Grandpa’s 80th Birthday

I went back to hometown last Saturday to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday.
For your information, my hometown is at Bentong, Pahang.
The first destination we head to when we arrive hometown is Kow Po.
Kow Po sells damn nice ice-cream and cendol. Every time we went back, we sure will eat Kow Po’s ice-cream. If so happens you went there to have holiday (although that place have nothing much to visit) do stop by Kow Po and have a nice cendol mix ice-cream.



Haih, this picture don’t do any justice to the damn nice cendol.

And here, I present you my very cute (okay, at least I think so) baby cousin.
I damn like his pink baju, so cute. :)
Look at his cute face and cute baju, not the green boobs.

I told you he is cute.

That is my grandpa. They both look alike, they both look cute. :)

This is the birthday cake. My grandpa is very funny sometimes.
He asked his in law whether she wanted to eat cake, and when she asked who’s birthday, he said no one’s birthday. How weird. By the way, this cake sucks.


Alright, this picture is definitely a gold. Why do I say so is because they both are like enemies. They argue everyday, never sleep together, chasing each other with broom and parang. I sometimes wonder how they have 7 kids.

From Left to Right: Bleu Stripe [3rd Antie] , Green [5th Auntie], Carrying Baby [Big Uncle], Red Shirt [Small Uncle], Red Fat [Big Auntie], Hidden body behind Red [2nd Auntie], Blue [4th- my mom]

He damn tak layan.

She lagi tak layan. She looks young, right? No?
My face looks like I’m mabuk..

My younger brother and I, lucky he layan sikit.

Last but not least…..
A babi picture from me.

All my words sentences sound weird. Nevermind…


  1. money August 12, 2007

    Hoiyo…. never wonder v are from the same hometown.

  2. Peggy August 13, 2007

    Haha, yeah. My hometown is Bentong. Hehe

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