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Sensation Trip : Bangkok Day 3

Day 3 started off with chicken rice.
It was a pretty famous chicken rice, the whole restaurant was full but it wasn’t too significant to me so I’ll pass posting it up.

#1 No one fancies that piece of clotted chicken blood except for me.

It was a hard decision for us as to where to go next after our lunch.
Some wanted shopping, while some wanted to go to temple.

#2 Grand palace was the conclusion and I’m back for the second time.

There was a lot of tourists at Grand Palace that day and we took a long time queuing up just to rent proper attires.
I did not queue for long the first time I went, this time it was much worse. ):
Fatty and Alvin went out for breaks during the queue and came back with rented attires and we save up quite a lot of our time!

So if you see big crowds at Grand Palace, you might want to just rent the attire from the man outside Grand Palace’s entrance.
It’s gonna save up a whole lot of your time!

#3 Which explains why my long skirt look so much different from the one I wore the first time. This is lighter and easier to walk in by the way.

#4 And I love our couple tee from Pestle & Mortar, heh. I thought Fatty hate all things mushy but he was the one who asked if I’d like to get one. Trying to make me happy I guess. :)

#5 Foon in blue and Piao.

#6 Yan and Poh.

#7 The guys in their cute pants.

#8 And us girls. :)

If you do not want to wear ugly shirts, do wear a top that covers your shoulder and arm.
Better still, bring your own long skirt or wear one. Save up some money instead of renting them. :)

#9 Forever cheeky Gavin.

#10 My fat man. :D

I promised Jade Bhuddha that I’ll be back and give thanks when I have the chance and I kept my promise.
I have what I asked for and I am very thankful.
Made a new wish which in my opinion weren’t very greedy, haha. Hopefully God can grant my wish, huhu.

#11 More shopping and street food after that.

#12 I realised the tuk tuks we took was really pricey and that we should bargain more. My mates were boys and they cant be arse to bargain a little more, which explains. :(

If you’re going to Bangkok, please bargain as much as you can.
Our trips all costed us 100baht per way and it is expensive. Bargain up to 50baht if you have the time and patience.

#13 Little doggies asking for donations at Khao San Road.

#14 Khao San Road is a pub street full with cheap beers, shishas, and stalls for shopping.

#15 A tower of Chang beer for 400+ baht, Fatty was amazed.

#16 Laughing over cheap beers.

#17 What I do best, taking pictures of self just because I don’t drink.

#18 The End.

Journey for the Soul : Siem Reap Day 3.

Sunrise to me is not just a sunrise.
That same sun that rises every single day means something to me after I watched a ‘fail’ sunrise with someone special.

Waking up at 4am in the morning was how we started our third day at Siem Reap.
Reason being we planned to catch sunrise at Angkor Wat and at the same time to avoid big crowd.
The period we went to Siem Reap was low season because rain pours in almost every single day but the crowd at Angkor Wat were nothing near to the word ‘small’.

We hired a tour guide who is a friend of our tuk tuk driver and he speaks good English.
I have to repeat this again. THEY ARE SUCH NICE PEOPLE!!

Visiting Angkor Wat was not free, we need to purchase a pass.
One day pass costs $20, three days pass cost $40, while one week pass cost $60 and we bought ourselves a one day pass.
Hiring a tour guide for a day at Angkor Wat is $25 and to us, it is a must. No point visiting such spectacular places without a person explaining what actually happened.

Tuk tuk for the day was about $30+ which is supposed to be $15 but we went to a place much further and also we went back to our hotel halfway. So all in all, it is worth the money.

And here is what you have to bring to Angkor Wat :
1. A big bottle of water. Dehydration to the maximum level, I sweat so much I swear my shorts keep getting looser and looser towards the end of the day.
2. A fan.
3. Small towel.
4. Sunglasses to block the sun and the sand.
5. Face mist if you have one. Best way to freshen up.
6. Flip flop or a good pair of shoes. I personally prefer flip flop, the weather is too hot to keep my feet wrap up.

Beautiful even before the sun rises.

Angkor Wat’s silhouette on the right.

What a way to start our morning, looking at impressive ruins.

And look at the crowd behind!

We did not walked into Angkor Wat after watching the sunrise. Maybe nothing is as important as having a nice breakfast for someone like me.

Kehpohchi refused to buy a sunglass, he prefers stealing mine.

Bought a fake Rayban which by far look the best on me. I look like a retarded toad whenever I tried shades on and I kind of gave up on trying. But I have to buy one here in Siem Reap to protect my eyes, sands just kept getting into my eyes. It hurts.

Real good noodle soup, with kahfir lime and kampot black pepper to taste.

It was time to explore Angkor Wat after our hearty breakfast, something that I’ve been looking forward to.

I looked at the statue and thought to myself people from a thousand years ago prayed to this statue, to this God.
And by looking at the face itself calmed me down.



Energetic still.

Still smiling until I found out that I have to…

…climb up those steep stairs.

My legs were shaking while I climb up the stairs and I told myself to not fucking look down or I’ll die.
Forget about climbing down, I thought I was dead.

But at least it was worth the climb. Our tour guide did not bother climbing up the stairs, he wanted to gave us some alone time. I know, he was just lazy haha.

Angkor Wat is in effect a three tiered pyramid, with each level bounded by galleries incorporating four gopuras and corner towers – the upper terrace is square, forming a quincunx of towers, and the lower two, though concentric on three of their sides, have become rectangular by their elongation towards the west.

There was no problem in wearing tank tops and short shorts while I visited Angkor Wat but there was a problem when I’m about to go to third/upper tier of Angkor Wat.
There’s a dress code. Cover up your arms and your thighs.

So here I am wearing like a retard. Thank God I brought an extra tee and also thank God fatty has got an extra shorts for me.

The view from where we stood.

After visiting the infamous Angkor Wat, we headed over to Bayon Temple which is about as famous as Angkor Wat.
I personally like Bayon Temple more.

Some of the heads you see in this picture are new heads to replace the old heads that were destroyed.

One of the many faces of Bayon Temple.

Fatty managed to climb this very-steep-stairs while I watch from below. I haven’t quite recover from the mini heart attack given by the stairs at Angkor Wat.

Local children. I see the word freedom.

Impressive is not even the right word to describe what I saw. I wish I will have the chance to visit Bayon Temple again, to see such beautiful faces again even if it means literally melting under the hot sun.

Admiring the ruins.

I took an instax of fatty’s upper body and later on combined the instax picture with his lower body and captured it. There were too many people around so this is quite a fail attempt, especially when the camera did not focus on the instax. Must try again! (:

With one stick in his hand, our tour guide drew on the wet sand and explained to us how did Cambodia’s war happened, as well as Cambodia’s relationship with Vietnam and Thailand.

From there, we took a break and made a request to go back to our hotel.
Phone’s battery was dying and so was our’s. So we made a decision to charge our phone and to recharge ourselves.

I decided to go to this place called Kbal Spean after looking at it’s pictures online.
It was far away from Angkor Wat, almost 45 minutes drive away.

The site consists of a series of stone carvings in sandstone formations carved in the river bed and banks. It is commonly known as the “Valley of a 1000 Lingas” or “The River of a Thousand Lingas”.

Carvings in the river, that was what attracted me to this place despite having to climb uphill to the waterfall.
Jungle trekking is not in my dictionary but I did it, 1.5km uphill and 1.5km downhill.
I am so proud of myself because I hate jungle trekking a lot but I climbed and walked non-stop and Fatty said I’ve got potential due to my steadiness.
But then again, screw the potential I’m not doing it here in Malaysia. Haha.

Half dead!

A huge rock, out of nowhere.

Carvings and water flowing.

This little darling followed us all the way up, our companion throughout the journey. How cute!

The water flowing was so cold and for a moment I wished that I could stand there forever. That refreshing feeling is to die for after sweating so much from climbing uphill.

After the hectic climbing, we went to Banteay Srei, a temple dedicated to Hindu God, Shiva.

Banteay Srei is built largely of red sandstone, a medium that lends itself to the elaborate decorative wall carvings which are still observable today. The buildings themselves are miniature in scale, unusually so when measured by the standards of Angkorian construction. These factors have made the temple extremely popular with tourists, and have led to its being widely praised as a “precious gem”, or the “jewel of Khmer art.”[2]

Beautiful red standstone.

Looked dead tired after all the climbing.

The carvings at Banteay Srei are exceptionally more detail than the other temples.

After Banteay Srei, we headed to our last destination called Ta Phrom.
Ta Phrom was where Tomb Raider was filmed and we were excited to see architecture and nature merged together.

Beautiful even before entering.

And then you see a view like such right in front of you. Tree roots looking like fingers almost ready to uplift the entire building.

How is this not spectacular? I asked our tour guide, how did this happened?
Birds, fruits, and seeds. And that’s where the tree came from.

Been there, done that.

Such an amazing tree.

While we were leaving, we saw kids walking without adults by their side.
Maybe these kids are happy with their life but in a way I do feel sad for them, most of the time they look dirty.
Sometimes naked, sometimes barefoot. I just hope they can grow up healthily seeing that Siem Reap is a sandy place with floods. Sorry, I don’t know how to describe what I saw.

Went back to our hotel, feeling as tired as a slave.
I cant feel my legs and my brain wasn’t even functioning at that moment.
I just sat on the floor and stone, too worn out.

Even typing all these out sounds tiring to me.
I will have to stop here or else this post is gonna be too draggy, not that it isn’t already.

I cant linger on my blog for too long, I’ve got too much to do.
So, till then.

‘Sip Tai Sui’ at Sin Sze Si Ya Temple

Hey hey!
How’s Dragon year treating everybody so far?
It’s the 8th day already, time is definitely zooming away!

I enjoyed my Chinese New Year and I really hope it didn’t pass by this fast.

I’ve been wanting to go to a temple for some praying lately and I finally spent my Monday afternoon doing it.
I went to Sin Sze Si Ya Temple which is located at Petaling Street, and coincidentally they offered ‘Sip Tai Sui’ service.
I’m not too sure if every temple offers ‘Sip Tai Sui’ service because this is the first time I came across it.

Some of the people who landed on my blog googled for ‘Sip Tai Sui’ because I’ve once mentioned about it and so I decided to blog about it for real this time since I’ve already did it and know how to.
But before I go deeper into that, I would like to let you know more about Sin Sze Si Ya Temple. (I sound like an old grandma promoting a temple dafuq.)

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple is no ordinary temple. It has been there since 1864 and it is built by Yap Ah Loy, almost 150 years located along Jalan Tun H.S Lee

Located in the Chinatown area near Central Market, the temple was built by Kapitan Yap Ah Loy-one amongst the founders of KL, in 1864. Sze Ya Temple is the local version of Sin Sze Si Ya Temple. Its unique structure is a fine specimen of the traditional Chinese architecture, based on Feng Shui principles. The temple boasts of elaborate interiors and intricate roof ridges. It is said to have been built by craftsmen from southern China.

The temple is dedicated to Sin Sze Ya and Si Sze Ya, the patron deities of the residents of Kuala Lumpur. Sze Ya Temple is different in a way that the deities worshipped here are not the Chinese traditional deities, rather two people who were elevated to the position of deities for their merit. It is believed that the prophecies of Sze Ya guided these people during the Selangor Civil War and made them to triumph. And that’s how, these people happened to be worshipped by the locals.

Source : Sze Ya Temple

The temple was first built by Yap Ah Loy in the 1864 in honour of the famous Kapitan Shin Kap of Sungei Ujong (present day Seremban) whom Yap Ah Loy had worked for before and during the Sungei Ujong conflict in 1859. During this conflict, Kapitan Shin’s hurriedly assembled force was defeated and Kapitan Shin himself was beheaded after being captured by the opposing Malay forces. His death was extraordinary in that the blood that gushed out after his head was chopped off was white and not red. In Malay belief, the spilling of white blood by a dying person indicates that the person is a saint. When the Malays saw this, they begged for forgiveness and allowed the Chinese to retrieve his body for burial. As a result of Kapitan Shin’s miraculous death, the local Chinese began to worship him as a deity and he became the guardian deity for Chinese miners in Malaya.

It was said that Kapitan Shin had appeared to Yap Ah Loy in a dream telling him to go to Kuala Lumpur where he would have better prospects. Perhaps it was due to this dream or that Yap Ah Loy had heard stories that Kuala Lumpur possessed large tin reserves, that he finally decided to foresake the Sungei Ujong Kapitanship that he had inherited, and take up Liu Ngim Kong’s (the then Kapitan Cina of Kuala Lumpur) offer of a position in his business.

When Yap Ah Loy succeeded Liu Ngim Kong to become the third Kapitan Cina of Kuala Lumpur, he relocated Kapitan Shin’s temple from its original site in Sungei Ujong to a house in Kuala Lumpur in 1864.

In 1885, after he had made a fortune from the soaring tin prices, he relocated the temple to its present site at the north end of Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur. It was said that during the Civil War, Kapitan Shin had appeared several times to Yap Ah Loy in his dreams to give him advice. He advised Yap Ah Loy to train archers, and that there was a man among his soldiers who knew how to make rockets with bamboo and gunpowder.

The identity of the second effigy is less certain. The temple’s version of the story says that subsequent to the civil war, Yap Ah Loy added the effigy of Chong Piang (also known as Chong Sze) alongside Kapitan Shin’s, as well as tablets of soldiers who perished in the war, so that people may pay respects to them.

Source : The Sin Sze Si Ya Temple

Some history class going on here haha.
I’m very lazy to rewrite and rephrase everything okay! Must make full use of copy and paste, such a great invention!

So, for 2012 Dragon Year the four chinese zodiacs that ‘Fan Tai Sui’ are Dragon, Dog, Goat, and Ox.

Tai Sui 太歲, is actually how the ancient Chinese astronomy name the planet of Jupiter. The word Tai 太 means very big, biggest, or grand, and the word Sui 歲 means age. The ancient Chinese observe the pattern of how the planet of jupiter orbits and cycle around planet earth in 365.5 days to record their calendar of a year. Therefore, this planet is called the Tai Sui, because it cycle onces around our planet and a year pass by. Now what is “fan tai sui”?

Around the planet of Jupiter, there are 60 little moons. (Science proven) There are 4 biggest moons that orbits around the planet of jupiter that do not orbits with the same direction of Jupiter. Therefore the counter force created frictions in energy over time and creates a beam of harmful radiation like energy that beams through the sun and through earth as well. Every year, there are then 4 different beams of these harmful energy that will affect everything on earth including human beings. The energy is not as harmful as those like nuclear bombs but then it is a very subtle energy beam that will get your life bumpy, stuck, and a lot of things just don’t go right, creating conflicts, arguments and lots of frustrations that make your year hard to walk.

Source: Fan Tai Sui

To some people, this is ridiculous.
Yes, it might be but this to me is called ‘求个安心’ which in a way means ‘praying to make self feel better’ LOL.
A lot of people pray to make themselves feel better okay! Don’t deny!
So the first and foremost before you go to “Sip Tai Sui’, you need to know the time and your date of birth.
Everyone knows their date of birth so that wouldn’t be a problem but most of us do not know what time we first came to this world.
For ‘maximum effect’, please check out your birth certificate for your time of birth.

Of course the next step is to go to the temple, then get a number from the counter and wait for your turn.
Also, take note for bananas like me who do not know how to write in Chinese, please at least know how to write your Chinese name.
Because without your Chinese name, it wont work.
The uncle who worked there will then write whatever that is needed onto some kind of Chinese praying yellow paper and you’re good to go …… to pay money.
Pay, grab your stuff that is given to you and you can start praying.
And you’re done!

I prayed a lot this afternoon and I ‘Kao Chim’ (Chinese Fortune Sticks) too and the auntie told me it’s a rather good ‘Chim’ whereby I’ll get what I asked for if only I’ll work hard for it.
I was really happy upon hearing that!
God has been treating me good thus far because each and everytime I ‘Kau Chim’, I did not get any ‘Har Har Chim’. (:
In case you don’t know, ‘Har Har Chim’ means ‘Down Down Chim’ which means bad fortune sticks.
I better not jinx it!

So for those who ‘Fan Tai Sui’ this year and would like to ‘Sip Tai Sui’, you can go to Sin Sze Si Ya Temple to ‘settle’ it.
For those who are on the luckier side, you can still go over and pray for yourself and your family members.
And finally for those who do not believe in whatever I said, you too can go over to have a look at this historical temple for viewing pleasure. (:

This time round I did not take any pictures of the temple because Fatty once told me that it is very rude to take pictures in a temple, so I try not to.
Exception: When I travel LOL.

“Sen ah Sen, bou yao ngo, ngo dit ouk kei yan, ngo geh fei zai and ngo geh peng yao chun bou ping ping on on, shen tei gin hong, on on lok lok, mou chuen mou lan, sang sang sing sing, and most importantly mm hou fan chin geh issue! Also please bou yao ngo loh dou HUI MELBOURNE GEH WORKING AND HOLIDAY VISA!!!!!!
Mm goi sai, and tin har tai ping.”

Omeitoufat. Sin Zoi Sin Zoi. Doh zeh Doh zeh.

Chor 5 @ Thean Hou Temple

How much do you know about Chinese Zodiac? I know nuts about it, I only know that I’m a Dragon sign. A friend of mine told me that this year is not a very good year for Dragon and its even worse for Goat. My brother is a Goat sign and I’m worried. These is called ‘fan tai sui’ in chinese.
I know, I’m like an auntie believing all sorts of superstitious stuff.

Ee checked at her hometown and the sifu told her that she is fine and will do good.
So I decide to go to Thean Hou Temple and checked if me and my brother will be fine too. I want to ‘sip tai sui’. Do you get what I mean?
Anyway, I went there with Ee, Jian Yi, and his brother Jian Liang.
But too bad, Thean Hou Temple cannot check my ‘ba zi’ and cannot do ‘sip tai sui’, I think I will be going to another temple.

I really want to make sure that the whole year will be fine because last year sucks to the maximum and I do not want that anymore.
And also, I’m really kinda worry for my brother.
This year is Ox year, so Goat wont be good, that is what I heard.

But anyway, I still feel better after going to Thean Hou Temple. : )
I wont be captioning all these pictures, kinda blank at the moment.



* Very very red lanterns.

* Ee, me, and Jian Yi.

* Say hi to Yuet Lou pak pak.. Mr. Yuet Lou, my favourite, haha. Pray pray, ‘I want a good boyfriend’, wtf.

* Jian Liang trying to be Mr. Yuet Lou.

* 3 dragons.

* 1 dragon and 1 tiger.

* Amitabha. -.- (can I actually take pictures in temple?)

* Me and my partner in crime, lol.

* ‘Kao chim’, I don’t know what its called in English.

* Jian Yi ‘kao chim’.


* Yi and me.

* Liang took a picture of Yi taking picture of me and Ee, lol.

Some of the pictures are very different in colour because we use two cameras.
About the ‘kao chim’, the ‘chim’ that I got is not too bad.
It says..

It’s best to brush off your misgivings and suspicious which are only hampering your progress. Don’t feel discouraged for the prevailing obstacles will vanish and be replaced by pleasant, promising prospects.

As for financial, it says that it will be unpredictable at the present but good in the near future. : )
And also I will finally clear of any accusation. Thank God.
Clear of any accusation baby. : )

You!!! Stop accusing me. : )

I really hope I’ll do good this year. But like what the ‘chim’ said, I need to suffer a little first before I get pleasant and promising prospects. I’ll just bear with that for the moment. : )

After Thean Hou Temple we went to Sungai Wang to have our lunch and finally I bought a pendrive. I’ve been wanting to buy a pendrive for the longest time.
And then I meet up with Loo for dinner and gambling at his house, haha.
Will post pictures soon, I’m very lazy now.

Tonight. *winks* :’D

Edited: Found a way to ‘Sip Tai Sui’ and here’s the post (:
How to ‘Sip Tai Sui’.