fuck cancer

is malaysia’s weather killing you yet?
it definitely is killing me softly hotly. omgbbq!

i wanted to switch on my air-con but mom keeps stressing about the electric bill.
as her lousy daughter, all i can do is to help her save some money and continue to sweat like a pig.
i feel as if i’m inside an oven typing this out. maximum hotness.

anyway. finally here’s my tattoo pictures.
it has been almost a week. the tattoo is no longer pain, but it itches like mad now.

* i keep pinching and pinching the pillow i’m hugging…

* …because tattooing on the feet is effing x10 pain!

* so pain till i go ‘eh eh stop. i cannot already. WAH WHY SO PAIN ONE?’ T______T

* this picture very hard to take one you know. almost all the time i was in pain. boo

and here is my swollen pig’s feet.

* TADAA! wtf! now you get what i mean by swollen? i kid you not. LOOK how serious it is. the pain, omg. i’ll let you do the imagination.

* and there. now my feet is back to normal size.

that’s a cancer ribbon and the colour is teal.
which means liver cancer.
which is what took my dad away from me.
the date where he left us. and the date where his pain left him.

fuck cancer.

right. almost forget to mention.
i did it at blackcat sunway by kevin.
he’s real good .he puts in a lot of heart and effort while tattooing.
he did it slow and nice.
such small ribbon, he uses three colours.
he’s good. tattoo artist from blackcat is good.
their work are very nicely down. :)

ok. byebye


  1. michelle March 1, 2010

    hows the pricing in black cat?
    i thought of recoloring my tattoo. :\

    gt anywhere that you would recommend?

  2. Peggy March 6, 2010

    michelle: its not cheap at black cat but it’s worth the price i would say. look for joshua, his work is really awesome. you can check black cat’s group at facebook to look at their artwork first. (:

  3. waimin March 22, 2010

    hey, just wanted to give you a virtual hug because it seems like you’re still hurting a lot and it seems like you could use a hug. hope i’m not being too strange :p but yeah, stay strong dear.

  4. Peggy March 23, 2010

    waimin: hey! thank you so much, really. i appreciate that and no you’re not strange. thanks. a million thanks, haha. (:

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