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3 Years Together











August 11, 2004, is the day me and him get together.
The first time I met him is on my friend Alicia’s birthday party.
I was only 14 at that time. She introduce us and we chat through ICQ.
We started ‘dating’ but without holding hands. Our relationship is an on and off relationship.
Two years later, he shift to my school and I met him everyday but I don’t like him anymore.
Until one day, I saw him wearing his prefect uniform for the first time and the way he look really attract me. However, we never get together because he said that he was afraid of the on and off relationship. One day he told me that if someone fold 999 stars and make a wish, hie or her wish will come true. Straight away I went to Popular to buy papers and make stars.
Whenever there is free time, I’ll make it. No matter it is at school or at home or eating or whatever. When I finally finish making, I told him and he ask me what is my wish.
So obvious, my wish is to be with him and we date till today.
Sad to say, the stars are gone now because I broke it when we were having a fight.

Yesterday was the third year we have been together. We went to Ciao to have our dinner together. We actually decide to go to CafeCafe for our second round but we didn’t make it. He told me that he will be leaving to New Zealand to study pilot. For those who know me, I really hate it a lot.
I have my own reasons. We nearly break up but thanks to Alicia for saving us.
I’m lazy to talk bout the detail so I’ll just leave it.
After everything is cool, we went out to Bukit Bintang to have a walk.




The foods are really nice except for the beef. It is not tasty enough.
But I really like the squid and the seafood soup. Real delicious.




Very nice light, love it.

At Bukit Bintang eating ice-cream. I wanted to go Lecka Lecka but no ice-cream yesterday. Bad.

His picture is so dark. It looks like he enjoys his ice cream.

Thats all. He will be leaving to New Zealand for one whole year.
Omg, I think I couldn’t take it, but I’ll try.
Thinking of it makes me sad.