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fuck cancer

is malaysia’s weather killing you yet?
it definitely is killing me softly hotly. omgbbq!

i wanted to switch on my air-con but mom keeps stressing about the electric bill.
as her lousy daughter, all i can do is to help her save some money and continue to sweat like a pig.
i feel as if i’m inside an oven typing this out. maximum hotness.

anyway. finally here’s my tattoo pictures.
it has been almost a week. the tattoo is no longer pain, but it itches like mad now.

* i keep pinching and pinching the pillow i’m hugging…

* …because tattooing on the feet is effing x10 pain!

* so pain till i go ‘eh eh stop. i cannot already. WAH WHY SO PAIN ONE?’ T______T

* this picture very hard to take one you know. almost all the time i was in pain. boo

and here is my swollen pig’s feet.

* TADAA! wtf! now you get what i mean by swollen? i kid you not. LOOK how serious it is. the pain, omg. i’ll let you do the imagination.

* and there. now my feet is back to normal size.

that’s a cancer ribbon and the colour is teal.
which means liver cancer.
which is what took my dad away from me.
the date where he left us. and the date where his pain left him.

fuck cancer.

right. almost forget to mention.
i did it at blackcat sunway by kevin.
he’s real good .he puts in a lot of heart and effort while tattooing.
he did it slow and nice.
such small ribbon, he uses three colours.
he’s good. tattoo artist from blackcat is good.
their work are very nicely down. :)

ok. byebye

Out With The Boys

Darlings, I’m back. (:
I’m done with my Magnum job, finally. phew..
I guess its time to search for a new job again. ):

Anyway, here are some backdated pictures with them boys.

* The beers for the boys.

* Sei tattoo addict, come back for 2 weeks also wanna make new tattoo. -__-‘

* Self declare 2 weeks holiday, for some god-knows-what reason.

* Mischievous Alex and me.

* With the underage boy. :\

* Stupid Ivan, forever showing his middle finger. That’s the only thing he know. :X

* The five of us, chilling at Alex’s place. (:

* Stupid Ivan again, simply pee!!! wtff

Went to sing midnight K with them days later. I sort of dislike midnight K, damn expensive and not worth it. ):

* Both of them, damn got feel.

* Drastic change, wtf!

A video of Ivan singing Beyond’s song. :D

I want to go singK again, that midnight K cant satisfy me. :\

Angel on Ivan

See, told ya. Tattoo fever, lol.

* V posing with the V sign and Ivan giving me his middle finger, wtf.

* He’s feeling tension, haha.

* Look where Childs’ hand is, hahaha. When I saw the picture I was like ‘wth is Childson doing man..’ and when I see clearly, he is checking out Ivan’s tee shirt. LOL.

* V doing his thing.

* Done. A sitting angel, which the face is quite fat. Why angels must be fat one is it?

* Trying to distract him from the painfulness.

* Okay, this picture is for illustration purpose only. @__@

Fella, I know you’re leaving back to Perth soon and you probably wont see this post because you don’t read my blog pfft, but I want to wish you all the best.
I know you didn’t want to move your ass back there but you’re left with no choice. Hur hur..
I’m gonna miss you but I’ll see you end of the year right? I told you to wait with me, but you tak nak layan aku.
I’ll try my best to go to your birthday bash.

Stop asking me already if I miss you, because the answer is yes. Especially when you’re gone back at Perth.
And, don’t add more at the moment crazy fella.. @__@

Ink and more Ink

My Sunday noon, happily shopping away with my mom at Jaya Jusco.
Finally some grocery shopping which is just what I need. Dumping biscuits, milks, instant noodle, and whatnot into the trolley and half way through my phone rang.

Ouh ouh, I need to accompany someone aka pen-psycho to MNEP to check out Childson’s friend which is a tattoo artist who came back from New York.
Design, checked. Price, checked. Ink, checked. Everything, checked.

* The pen-psycho and V, the tattoo artist.

* Can’t see the design but she’s tattooing ‘Its MIRACLE’ on her spine. I don’t know, she seems like she’s in so much pain, somehow scares me a little.

After the pen-psycho is done with her tattoo, she asked me if I want to do one too.
No! I mean, yes I want to but I don’t have the money yet.

Pen-psycho: Want to make or not? Since you’re here already and V’s ink is so nice…
Me: Don’t want lar… want meh? Don’t want lar..
Pen-psycho: Make lar, you want to make the stars one mar right? You memang want to make it and you’re here already..
Me: Har? Want meh? I’ve got no money lar, don’t want lar… So sudden somemore..
Pen-psycho: No money nevermind lar, I can borrow you.. His ink really nice ler..
Me: Har? @_____@ I borrow your money make tattoo, I might as well use the money to eat..
Pen-psycho: You can borrow my money to make tattoo and eat..
Me: zzz @______@ want meh? don’t want lar, I scared.. you scream till like that just now, like so pain…
Pen-psycho: Mine is different place, not same one.. cannot like this see one, make lar..
Me: zzz.. don’t want lar.. I scared and no money…
Pen-psycho: Never mind, I pay for you as birthday present.
Me: o.O’
Pen-psycho: Go make…
Me: Want meh? Really want meh? Okay…………………………………

See how she psycho me!!! Ou-emm-gee! I damn tension you know.
But anyway, although you psycho me ‘kao kao’, thanks for paying. (:

* My tattoo,…………………………………………….not. This is what V draw.

* The noise is like so loud because it’s just right behind my ear, scary. I put on my earphone and turn the music sooo loud, lol. Eh, can see my neck tattoo here some more.

* Not that pain actually maybe because V didn’t do outline for me.

* Half way through, when V changed the colour. Walao, you see my eyebags can put in coins already. @_____@
(aaron chung kah leong, seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

* Colourssssssssss. :’D

* Hur hur, done. Third one on 12th July. The black star in the middle represents my dad because he’s no longer here but is surrounded by us family members. Mine is pink, mom is red, younger brother is blue and elder brother is purple. (:

Went to MNEP the next day again, cause Ivan wants to talk to V about the design he wants.
Wooo, tattoo fever. Haha..

* Weng Kee and Childs, lying on the sofa. -_____-

* Pen-psycho and me.

* Why the picture so like that? Me and Ivan, who has 5 tattoos in total. (:

Some old tattoo pictures after the jump…
Oh ya.. My stars tattoo behind the ear is only RM50, jeng jeng.
Haha, and pen-psycho one is Rm250 you imagine the size for yourself.

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Guardian Tattoo

Hee.. Went out with bii to get his tattoo done on…..can’t remember when, brain is a little malfunction at the moment.

* Bii and me. (:

* Half way getting his tattoo done.

* Crazy one, tattoo also can keep laughing. Haha..

* Ginny spraying the alcohol thingy onto his hand which really hurts a lot according to them. Lucky my tattoo artist didn’t spray this kind of shit on me, damn pain can.

* His guardian angel tattoo. His angel quite fat right? Some more wear till so sexy, LOL.

* His another tattoo which makes him look like a Christian, but actually he is not.

* Stupid one, I look so cannot here. -.-

His tattoo damn big and ganas right? Some more say mine is mini tattoo, wth. -.-
Accompanying him making his tattoo somehow tempts me, I feel like getting another one but I’m not gonna do that. Nothing that I wish to make at the moment.


Friends are all asking…
‘Eh, you and aaron…..’
‘Eh, why both of you so sudden one?’
‘Eh, you and aaron sure or not one? Really ah?’
‘Eh, you don’t know he’s leaving meh? Why still together?’
‘Eh, he’s leaving already wor… how ah?’

Omg… -.-
Oklah, I know we’re like kind of sudden.
And oklah, I know he’s leaving to Switzerland like real soon too.
But I don’t really care lah.. If it works then it works lah, if it don’t then it don’t lorh, ok?

We’re going to Penang together, so be happy for me. Hehe.. (:

do not fear

Nothing much, just a picture of my tattoo and some camwhore pictures. :’D

* ‘do not fear’ :’D

* Blur, blur, blur. That’s my empty bookcase at the corner.

* On my new bed. :’D

P/S: Woah, almost 24 hours non-stop. I’m so dead this time..