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Time-4-Two at Thistle Port Dickson Resort

It was an impromptu short getaway.
I was craving for a holiday after I came back from Hong Kong mainly because I wasn’t in my happiest mood during my Hong Kong trip.
I was also desperate for a two-person holiday seeing that the last time we both had our ‘honeymoon’ getaway was during my birthday last year.
Hong Kong’s trip was not in the list seeing that we spend a lot of time being around friends and Fatty’s sister.

Opportunity came knocking on my door when Hari Raya Haji was just around the corner and I so happened came across an offer by Thistle at Port Dickson, so I thought why not.

We took their ‘Time-4-Two’ package which includes an accommodation in a sea view room, breakfast for two, welcome drink for two at Cumulus Beach Bar and one of the complement treat from below for RM495++.

-Unlimited 9-hole Golf including Club Hire
-One hour spa treatment for 2
-Unlimited Water Sports
-Dinner on arrival night

Cheapest rate starts from Rm425++ for a golf view room and the remaining treats are the same.

#1 We went on Hari Raya Haji itself and there I was inside Fatty’s bathroom making sure I look fine with a selfie lol.

Fatty brought me to his site at Seremban and he took a look, making sure everything was fine before we went off for lunch.

#2 He learned how to ride a bike during work and he make sure I hopped on it.

#3 This is pai kia number 1.

For lunch, Fatty brought me to Asia Curry Laksa House in Seremban where he raved about their braise pork and curry laksa noodle.
Asia Curry House is located at Taman Cattleya (Jalan Berlian), it’s just where the locals eat.

#4 Economy rice which consists a lot of vegetable dishes.

#5 Couldn’t stop ourselves from gobbling down the rice while we wait for our curry laksa noodle, so here it is a picture of our half eaten rice. The braise pork was really good, with the right amount of fats to balance up the meat.

#6 Curry laksa noodle which is a little too spicy for my liking. Not sure if so happen it was spicier that day or me being heaty but I’d say I prefer Baba Low’s curry laksa.

It took us about half an hour from Seremban to Port Dickson and along the way we saw quite a lot of Malays dressing up to celebrate Hari Raya Haji.

#7 Santai Spa in Thistle Hotel and a bunch of buggies.

Among all the treats, we picked the one hour aromatic massage by Santai Spa. I figured one hour of massage in a hotel will at least cost us Rm150 and since there’s two of us it makes it Rm300 which makes it really worth it to pick a massage. Moreover, we really need one.

#8 Thistle half open air lobby which is really airy.


#10 I asked Fatty, ‘Can you get out of the frame or not!? Why must you always unintentionally appear in my picture!?’ and he decided to raised his leg up. Stupid boy.

#11 I requested for a room change because the first room do not have a bathtub (sue me) so they gave me a room with bathtub and that’s higher off the ground. :)

#12 The view from our room’s balcony, not bad lah. :)

#13 Took a walk around Thistle and saw this human size checkers and snake & ladders. Look at that stupid boy appearing in my picture unintentionally again.

#14 We walked towards the beach and saw a few cabanas but it was wet so we continue looking around.

#15 Saw a very cute girl playing on a swing but at the same time I cant wait for her to be done so that I can hop on it haha.

#16 Adorable is an understatement. :)

#17 This is Cumulus bar by the beach and it is only open starting noon time, 3pm if I’m not mistaken.

#18 It’s a really nice place to chill by the beach and we have two complimentary drinks, so Fatty ordered a draught beer and as for me, it’s always fruit juice.


#20 Sigh, I just love this act-handsome-boy so much!

#21 Other than the family pool that we saw from our balcony, there’s an infinity pool right beside Cumulus bar. A great alternative if you don’t like to be around kids.

#22 We didn’t really walk on the beach though cause I was lazy and the beach doesn’t look too inviting.

#23 After done checking out Thistle, we went for our aromatic massage at Santai Spa which we scheduled at 4pm.

#24 The massage was very different from what I usually had, that was my first aromatic massage and I must say things can get pretty naked. Not really comfortable with that. :\

There’s a changing room where you can take a quick shower or go for sauna if you wish.
You may actually request to go for sauna with your other half and they will try to arrange it for you at 8pm when there’s no more guest.

#25 No showering or swimming after the massage for at least an hour so we changed and took another walk before jumping into the pool.

#26 Super fat thighs lah I don’t know why. Maybe cause I put my entire weight on my bottoms and thighs lol! Damn!

#27 Serious one! Fatty don’t know how he should take the picture cause he said ‘Your thighs very fat lah’ fml.

#28 Happy girl on a wooden swing hanged on a tree. :)

#29 Fatty boom boom but he shed some fats right!?

#30 Or maybe not if you look closely, haha.

#31 ✌

#32 Not bad hor the infinity pool?


#34 Secretly took a picture when he was enjoying whatever he was enjoying.

I bought myself a waterproof camera case and now every time when I go swimming I can use it hehehe. :D

#35 It was really fun except that the water isn’t clear enough for us!

#36 Damn cute hor my merman. :D

#37 I didn’t bother adjusting the case properly cause I was too eager which is why you see a black rim at the corner.


#39 Am I the only person who think he’s cute? LOL!

#40 Really really cute wan! HAHA!

#41 My weird picture underwater.

#42 Because there’s no way I can dive and open my eyes at the same time so this is the best I can do.

#43 Also because I didn’t bother taking off my lens beforehand so it makes it all the more impossible to open my eyes underwater. Also if you notice, somebody is trying to pull off a handsome face. Aherm.

#44 Did I spot Fatty right there?

#45 We headed to Malacca for satay celup and I wanted Pak Putra after that but they wasn’t open for business. All the shops were close too, so it was a bad choice going down to Malacca. :(

#46 I forced Fatty to take this picture for me, haha.

Fatty sent me to Seremban’s train station and I took KTM back to Bandar Tasik Selatan for only RM5 plus which is dirt cheap! We were reluctant to part ways but it’s a working day so there wasn’t really a choice.
Though short but we both had a great bonding time and we are now a little more in love than before haha.
That or maybe my pms has yet to hit me lol.

Time-4-Two package is made available until 31st of December this year and if you’ll like to book, do head over to Thistle’s website.
Thistle is a UK based company but maintenance and cleanliness wise, they really aren’t at their best.
The hotel and their room is nowhere near dirty but the lift has got this weird smell which I really dislike.
Addition to that, the infinity pool wasn’t very clean either and their pool table is really worn out.

Other than that, everything else was fine.

Thistle Port Dickson Resort
KM16 Jalan Pantai, Teluk Kemang, 71050 Si Rusa, Port Dickson 71050
Phone: +606 648 2828 /
Fax: +606 662 7999 /

Fatty’s Birthday at Grand Lexis.

Not in the mood to do much typing today, so I’ll just let my pictures speak for me.
I’m not feeling down, I’m just feeling lazy.

It’s a Saturday morning, I think I can be forgiven for that.

I booked Grand Lexis a week earlier without notifying Fatty.
Days later when his birthday is around the corner I lied to him and said I booked Avillion.

He loves being surrounded by friends and at the beginning he thought that there wont be any friends celebrating his birthday with him since I’m gonna take him away to Avillion. Oh honey, of course I wouldn’t do that. :)

Grand Lexis Port Dickson.

I rushed him to get ready that morning because Poh Juan was waiting outside his house, ready to surprise him.
I knew he suspected something fishy was going on but I still hope it did surprise him a little.

Glass floor in the middle of our Premium Pool Villa. It’ll be nice if the sea is crystal clear.

Everyone decided to jump into the pool while we wait for our remaining friends to arrive.

Fatty’s gonna hate me for posting this up, haha. He’s so busy playing he cant be bothered to stay put for a few seconds to take a picture with me. Hence that face.

I declare this as the funniest picture of the day. Victor is busy diving. Fat Ben of course is doing what he normally do best which is to eat (yes, even when he’s inside a swimming pool fml or fhl). And Yan is busy squeezing Poh Juan’s boobs while he is busy enjoying it.
Weird friends I have there, haha.

Fatty gave me his thumbs up, probably to stop me from kicking his groin.

Guys are like kids! They dirtied the pool with potato chips omg!

Happy belated birthday my dear!

I was so excited when I saw bathrobes in the wardrobe. My first time wearing one, haha.
Cina girl from kampung, excuse me.

Went out for dinner once everyone arrived. We randomly picked a restaurant based on the amount of customers and thank God the food was pretty satisfying!

Time to swim again after our scrumptious dinner.

Don’t bother posting up more swimming pictures, they’re all candid.

Except for this, because Gavin is peeing if you believe me.

And this. Hahahahahahahha! I hope he wont kill me!

Zoe gave me a helping hand by getting the cake for Fatty. Big thanks to her. :)

I ko-ed not long after, I was tired and a little tipsy.
The pool was way too cold for my liking and I have to drink alcohol to keep myself warm which explains why I feel tipsy.

Not the first time. Drink to keep myself warm but always end up feeling tipsier than ever.

I booked Premium Pool Villa at Grand Lexis which costs a total of Rm835 for a night, tax included.
It was slightly more expensive than normal days because Fatty’s birthday this year falls on Wesak Day which is a public holiday.

I hope my friends enjoyed that Saturday and had fun. :)

Grand Lexis, Port Dickson
(formerly Known as The Legend International Water Homes)
Batu 2, Jalan Seremban,
71000 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan,

Toll Free: 1 800 88 0017
Tel: (6) (06) 653 2000
Fax: (6) (06) 651 5330
Website: http://www.grandlexispd.com/

Sweet Escape to Avillion Cove

Last week, Ben suggested that we go to Port Dickson for a short trip.
Of course, I’m up for it. He wanted to stay at water chalet but it’s kind of pricey so I tried googling for a cheaper place to stay.
Found Avillion Cove and I didn’t actually know there’s a place like this in my country.
Fall in love with it once I saw the pictures on their website.
I just love seeing all this yatch.

* Wasn’t sunny the day we arrived.

* Lovely yatch waiting to greet us :D

Guess my picture did not do much justice. Maybe you should take a look at their website here.

* Our premium room. I wanted a deluxe because it’s cheaper but it’s fully booked. U_U

* This premium room can actually accommodate up to 6 person. The room is Rm200++ per night, if divide by 6 person, one have to pay roughly Rm40+ which is pretty reasonable for me. The room is spacious enough, clean and looks nice at the same time.

* My crappy nude face before swimming. I wonder how many times more I have to disappoint this guy because I cant stay in the pool for long due to the temperature. I really cant stand the cold but this time I’m slightly better, I really did swim. :wink:

* This is my…

* …poser boyfriend. hahaha

Get to rest awhile after swimming and shower before heading out to Seremban for our dinner.
No gps needed as his hometown is at Seremban.

* Brought me to try Seremban’s oh-so-famous baked crab but he actually did not know which restaurant to go.

* Taste good? Nah, normal.

* Went back to our hotel’s bar for a drink and pool session after dinner. Wanted to go for a walk by the beach but I was too tired. End up watching some scary movie in our room. I’m such a ‘potong’ girlfriend, haha.

Oh ya, saw this funfair on our way to dinner and decided to stop by when we’re heading back to hotel.
Ben: Why is the funfair on my dad’s land.
Me: Har!? T_______T”’

I don’t know how to react wth. But that funfair is a fail funfair. Big time.
Sigh, the thought of missing this funfair during March makes me a sad girl, wuwu.

Remaining pictures are from Instagram.

* Imagine that, we rather play with Instagram than the rides at this funfair.

* Hahahaha. I can laugh all day looking at this picture.

Yeah, back to the movie. Slept late from watching the movie thus waking up late and skipped our free breakfast! D:
Hur! Damn sad can, I love breakfast buffet. ):
Ended up paying for some sandwich.
Went over to a beach for some kite flying session after checking out :D

* KITES!!!

* Me and our kite :D

* How come he knows how to fly a kite?

* But I don’t.

* heart this picture though I look kinda chubby!

Such a relaxing trip yet fun at the same time. I’m gonna do the kite flying again someday :D
If only we had more time to stay there, it will be even greater.
A very nice place to just chill, sit back and relax.

Ending this post with a 007 picture. HAHAHAHA!!

Of Malacca and PD

Hola!! :’D
Can you tell that I’m really happy?
Went for a day trip to Malacca with some of my new guy friends and I really did enjoy myself.
Ya ya, I know I always go to the same places. Genting, Malacca, Genting, Malacca. -.-
But with exception this time, because I get to go to PD too. :’D

* Me camwhoring while waiting for the guys to come. : )

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