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Nathalie’s Gourmet : Second Visit

I am afraid that I might be losing my blogging mojo slowly.
I’ve been somewhat busy lately, juggling my time around work, play, eat and sleep.
My nine-to-six-job, my friends, my boyfriend, my family, my personal time at home, my play time, and not to mention been working rather hard for side income.
There’s actually more to that!
And the busy period has just begun, there’s more of it to come.

Oh wait, and also updating this blog.

This was about two to three weeks ago.
Boyfriend and I decided to have our dinner at Publika, S.wine.
Which I’ve been wanting to go for some while now.

I guess luck was with us this time round because S.wine was full that night.
We head over to Nathalie’s Gourmet which is obviously a much better choice.
Not only because Nathalie’s Gourmet serves good quality food but it is also due to the reason that S.wine is a tad bit of a disappointment.

More on that later.

Ben Tay and his canggih hair.Such a metrosexual guy.

Complimentary bread that comes with a very good unsalted butter to go along with it. Sprinkled some salt onto the butter for a well balance saltiness.

King Prawn Soup, Prawns in Quenelle with Fresh Herbs, Thai Basil Emulsion – Rm28
The heavy small of prawn fills the air once this dish was served. The smell did opened up my appetite, I was so eager to try my first spoon.

Every corner of my mouth is filled up with the taste of king prawn. One spoon after another, I just couldn’t stop savoring it.

Warm Monk Fish Brandade Crispy Violet Potatoes, Greens, Quail Egg, Salmon Roe and Chive Dressing – Rm26
I cant tell much about this dish as I’m already quite full after drinking that bowl of awesome soup.

Pan-Fried Veal Tenderloin, Mushroom Raviole, Agar of Vegetables, Short Veal Juice – Rm61
Very weird agar-agar that has vegetables in it and it tasted salty. We both don’t really like it but it does look nice.
Tenderloin of course was very tender.

I should really stop delaying my food post for too long, I sometimes cant remember how the food I ate tasted like anymore.

Okay back to S.wine at Publika, that was one of my worst meal.
The food served was bland. I was expecting so much more!
Most importantly, my dish for that day was filled with beans and nuts and sesames!!! I cant even taste my pork!!!

Beans and nuts and sesames!? You kidding me!?
Fatty said, ‘I think the amount of beans and nuts you ate today is more than the amount of beans and nuts you ate in your entire life’.
Which I think what he said is true.

I bloody hate beans and nuts!
You can torture me with those.

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio
Unit A4-1-5 – Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 62 07 95 72

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie,
Menara Taipan, Jalan Punchak,
Off Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2072-4452

Anniversary Lunch at iL Lido

When it comes to food, the boyf tends to act like a ‘eating-professor’ (hence his size HAHA).
Special dates like birthday, christmas, and anniversary is truly a good excuse for us to dine a little better than normal days.
We don’t normally pick our restaurants randomly when it comes to dates worth celebrating.
There’s too many restaurants laying around in KL and I would prefer not bumming into a few bad ones.
We will do some research here and there, have a little discussion before we’re good to go.

Most of the time in the middle of our research, we’ll go ‘OH WOW! this looks damn good’ and ‘WAH SEE! Look at that beef!’.
Food blog is the root of all fats, in our case.
We just really cant say no to food. No food good food no life.

So this time for our anniversary, we decided to go for lunch instead of dinner for a change.
We picked Il Lido, located at Jalan Mayang which served classic Italian cuisine.
We made a reservation but this action is not needed because it almost seems like we booked the entire restaurant.
Empty during lunch.

* He’s the one who decided to have our lunch at Il Lido.

* I was a tad bit reluctant at first because I heard it’s pretty pricey until the boyf told me they do have lunch set menu.

* Il Lido – “The ultra-luxe interior, combined with the warm, inviting atmosphere, allows diners to ease easily into the experience.”

* Complimentary bread which I personally did not very fancy. Reason being that the taste of garlic in the bread is a tad bit on the heavy side. The taste of garlic lingers too long in my mouth and somehow affect the taste of my starter. There’s a mini fight inside my mouth when I took a bite of my starter.

* Amuse Bouche – which stands for ‘mouth amuser’ if were to direct translate from French. It is a little bite of food to amuse the mouth and different form appetizer, you wont be able to order it from menu. Instead it is selected by the chef accordingly. And the above is Tuna Carpaccio.

* Beef Carpaccio with Rucola, Parmigiano Cheese and Truffle – Rm39. Other than scallops and foie gras, the boyf likes carpaccio too and this is pretty good I must say. Wrapped the beef, rucola, cheese and truffle, stuffed it into our mouth and savour it.

I ordered Festive Season Lunch Menu that costs Rm88.
There’s two starters and three main dish for me to choose from.

* I choose Pan Roasted Scallops with Cannelini Beans, Carrot Jus and Bottarga as my starter knowing that the love likes scallop so much. There’s really nothing much for me to rave about this dish, sadly.

* And Pan Roasted Atlantic Cod with Smoked Caviar Sauce and Whipped Potato as my main course, also knowing that the love likes caviar. Did not like this either, especially the whipped potato because they whipped it with some almond and I HATE ALMOND A LOT BECAUSE IT SMELLS LIKE COCKROACH!

Boyf likes all sorts of expensive food! And I like all sorts of nasty food like cockles and pork intestine LOL.

* My dessert, Chestnut and Amaretto Parfait with Warm White Chocolate which I really dislike because I hate nuts and chocolate. What a combination!

I guess I just really dislike my set, haha. But it’s just preference and somehow the ingredients they used are foods that I dislike eating. ):

The boyf went for Degustation Menu instead, which costs Rm198.
He cant resist degustation menu, that’s for sure.

* Crab Salad with Watermelon and Tomato Elisir. This is a cold dish, it’s fresh and it tasted damn good, one of my favourite of the day.

* Pan Fried Goose Liver with Duck Terrine and Wild Berries Sauce. This is also my favourite. Their pan fried goose liver is one of the best goose liver I’ve tried by far. Slightly crispy on the outside and it melts in your mouth after the first bite. So flavorful!

* Homemade Spaghetti with Lobster and Spicy Tomato Sauce. Don’t find this interesting except that the spaghetti they use had a really different texture and I quite like it.

* Prime Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce and Truffle Potatoes. Boyf said hope it’s as good as Nathalie’s and when he took a bite he said IT IS really as good as Nathalie’s and when I took a bite I said no. Not as tender, I swear but I quite like the potato though.

* Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. I ate the ice cream while he ate the chocolate cake. In fact he dislike chocolate just like I do but he said it’s really good. Still I’m not interested to give it a try.

I figured that I prefer French cuisine more than Italian cuisine when it comes to fine dine.
I don’t know how to explain this but I just find french cuisine more ‘in-depth’ when it comes to taste or maybe it’s the restaurant I don’t know.
I’d still prefer Nathalie Gourmet anytime and also not to forget Bistro à Table.

But still I did enjoy my lunch a lot, especially with him by my side. (:
Our bill came up to about Rm400.

ilLido Italian Dining + Lounge Bar
183 Jalan Mayang (off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng)
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +603 2161 2291

Birthday Dinner at Bistro à Table

Bistro à Table (pronounced “ah t-ah-bl”) in French literally means “to the table!”, a common term used in French households to gather family and friends around the table to feast.
The bistro food pays homage to modern French comfort food, while adopting local elements – we like to call it “adaptive French cuisine”.

The boyfriend had been wanting to try out Bistro à Table since some time back and he finally did when he brought me there on my birthday.
French cuisine it is, we both share a common love.
And before that, sorry for the low quality picture because I did not use flash in this dimly lit restaurant.

* Bistro à Table

* Decorated with light bulbs and plants.

* A very simple and casual interior they have.

* I would prefer siting at the table behind of me because there’s curtain’s surrounding that table and it just feels nicer somehow.

* My fatty (:

* Complimentary bread.

* This prawn is so good, no joke! The slightly burnt prawn when dip in the avocado sauce became a match made in heaven.

* Baked onion with shaved black autumn truffles, organic egg and melted Gruyere. The chef shaved the black truffles right in front of us and I just somehow feel like it’s more worth the money haha. This dish requires lots of skills I guess, I don’t know how they stuff the egg inside the onion.

* Cannelloni of Seared Scallops & School Prawns in Lobster Bisque & Indonesian Black Nut Tapenade. This fusion dish is very well executed, brings out a little Thai flavour while both the scallops and prawns are mad fresh.

* Truffled Mash Potatoes, eat this and you’ll be full.

* 8 hour slow-cooked traditional Roast Lamb, not the most creative dish. Maybe we should have order another dish instead.

I had a great birthday dinner and I really enjoyed the food, thanks to the boyfriend. (:
It seems like he prefer Bistro à Table more than Nathalie’s but both to me are equally good.
Really appreciate French cuisine!

Total bill came up to about Rm250.

Bistro à Table

6 Jalan 17/54
46400 Petaling Jaya

03 7931 2831

Ben’s Birthday (:

As promised, a blog post in a day with pictures (:
A post that was supposed to come a month earlier. That shows how lazy I am, maybe I can blame it on the winter here. You know, winter just makes people lazy.

It was his birthday last week (pending post) month and we had a japanese birthday dinner because we cant help craving for japanese food after watching that hongkong sushi drama.
For the entire week I crave for sushi and it didn’t help, I miss sushi zanmai even more.
We went to this Japanese restaurant in Crown called Nobu, a restaurant opened by a celebrated Japanese chef, Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro himself.

* Sushi bar, I just love sitting there taking a quick look at these sushi masters doing their thing in between my meal. (:

* Tuna Tataki with Tozasu $22

* New Style Salmon Sashimi $18.5

* Sea Urchin $10, Japanese Chu-Toro $18 if I’m not wrong , and King Fish $5.

* Black Cod with Miso $45.5 (boyf’s favourite)

* Lobster with Wasabi Pepper Sauce $60

* Kurobuta Pork Belly with Karashi Su Miso and Nashi pear $37

Dinner was great, especially the Tuna Tataki and Salmon sashimi. *orgasmic*
But we both agreed that we should have ordered something else instead of lobster and pork belly because there really isn’t much for us to rave about on both the dishes.
Maybe we should just stick with seafood next time but nonetheless I love the dinner.
The bill came up to about $250 and if you ask me if it’s worth the price, I cant say that it’s not because indeed the food is good.
But I’ll never like the idea that it is actually that expensive.
Since it’s the boy’s birthday, I guess it’s okaaaaayyyyyyyyy. (:

We came home after dinner and I surprised him with a cake and the present I bought him all the way from Malaysia. Which is a piece of art. Yes you heard me right, a piece of art.

* Birthday boy with the lousy birthday cake I bake when he went to class that afternoon.

* Tadaaaa!! Cute isn’t?? ngehehe, really look quite like the both of us :D

And of course, camwhore a little :P

As for his birthday party surprise, well………..
Long before his birthday I asked myself, what kind of surprise should I give him.
If you didn’t know, I love giving people surprises. It makes me happy (:
Anyway, two weeks ago my friend suggested to have a barbecue session at our place.
But I suggested the following week instead with the excuse that we are short of cash but in fact I secretly told them that it’s Ben’s birthday next week. (:
Everyone agreed and keep it as a secret from the birthday boy,and he still thought that it’s because we’re short of cash.

This blur friend of mine, accidentally spill it out when we’re having our coffee.
my blur friend: next saturday barbecue right? for your birthday..
me: stare at him intensely.
my blur friend: no meh? i thought it’s for your birthday
me: staring at him even more intense my eyeballs almost fall off with the thinking that i’m gonna kill him anytime soon.
ben: huh. for my birthday meh. *looks at me*
me: (FML!!!)
my blur friend: ooooo……………ooooooo………..sorry.
me: kill me please.

i’m not sure if i wanted to kill him or myself. like O-M-G!!!
Pfft but nehmind I planned for a back up surprise right away. I secretly changed it to friday without the birthday boy noticing.
Informed everyone secretly, and even asked my blur friend to ask him out on friday itself so that i can stay home alone and prepare everything.
It was quite a mess due to the time constraint.

I prepared all the marinates the day before.
Beef, lamb, chicken, prawn, and squid. Typing it all out now here reminds me how painstakingly I prepared all of these.
And the most horrible of all, is no doubt the friggin squid.

* I was cutting the squid into half and half way through I saw something looking back at me. I shriek so loud and throw the eerie squid back into the sink. The squid ate the fish and it’s still inside WTF!!!! I know it’s just a fish but it really is uber disgusting.

Enough of the squid. On the day itself as I planned, boyf went out without me and I stayed home preparing for the food all day. My kitchen looks exactly like a war zone that day.

* let’s barbecueeeee.

* cooked creamy tomato spaghetti, baked mushroom, caesar salad, …..

* …… and baked egg, potato and cherry tomato.

* Man, I love the candles here in Melbourne I wanna buy them all home!! So special!!

Fat Ben, I’m such a good girlfriend right? *flips hair*

Saint Valentine ♥

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I’m back (:

Ben just left the country yesterday, flew back to Melbourne.
And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day :\
I remembered how he happily told me he extended his flight to 12th February and I just returned him a shock face.
He totally forgotten that it’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th but it’s okay.

Haven’t been celebrating Valentine’s for the past three years.
And if he’s here, I think I’d prefer staying in and have our own mini plan (:
We celebrated our Valentine 3 days earlier, just the night before he left.
Watched a movie and followed up with a dinner at Cafe Cafe.

Went there once during my 2007’s birthday.
Pictures are gonna be dark, I cant be using flash in such an environment. I don’t want everyone to be looking at me.

* Perfect interior but not spacious enough. We were sitting so close to both the tables beside, I don’t like it that way.
It feels like these people entered my comfort zone, I don’t have my own privacy. They shouldn’t have put so many tables there.

* My date (:

* Yours truly.

No pictures of food cause I really don’t wanna use flash.
We ordered half dozen escargot, foie gras, tiger prawn and lamb shank.
Tiger prawn and foie gras was goood! They gave some cranberry jam or whatever jam it’s called to go along with foie gras, really nice combination.
Escargot, I prefer The Ship and lamb shank is a disappointment.
Too dry, I prefer it to be juicier and the meat more tender.
Bill came up to Rm250+ and Ben likes this place. (:
Coming here on normal days will be good but I don’t think it’s a wise idea to come on festive days.
Big no no on Valentine’s, I don’t wanna have a dinner for six when I plan to have dinner for two.

Present him something that he really wanted (:
And also a box for him to bring back over to Melbourne with 47 different things inside.
Each day there’s something waiting for him in the box and by the time the box is empty, I’ll be by his side. hee (:

We’re having a date tonight. Candles, movie, music and everything else.

* That’s us, ready for our date. Yes, we even dress up :D
I know I’d have fun tonight. Feeling so loved even though he’s not physically here.

Happy Valentine’s to everyone out there be it you’re attach or single.
I waited long enough to have someone in my life to celebrate Valentines with me again.
If you’re still waiting, have a little faith. I believe God prepared the best one for you, just that he/she have yet to walk into your life.

Lots of love ♥ (:

Birthday :)

Have dinner with boyfriend at Cafe Cafe on my birthday night. Everything was nice. I really enjoy myself and I hope he enjoy too. Some pictures of the food.

Very very hard bread.. (my teeth almost fall out)


Escargot 1/2 Dozen

Soup of the Day

Lamb Shank

Hot Chocolate Cake

Cheese Cake


Photo Frame from Fuh Haur, Candle & Lamp from Lin Ho, Don’t-Know-What-Stick from Dexter, and OX toy from Lee Kuan.

J Co Doughnut from Yee Wah.

The Face Shop White Tree Vita Spot Corrector from Loo and his gang. Thanks for this prezzie as I’ve got some brown spots on my face. Haha..

Ikea Ice Cube look alike light from Ee Cheeng. Thanks for the present as I really wanted a light. :)

How the light looks like when its turn on.

The Levis Watch from boyfriend. :)

And lastly I bought myself Z610, the phone I wanted. But I want the Sony camera more. I’m gonna get it very very soon. :)

P.S: Thanks everyone for the wishes and presents. Thanks a lot.