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A trip to Bali with family – Day 8 & Day 9 / Lembongan Island

Bali’s last post!! Which I cant wait to get rid of because it has been stopping me from blogging about something else.

(And to speed up the process because yours truly is lazy, I’ll just do a caption post.)

#1 So on the 8th day, we left from Ubud to Lembongan Island. I was excited but not so much after that because I ended up not swimming in the sea. Or to be exact, dipping myself in the sea.

#2 LOOK AT THAT CRUISE! There were slides on it omg!!

#3 There were lots of hotels and villas on the island, and we of course booked an affordable one.

After settling down, we rent three bicycles and cycled around the island and finally came to a stop which I really like.

#4 That’s seaweed right?

#5 The sand was really harsh and there were lots of something else on the sand which is why I am wearing my flip flop but the water was extremely clear.

#6 We then started walking towards the sea.

#7 And I continued walking and walking, leaving those two behind.

#8 Sorry ah, I hope my naked face didn’t scare you because I really really cant be arse anymore to put on anything on my face except for sunblock because the weather was not friendly. Actually the purpose of my picture is to show you how far I’ve walked.

#9 Why I kept walking and walking was because the water level did not increase at all! It was so shallow no matter how far I walked and I really had a lot of fun. I was really happy because I don’t know where else in the world that allows me to walk that far on the sea without drowning myself. Actually the sea was weirder than that, it became even shallower when I walked further at some point.

#10 A Balinese doing her everyday job, picking up seaweed and pulling them back to the shore.

#11 We tried catching crabs too cause I saw lots of holes on the sand but these crabs move too fast.

I actually love catching crabs at the beach. ;)

#12 It was also my first time getting so close to starfishes, there were so many around me I was so afraid that I might step on them. I saw them moving from one spot to another too, it was fun.

#13 We later on cycled further and stop by to take a look at mangroves.

#14 Some Balinese approached us and asked if we were interested in mangroves tour, telling us that we’ll get to see a lot of things including snakes and that’s when we left haha. My mom and brother are really afraid of snake.

#15 We then head to dinner and watch sunset again but it was very different from the sunsets we watched.

#16 The sunset was this beautiful and I did not edit this picture! Somewhat like a wall painting, so picturesque. :)

On the 9th day, my brother forced me to walked up hill and tour the entire island because the day before I refused profusely.
I wanted to give up so badly and asked them both to continue the journey without me but they wouldn’t allow!
I ended up asking a stranger on a bike to fetch me to our designated destination and skipped all the walking.

#17 While my mom enjoyed the walking…

#18 Walking uphill overlooking the island.

#19 Walking towards Dream Beach.


#21 I really wanted to chill by the beach!

#22 We then walked and walked towards Devil’s Tear.

#23 I don’t see no tear, just a cow and lotsa cow dungs on the grass.

#24 We walked passed all the cow dungs and reached a cliff.




#28 If you look closely, there’s different shade of blue at the end of the cliff. The colour looks really amazing and I enjoyed watching the wave crash on it.

#29 This is the other end of the cliff.

#30 And this is what happened when the waves crashed into it, it was amazing!!

#31 We stayed there for quite a long period because no one was there except us and this place to me, is really quite a weird place. It looks like a farm at the front, a dessert in the middle and then there’s a cliff and scary waves at the back.

Devil’s tear is a must see if you ever go to Lembongan Island and I also advise you to rent a motorcycle to tour around the island because the island is really a little too big to walk by foot.
On the 10th day which is the last day, we left Lembongan Island and were picked up by our driver to take a one last tour before sending us to the airport.

#31 Spot the plane and YAY!!


A trip to Bali with family – Day 7

Lazy post ahead!
Posting some pictures from Bali without typing much, just want to be a day closer to day 10.
You might be able to tell, I wasn’t as enthusiastic as my other trips.

My 7th day at Bali was a long day, we went to 4 different places all together.

#1 First destination was Pura Gunung Kawi.

#2 There were paddy terraces around the area.

#3 Along the way, there’s quite a number of cute things for tourists to buy too.

#4 I personally like this quite a lot.

#5 And more paddy terraces.

#6 My mom in white.

#7 We walked further in to get a good look at the Hindu temple.


#9 My brother in the sarong he rented.


#11 After spending some time at Pura Gunung Kawi, we headed to Kintamani to get a dramatic view of the volcano. That’s a first for me.

We often get to see and learn a lot through images and videos but when we really get to see or experience what we saw on the television, it’s a whole new different feeling.
And it’s a good one, I must say.

#12 Balinese trying to sold off this puppy for Rm300 and it was so fat and fluffy! I was dying to carry it home, only if I could.

We then head over to Pura Taman Ayun during noon time.

#13 Ladies are not allowed into the temple during menstruation.

#14 Mom. (Okay I’m getting really lazy.)

#15 Saw two roosters being locked up in a cage like thing under the hot sun, poor them.

#16 Temples at Pura Taman Ayun.


Pura Taman Ayun actually works like a recreational park but with temples in it. There were lots of Balinese when we were there, just enjoying their time with family members and friends.

#18 I wore leggings that day and it was a very wrong move! Shouldn’t wrapped up my pair of short legs when it was burning hot.

During evening, our driver bought us to try Luwak coffee at Lumbung Sari.
‘Kopi luwak (Indonesian pronunciation, or civet coffee, refers to the beans of coffee berries once they have been eaten and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet.’

#19 Coffee beans.

#20 Civet being locked up for tourists to have a look at but only temporarily. After being locked for months, they will be let go into the wild according to the owner.

#21 Bunch of beans.

#22 An old lady frying coffee beans, just to demo and show us how it’s done.

#23 My brother then decided to give it a try, seems like he had fun.

#24 After taking a tour and understanding how they produced Luwak coffee, we were then taken to a hut.

#25 Lumbung Sari offered us 9 different coffees and teas to try for free, hoping that we will buy them home.

#26 Ordered a cup of Luwak coffee to try and I cant tell much how good it tasted. I like drinking coffee but I’m really not good at it, haha.

#27 While on the way back to our hotel, the driver stopped somewhere along the way and showed us another paddy terraces. It was beautiful.

#28 I went down the stairs to take a better look and I came across this grandpa who kept asking me to snap a picture of him. I did but after I snapped his picture, he asked for money wtf.

Okay, 7th day done. LOL!

A trip to Bali with family – Day 5 / Dinner at Bebek Bengil

The night before Silence Day I had one of the best meals at Bebek Bengil, also happens to be one of the most expensive meals.
Bebek stands for duck in Indonesia and as for their English name ‘Dirty Duck Diner’, it was inspired by a flock of dirty ducks that flew into the restaurant from the paddy fields across the street.
Dirty duck is not dirty at all.

#1 Bebek Bengil is just 5 minutes walk from where we stayed, Jati 3 Bungalow.

#2 Bebek Bengil is a VERY SPACIOUS restaurant, so you might not need to worry about making a booking but if you’re prone to being a paranoid you may do so too.


#4 Huts for guests to enjoy their dirty duck.

#5 This is the view right in front of me, a paddy field! It was beautiful but the sky turned dark very quickly and soon enough I was attacked by mosquitoes. :(


#6 Haha, my brother suggested that my mom take a picture with ze duck.

#7 Bebek Bengil, half a duck steamed in Indonesian spices then deep fried for a crispy finish for IDR87,000.

The duck’s skin was very crispy without doubt and before I took a bite I was worried that it might be lack of taste but it was the complete opposite.
The duck was very flavorful with spices and the meat was tender.
To compare it with our Chinese Peking Duck, I actually fancy Crispy Duck a little bit more for the flavor and crispiness from the skin.
It was so good that I wanted my mom to give it a try. Not trying to eat, but trying to cook it for us.

#8 Crispy chicken, IDR67,000 tasted far from Crispy duck and I recommend that you do not try it not for the reason that it tasted bad but for the reason that ducks just taste much better.

#9 Bebek Bakar Sambal, IDR89,000 is grilled duck in green chilli served with sweet potato rice. Although the duck’s skin isn’t crispy but the duck was moist, tender, and very flavorful too. The spices used tasted different from the crispy duck but both was equally good.


The dinner was so good and we went back to our hotel with a satisfied tummies and empty wallets.
The bill came up to IDR300,300 (RM90++) including a pot of tea (only one time refill) and taxes.

As we walked back to our hotel, everywhere was pitch black and we had to use lights from our phones to guide our way back because Balinese were already prepared for Silence Day.
At some point it was quite scary to me, fearing apocalypse might happen. Too much Walking Dead.

As for the next day, we were all quarantined in the hotel and all I did was nothing.

#11 So I chill like a boss.

Jalan Hanoman, Padang Tegal,
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (62-361) 975-489

A trip to Bali with family – Day 5 / Ubud

Oh wait before I forgot, I must show you my mom’s weird habit.

This was what my mom did in that 10 days at Bali, washing bajus and showcasing it around in our room. Mom is a mom.

After dolphin watching we rushed back to our hotel to have breakfast before we leave to Ubud.

The most decent hotel breakfast, I’d say. Danish and sausages, I couldn’t be happier.

Another Nasi Babi Guling while on our way to Ubud. Nasi Babi Guling is really easy to find, but for a really good one it’s best to do some research.

On the way to Ubud, I was sleeping the entire time so I missed out quite a lot of scenery.

I have this habit of sleeping a lot in the car during road trips but I try not to if boyfriend is the one who drives cause I want to accompany him. I’m a good girlfriend like that. LOL!

The narrow walkway to our hotel, Jati 3 Bungalows.

Just bricks and light bulb but I love.

We were greeted by this cute statue at the entrance. It was Nyepi Day the next day which is Balinese new year, so they dress up these statue with hibiscus. How cute.

We stayed at Jati 3 for 2 nights in Ubud. And having a swimming pool is a must because on the 6th day we were all stranded. More on that later.

Our room with everything bamboo. Quite a decent place except there’s quite a lot of ants and lizards around because they planted a lot of plants around them.

Our balcony where I chill and play with my phone.



I do think it’s quite a nice period to visit Bali during March before their Nyepi day because we get to see and experience their culture that happens only once a year.

Balinese practice Hinduism and a fact that cant be deny is that they are very devoted to their God.
They give their offerings everyday and along the street, you’ll spot them in front of shops, stores, and houses.
Some of them even put their offerings on their car.

Canangsari, Balinese offerings. I try not to step on it while I walk but sometimes especially during the night, I cant see that well. I have to look in front, left, right, and at the floor to watch out for offerings.

Nyepi Day or Balinese new year is very much different from our Chinese New Year or our Calendar’s 1st day of the year.
Instead of celebrating it with fireworks, visiting houses and making lots of noises, it is their Silent Day.
No one is allow on the street on Nyepi Day to the extend where even the airport is close down on that particular day.
Only Pecalangs or the security man is allow on the street to make sure that no one else will be on the street.
Light and noise needs to be keep minimum.
Some of the Balinese fast, and some do not talk at all for the whole day. It is also some sort of like a day for them to reflect.

Which is also why picking a hotel with a pool is very much needed, to keep us from being bored to death.
Thank God for wifi and my brother’s Ipad too, we get to watch PPS.

There were a lot of Ogoh-ogohs on the street.

Ogoh-ogoh are statues built for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi day in Bali, Indonesia. Ogoh-ogoh normally have form of mythological beings, mostly demons. As with many creative endeavours based on Balinese Hinduism, the creation of Ogoh-ogoh represents spiritual aims inspired by Hindu philosophy.

No joke, some of the Ogoh-ogohs really look scary and creative.

I especially like this one, hahahaha. There’s even hair on the armpit, LOL!


My brother with two Ogoh-ogohs at Ubud’s field.

Some were made from sponge and they’re really light.


After walking around oohing and aahing over Ogoh-ogohs we stopped by for some gelatos.

Mom was absolutely enjoying her pandan gelato.

While I picked Pistachio ice-cream which is really good. Will be better if it weren’t so sweet.

Balinese temple.

Funny thing is, people in Bali just do not use umbrella under the hot sun but they do have umbrellas around temples to shade statues.

An old lady praying.

I have to buy myself a hideous hat to shade my face from the sun.

And then that’s me again trying to place my lego man.

We then walked around for a little while more at the market before going back for a rest.

Bali sells dicks everywhere as souvenirs.

Some arts sold inside a lane.

And some stones with faces along the way.

Will blog on my awesome dinner that night on the next post.
Too much stuff going on now, my laptop is very laggy.

Monkey Forest St. Ubud-Bali
Phone/Fax: 62-361-973249, 62-361-977101
Email: jati3_ubud@yahoo.com

A trip to Bali with family – Day 4 & Day 5 / Lovina

Day 4 is all about sitting in a car for 3 hours and staying in.
We head to Lovina from Kuta, just to catch a few glimpse of dolphins jumping up naturally from the sea.

Lovina manages to exude a sedate charm even as the number of hotels and other tourist places grows. Almost merging into Singaraja to the west, the town is really a string of coastal villages – Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus – that have taken on this collective name.

Lovina is a convenient base for trips around the north coast or the central mountains. The beaches are made up of washed-out grey and black volcanic sand, and they are mostly clean near the hotel areas, but generally unspectacular. Reefs protect the shore, so the water is usually calm and clear.

I’ve heard of a place like such from my bff when she told me she drove a few hours up the hill just to watch dolphins.
I thought to myself, ‘crazy meh, so many hours just to see dolphins’ but I was wrong.
It was extremely worth it.

#1 At Lovina, we stayed in Padmasari Resort which cost the most among five hotels.

#2 Padmasari’s lobby.

#3 Nest like ornaments.

#4 Where we had our dinner and breakfast, facing the sea.

#5 The best part is of course their infinity pool and in this pool I found out that I can actually swim if I put my goggles on. Heh.

#6 Walkway into our room.

#7 We paid about Rm200+ for a night.

#8 The most spacious and cleanliest room among all the hotels we stayed in Bali.


#10 Stayed in to chillax and have a swim. (:

#11 Mom came out with a swimming cap and my brother and I cant help but laugh at her. Olympian wanna be.


#13 Meows.

#14 Reflection from the pool when the sun was setting. Just beautiful.

We had dinner in the hotel and rest early seeing that our boat will pick us up at 6 in the morning.
There isn’t a jetty right where we get on the boat, so we have to walk and dip our feet into the sea before getting into the boat.
So be prepared to get a little wet if you’d like to see some dolphins.

#15 There’s isn’t a proper seat on the boat and I tried not to move around so much.

2013-03-11 06.12.07
#16 Look at that wood plank my mom was sitting on.

#17 If you look closely, these boats looks like spiders because they have ‘legs’ to balance the boat.


#19 Dolphins!!

#20 I was really excited when I first saw a glimpse of them jumping up because to me that was such a rare opportunity.

#21 That’s when the sun rise above.

I kept waiting for dolphins to resurface again and again and once anyone spotted any trace of the dolphins, all the boats will rush over to that direction.
Which in a way I think that rushing towards the dolphins isn’t really the right thing to do because it will scare them away. :(

You can either leave to Lovina from Kuta, Ubud, or wherever during midnight or you can rent a room at Lovina like what we did.
We rent the boat from our hotel and it costed us IDR200,000 (Rm60).
To see something so rare, the money paid is definitely worth it.

#22 Took this picture while we were heading back and the sea water is really really clear.

#23 I even spotted a blue starfish from above but couldn’t snap it on time.

Lovina is a must visit if you want an unforgettable experience.
That four hour sitting in the car was worth it and so was waking up at four plus in the morning. :)

Take note: Dolphins will not necessary surface from the sea every single time, so it really depends. There’s no guarantees and no refunds. Also, do wear short pants because you’ll definitely get wet from below your knees.

Jl. Raya Seririt, Singaraja, Bali – Indonesia
Telp. : 62 (362) 3435750 / 3435755 Fax : 62 (362) 41947

A trip to Bali with family – Day 3 / Tanah Lot

I’m afraid that by the time I finish blogging my Bali trip, it will be the end of the year. /gasp
I’m only on the third day. T_T

On the third day, we booked Made Supmarjaya for half a day because our itinerary for the day was to go for another sunset.
Matahari Guesthouse do not provide breakfast so we went to Bamboo Corner Restaurant for some affordable first meal of the day.

#1 Mom was quite excited when she saw Fanta, telling us how she used to drink it when she was young.

#2 That’s what we do before every meal, haha.

#3 Breakfast was quite affordable but my poached egg was over cook. :(

#4 Lego man wanted to take a sip too.

#5 On the way to Tanah Lot.

#6 Love everything in this shop, the colours, cushions and bean bags.

#7 Upon reaching Tanah Lot.

#8 Mom acts like a kid sometimes.

#9 Spotted jagung bakar and I couldn’t resist.

#10 Quite a great snack.

#11 This snake scare the crap out of my mom, it’s HUGE!

#12 Me brother and I.

#13 Me mom.


#15 Result from turning a dark picture into a brighter one.

#16 This is Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot is a famous attraction in Bali and it is also a must visit for tourist.

Tanah Lot means “Land [sic: in the] Sea” in the Balinese language.[2] Located in Tabanan, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Denpasar, the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.
Tanah Lot is claimed to be the work of the 15th-century priest Nirartha. During his travels along the south coast he saw the rock-island’s beautiful setting and rested there. Some fishermen saw him, and bought him gifts. Nirartha then spent the night on the little island. Later he spoke to the fishermen and told them to build a shrine on the rock for he felt it to be a holy place to worship the Balinese sea gods.

#17 I wanted to go to the rock where people stand too but I was quite afraid of the waves.


#19 This is so beautiful, even more beautiful than Uluwatu’s sunset.

#20 Very got feel wan. I look so pretty here because you cant see my face lolol.



After watching such a beautiful sunset, it was time for dinner.

#23 We had Babi Guling for dinner.

Babi Guling is somewhat like our Chinese suckling pig and you can choose different parts of the pig to add in to your rice. The skin is extremely crispy.
Somewhat like our economy rice too.

The restaurant I went for dinner was Warung Babi Guling Sari Kembar 99 at Denpasar but you can find a Warung Babi Guling easily at Bali.
The famous one is at Ubud called Babi Guling Ibu Oka which is highly recommended by Anthony Bourdain.
I wish I get to try Babi Guling Ibu Oka, so if you’re there and you so happen visit Ubud please try this restaurant.

Talking about Babi Guling makes me want to have a plate right now.
I LOVE food so much you cant even imagine. :P