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hi there two-o-one-o !

helloooooooooo !! (:
happpppyyyy neeeeewwww yeeeeaaaaarrr darlinggs !

my very first post on twenty ten.
super efficient, bwaha.

my little cousins came to my house yesterday. still as mischievous. especially the elder one.
i talked to him. he stare at me and say ‘mm mou gong yeh’ . he asked me not to talk, wtf. *shakes head*
* me after getting ready and the boy who asked me to shut up. pffft

waited for the twins to reach my house. wah yan curl my hair for me. :3 :3 :3
i first time curl my hair okay, like really curl. i gave my half virgin hair to low wah yan! :X

* yan, foon and me. how’s my hair? :3 :3 :3

* we went to tony roma’s and to be honest. i find their food a little too average. not really worth eating. chillis better.

* our starter.

* foon and ee. ahh, i like this picture. :D

* sighhh! i think i left my camera pouch there cause it is no where to be found. gahh, why i so careless. :\

* i tell you, the twins always cut their hair.. dye their hair.. do their hair.. so frequent omg.

* happy new year darling girls. (:

* ivan teng.

ate our dinner. chit chat. we talked about the worst and best thing that happened during zero nine.
the worst is of course i fail my blardy subject. pfffftt .as for the best, too much to mention. (:

me: maybe i can tolerate .it’s gonna be very hard at first but if in the end can change me into a less emo girl, it’s not that bad after all. it’s a good thing.
yan: wahh! know how to think already. big girl already.
me: -_____- swt .

* walked over to the crowd after our dinner. not really that pack.

* fireworks mode. forgot to switch back. :]

* i ♥ to watch fireworks. who don’t.

* i so hope you’re by my side .watching fireworks with me. celebrating new year with me. :3

we went back to weng kee’s house after that. to play lami. bwahahahha.
just a very normal new year for us. though i miss zero nine but nonetheless, i had a great night yesterday.
i start my twenty ten with a big smile. a very happy night. i’m a happy girl. ngehehe (:

* my lami kakis.

i hope i’ll be as happy as last night throughout the whole year.
i know there will be some shit that’s gonna hit me. but i’ll just try to stay positive.
i’m quite tired being an emo girl, so i’ll try to change this year.
and be a happier peggy chow. (:

i hope all of you will be a happier person too.
so how’s your new year celebration? good?

bad romance

so for some reason, i’m not allow to upload these pictures which is taken on the 17th.
i’m only allow to post it on january but since january is only two days away…
so i don’t care larh, just post. bwahah :’P

* such coincidence. i called the twins ‘eh, go zouk mou?’ and they replied ‘har? why all go zouk? i’m going later with my cousin.’ me: ‘ouhhhhh *big grin*’

* that night was crazy. sooooooooo much fun, :’D

* we went up to the podium. tsktsk :X

* bumped into jimmy and liepeh. (:

* thom looks good here. (: sigh, my camera is out of battery. this is from ee’s hp. T_T

and here’s some genting pictures. we went uphill on christmas day itself. (:

* we walk around genting wearing our xmas headbands and hats. :’D

we went into firstworld casino. we went to this ‘big small’ table and i tried to guess. and most of the time i get it correct.
then the guys wanted to change casino so we went to another bigger one.
once i went in, i have this ‘lose’ feeling, wth. walk around, saw this cute game.
they put three dice in a bird cage look alike thingy and spin it. there’s number 1 to 6 on a dice, so we have to guess which number will show up. i guess a few times, and every time i got it correct.
so me and ee, we buy rm50 chips. rm10 per bet and guess what. we lose 5 times straight in a row. WTF!!!
tipu orang punya. stand up guess, correct. sit down guess, wrong. gg.com
pffffffffffftttttttttttttt!! no happy.

* our president and president’s wife.

* this is actually a testing shot. and look at the fog man. it is sooooooo cold, everyone is like freezing. remind’s me of europe’s weather during summer. the wind is crazy.

* no flash allow due to the fog. jones went with us but he resist to take pictures. sot sot dei jor.

* when we took picture, we heard dog barks. we look across the road and saw a very HUGE dog. those tall tall huge huge dog with a deep deep bark that kind. this one also sot sot dei, bring the dog to genting. some more keep barking at people like wanna eat people like that. hak sei yan meh :\

* nice picture but what’s that thing at the bottom left? jones, lousy photographer.

after genting we went to petaling street for porridge. mmm (:

can you tell that i’m rushing my post.
i wanted to blog everything before new year comes.
i still have piao’s farewell and a few from estee’s birthday. gasp.

p/s: i start to use song title jor..

Let’s go Genting…

Went up to Genting for few hours and came back down.
Just for the cool wind.
Places were dark and Jones said lets use ISO instead of using flash, so here it is………very blur-ish picture.

* (:

* Me and Jian Liang, don’t know why nowadays all my picture so cannot one lorh…

* Outside Coffee Bean, freeeeeeeeeezing.

* Hahahaha, the place where we once laugh like hell……… *inside joke*

* Banana Jones and me, I learn lots and lots of disorders from him. Haha..

Its fun to go to Genting once in awhile.
Genting. Full of memories.

Back From Genting – Part2

…continue Day 2 at Genting

Early in the morning have to march up the hill, it is extremely tiring.

Hi.. :D

Jian Yi and Jones

The three of us and kelefeh Jian Yi


Teh Fuh Haur, Lee Kuan and me..


Clowns, and they talk a lot..

Three of us again, and again with kelefeh Ken Jee..



Lining up for Space shot >.< dsc03966-copy.jpg
Its so scary and so omg and obviously I didn’t go up and I still scream a little when that shit falls.


We love the Energizer man.. :D

I told you we love Energizer.. *Thumbs Up*

Energizer.. :D

I climb up the London Bus.. :)

Last picture of the day..

I’m very lazy to talk a lot now, will post Day 3 tonight. :)

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Back From Genting

I’m back from Genting two days ago but didn’t have the chance to update my blog. I’m so so busy, I wanna cry. I wanted so much to update my blog but then I’m always not at home. And when I’m at home, I’ve got work to do. I’ve been lack of sleep for a few days and I’m becoming more and more zombie. One more bloody week to go and I’m as free as a bird.
Don’t have the time to upload so many pictures yet, so one will do at the moment.


To be continue…
Day 1
… continue
A whole lot of pictures, here you go..

Sad, why am I that short?

Ee Cheeng and me.

A bunch of crazy guys..

We head to Coffee Bean afterwards and while I’m enjoying my yummy cheesecake…

…this two crazy guys decide to go topless when its freezing cold out there. -.-

We later continue with our crazy photo session.. :)

Yours truly..

Me and Yee Wah.

The girls: Me, Lee Kuan, Yee Wah, and Ee Cheeng..

They guys again, trying to be ‘thousand-hand-god’.. (I don’t know what I’m saying) -.-

Jian Yi slipped and fell.

Jian Yi trying to ‘ahem’ Dexter with the ahem tripod.


The fourteen of us..

My cap and hers..

After taking all the funny funny pictures, we head back to the apartment and get crazy again.
My two bottles of 5% alcohol juice..

Half way there..

Pop! Look how red is my face. Its so extreme till my eyes are also red.

Dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy..

Haha.. Something happen that night and it is extremely superbly funny. Till the extend where I cant stop myself from laughing. Cant put then name here, but then that someone is so funny. How can that someone do such things like this? Why la? Why wanna make me laugh till I stomach pain?

Day 2 to be continue tomorrow…