Changed position but my boys were still out of control. Hahahah!

After the KMX ride, we were all tired including myself.
I didn’t know that the hot air balloons will only be up at 7.30am and 5.30pm or else we wouldn’t be there so early on that day.
We were too tired to wait for the hot air balloons so home we went.

I’m not entirely upset for not getting to watch those hot air balloons because I still had fun that day but of course I wish to catch a glimpse.
I have not in my entire life came across a hot air balloon before but that’s okay, Fatty said we’ll always have the chance in the future.
Maybe even taking a ride in one. :)

A funny kid that is so truthful to me, a person I love and a place full with activities. My perfect Sunday. :)

when the tiger rawrs

after procrastinating much, finally i transferred the pictures into my computer. :\
chinese new year is ending, i don’t even know what date is it today. i mean in chinese calendar.

* my breakfast slash lunch slash dinner at hometown. almost eating the same food every meal. hah!

* if you’ve got Ultraman to show him, he’ll stick to you. If you do not have it and you stick to him, he’ll slap you wtf.

* Youngest cousin in the family, looks like Chibi Maruko. bili bala bili bala~

‘Flew’ back from hometown just to join the clan to bai nin. (:

* While waiting. . .

* the ‘long lost friend’ who will only appear when girlfriend is not free. lol

* kee pok wearing kee’s helmet, lol.

* Wah and me, lee kuan didn’t join. she fall sick. ):

* smiles.

next day went to ken jee’s house cause he didn’t get to join us on chor3.
the guys went there to drink, while i went there to play mahjong. bwaha
and also to lou sang…………………………but

* this sang that i lou is the smelliest sang i’ve ever lou in my entire life wtf. so smelly that non of us can stand the smell. smell like ‘suen suk mei’.. you know like the sour sour smell when poeple sweat, ugh.

* har! buy cheap stuff la, straight into the rubbish bin after we lou.

and fyi, they bought it from Carrefour, somemore buy one free one.
peng yeh mou hou yeh ahh boss!

hi there two-o-one-o !

helloooooooooo !! (:
happpppyyyy neeeeewwww yeeeeaaaaarrr darlinggs !

my very first post on twenty ten.
super efficient, bwaha.

my little cousins came to my house yesterday. still as mischievous. especially the elder one.
i talked to him. he stare at me and say ‘mm mou gong yeh’ . he asked me not to talk, wtf. *shakes head*
* me after getting ready and the boy who asked me to shut up. pffft

waited for the twins to reach my house. wah yan curl my hair for me. :3 :3 :3
i first time curl my hair okay, like really curl. i gave my half virgin hair to low wah yan! :X

* yan, foon and me. how’s my hair? :3 :3 :3

* we went to tony roma’s and to be honest. i find their food a little too average. not really worth eating. chillis better.

* our starter.

* foon and ee. ahh, i like this picture. :D

* sighhh! i think i left my camera pouch there cause it is no where to be found. gahh, why i so careless. :\

* i tell you, the twins always cut their hair.. dye their hair.. do their hair.. so frequent omg.

* happy new year darling girls. (:

* ivan teng.

ate our dinner. chit chat. we talked about the worst and best thing that happened during zero nine.
the worst is of course i fail my blardy subject. pfffftt .as for the best, too much to mention. (:

me: maybe i can tolerate .it’s gonna be very hard at first but if in the end can change me into a less emo girl, it’s not that bad after all. it’s a good thing.
yan: wahh! know how to think already. big girl already.
me: -_____- swt .

* walked over to the crowd after our dinner. not really that pack.

* fireworks mode. forgot to switch back. :]

* i ♥ to watch fireworks. who don’t.

* i so hope you’re by my side .watching fireworks with me. celebrating new year with me. :3

we went back to weng kee’s house after that. to play lami. bwahahahha.
just a very normal new year for us. though i miss zero nine but nonetheless, i had a great night yesterday.
i start my twenty ten with a big smile. a very happy night. i’m a happy girl. ngehehe (:

* my lami kakis.

i hope i’ll be as happy as last night throughout the whole year.
i know there will be some shit that’s gonna hit me. but i’ll just try to stay positive.
i’m quite tired being an emo girl, so i’ll try to change this year.
and be a happier peggy chow. (:

i hope all of you will be a happier person too.
so how’s your new year celebration? good?

Tenji with Family.

Lunch at Tenji with family for super belated Mother’s Day. As usual, my mom doesn’t like to go out when there’s a lot of people, she just hates the crowd. We bring the little fella along too since we don’t have to pay for him cause he’s still so small.

* Me and the little fella who gives me that very don’t-force-me-to-take-picture look.

* Chan Hou Yin and my brother.

* Eating chocolate in a very ganas way!

* He always stick with my brother. My brother is like his nanny now, haha.

* Giving me the peace sign. He always gives the peace sign all of a sudden.

* The two and a half of us.


* Me and the little fella’s baby brother.

* Such big eyes. O_O

I miss the kids now. (:

Chor 2

Holla Holla!! : )
I’m blogging from my hometown Bentong now, which means the 3G work. : )

I don’t know whats up with my stomach these few days, I just eat non stop.
I reached hometown, eat snack, go and have a nap and eat 2 bowls of rice later.
Rice, always my must have. : ) ‘Fan tong’ hahaha..

* Tm. Hahahahahahahahaha, blek. :p

* Me and the ‘bull-est’ of all in the family.

* The bull in his very cute Snoopy pyjamas.

* Specky brother and me, lol.

* My big auntie and my uncle’s baby daughter. Look at her expression. -.-

* Her face is extremely chubby, like really super super chubby. By the way, her name is Cynthia.

* This is the elder sister, Agnes. Funny thing is, she is very very tiny.

* My mom with Agnes sitting on the bull’s toy car. :’D

* The family’s crowd.

A lot of babies in the house. Like what my brother say, new generation.
I’ll see if I have the mood to capture more pictures, if yes then I’ll post it up.
I’m feeling a little bored here, I want to go ‘pai nin’ with my friends tomorrow but too bad I cant make it, like usual.
I miss my friends. :3
Anyway, Happy Chor 2 everyone. <3

When I take public transport,

…I get blur especially with those trains. Like really super blur.
I always have to asked people which way should I go because I see a lot of stairs and I get confuse. The right side or the left side? I don’t know.

And then there is 2 trains, one to Ampang and another one to Sri Petaling. Which one should I board? I don’t know either. Just today I took LRT from PWTC to Hang Tuah and I don’t know which one to take. I saw a girl standing there and I asked her whether this Ampang train will take me to Hang Tuah and she tell me no. And then I go and double check and that Ampang train actually can bring me to Hang Tuah. Shit, I have to wait for another one.

I really am very bad at all this. There is this one time when I was in the train, I was thinking and thinking, a lot of things is going on in my mind and at last I miss the station I should get off. I panic. Such stupid things always happen to me. Sigh..

Last time, someone used to take LRT with me and I don’t have to worry at all. I just follow and follow. But now, I have to go all by myself. After taking so many times, I still have to ask people. But I will learn, I will learn to be independent.

Oh, and there is this one thing I realize from taking buses. Most of the Malaysians will not give seats to elderly and those people who always give seats to elderly are Africans. I’ve saw this quite a couple of times already. I feel so a shame. Malaysians not giving seats to Malaysians and Africans giving seats to Malaysians. Sigh, selfish. Most of the time I just stand. But there is one thing good about taking Rapid Kl is that I get to watch Bernard. Hahaha, super funny cartoon. I always laugh in the bus when I get to watch it, I think people think that I’m crazy. Haha..


* Just a random picture of my little cousin and me. Getting bigger and bigger each day, haha. I’ll try to capture a video next time, he is super cute. And er, I look a lot like a kid here. I seriously need to grow back my hair. lol


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